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201Build a Bed and Mine the Blocks Under It to Bedrock They Fall and Die

Do on pe I do it and collect there stuff I got 17 diamonds laugh out loud

202Put Creepers In a Hole, Call Them You're Friends and Then Jump In the Hole On Survival
203Kill a Pig Have Its Funeral and Then Eat Its RemainsV2 Comments
204Build a Mob Grinder

For Noobs like me; make a drop grinder that leaves them alive and trapped. Then kill and ++xp. Lots of videos and instructions on the interwebs.

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205Make Friends On Multiplayer Servers

My friend did that. I told her she may never see him ( or his skin) again. She seemed a little upset. It made me laugh, because he was real nice to her.

206Make a TNT House Then Put Pigs In There and Set It On Fire

Its so much fun laugh out loud

Who said pigs can't fly? They can do it on fire!

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207Build a Giant Mushroom

Bonemeal a giant mushroom to make it even bigger mushrooms

This list is going to take forever you know

208Explode the World and Rebuild It

It's time wasting that's for sure... I would do it on a server
And hide diamonds and dos good stuff.

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209Make a Water Slide

Did it on PE. It fell into a hole in a ice cap. (Creative mode)

210Make Something Underground and Give It a Ton of Secret Rooms
211Make a Pet Shop

I don't it and it's fun for me

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212Butter Parkour with SkyDoesMinecraft

Best idea if only I could find him ;-;

Tell Noobs that gold ingots are butter and when they try to eat it they will fail. :0!

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213Trap Villagers In a Creepers B Gone Trap
214Build a Giant Portrait of Yourself

You should do that and live in the middle. Ha ha

215Stacking Houses Together
216Make a Butter Block then Worship It

Make a statue of tons of butter blocks

217Make the Wither and Ender Dragon Have a Fight-to-the-death-matchV2 Comments
218Make a Big Block Fill It With Lava Get Your Friend Near It Make a Hole and Watch

I think its funny watching my friend die and lose their stuff so I can collect it... Did it once
And I DID NOT know HOW MANY diamonds she had

219Make a TNT Cannon

I read about it in a handbook once

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220Make an Automatic FarmV1 Comment
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