Top Ten Things to Do On Graal Classic


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1Get all 25 of your guild members and start marching from swamp town all the way to snow town then attack the fort

Imagine you see a mob of people walking across the entire city. Snow town is at the top, swamp at the bottom. If you are wondering what exactly a fort is, it is a tower you can take over in the game. - AzaleanGirl

2Pretend to be a baby

A little stupid, but a good time waster - AzaleanGirl

3Chase after someone for hours

They will start raging, trust me. - AzaleanGirl

4Trap people in your house

They can click the out button, but it is excellent to see their reactions. - AzaleanGirl

5Run around a flag in a fort with 100 ap

The flag is what you need to hit with your sword to take over the tower. The guild currently owning that fort will go crazy trying to kill you, and with 100 ap they can't, they will have to use all their bombs and bows. - AzaleanGirl

6Turn people into snowmen

If you throw some snowballs at someone they will become snowmen. I did this with a line of idle afkers. They were advertising their codeshop, with a shield, now no one could see it! Lol! - AzaleanGirl

7Make a codeshop

I did it. It is very fun. - AzaleanGirl

8Say something weird

Like, I accidentally built a shelf. - AzaleanGirl

9Bomb a crowd

In real life, that is sick and cruel (and illegal) but watching everyone spread out all over in a game, then scatter, is so fun. - AzaleanGirl

10Form a guild

The possibilities are endless. you can make:











Role play


And many more! - AzaleanGirl

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11Role play

It might me a waste of time but it's fun when!

12Make a military guild

You are able to loot from the sea, catch bugs or make a house with grass and then cut it. doing all these things is a great way to see all that money rolling in!

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1. Get all 25 of your guild members and start marching from swamp town all the way to snow town then attack the fort
2. Pretend to be a baby
3. Chase after someone for hours



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