Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog

I am a hardcore Sonic fan so this is might be stupid but... Here are things that make Sonic not so much of a hero.

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1He lost a lot of weight

If you loved his old cubby self back in 1991, then... Sorry. - Chaotixhero

Well do you think all that running was gonna make him fatter? - Zombieman99

He used to be like 100 pounds so what he's not fat

... What kind of list is this? - SonicFan4Life

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2He is not a good friend to Tails

I think this should be renamed "Sonic's overall relation with Tails". Why? Because Sonic is so obsessed with Tails & needs to stop.

Tails is a young prodigy who could beat sonic if he had the guts to stand up to him. Sonic often treats tails like a toddler when he's a lot older and smarter, and even though sonic's just trying to protect him he really need to treat tails with more respect. #mistreated

He never lets him fight alongside him anymore and never trusts Tails' superior intellect judgement cough sonic lost world cough

I burned all my comics and toys and plushes about sonic and tails.. Well all the characters

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3He is addicted to chilli dogs

This needs to be much lower on the list, but I would hate Sonic anyways. I think this reason should be replaced by "Sonic's relationships with his friends, rivals & enemies".

Mario's favorite food is Spaghetti
Sonic's favorite food is Chilidogs

Both Mario and Sonic's name has 5 letters
Their favorite food has 9 letters
Other then that, we're talking about 2 characters

Ignore 9
5 - 2 = 3 Illuminati Confirmed - bugger

Sonic is a good friend to tails! Since when is he not! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well at least he is on a diet - Nateawesomeness

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4His creator left him

So what? Sonic sucked ever since 1999, where Sonic hasn't had his creator having left Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

He Left Sonic Team When Suprise, Suprise, Sonic 06 Was In Development

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5He kissed a human

Sonic shouldn't be on Archie Comics. Pac-Man should.

Pac - man? If pacman have comics, they would suck. Sonic's comic are pretty good except a few - Chaotixhero

Yea no. Sonic had no control of that since he was dead.

Yeah, he makes out a human lady.

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6He died in Sonic 06

Well, he deserved it anyway. Too bad he revived, but hey, we could do much better stuff with the Sonic franchise.

I think his death was to show the world that heroes are not invincible. They simply aren't. And not all hero's deaths are sacrifices or epic deaths. Sometimes, they just...
I think that's the message that SEGA was trying to convey.

Hey! That's a good thing about Sonic the Hedgehog! Take this off the list

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7The Sonic the Hedgehog Fanbase

The sonic games are not bad some are good (but the biggest problem is playing as Sonic all the time). But what I HATE most about Sonic is the fanbase. Fan characters everywhere, fan arts (most of them are funny) but heaps of them are... BIZARRE and disturbing, the shippings (I don't EVEN want to think), fans make the Sonic characters "out of character in their fan arts" I prefer the official characters. I like Sonic only for his games, characters and SHADOW =)

That is another reason why we don't have good sonic games... why? Because of the stupid fan base - Chaotixhero

Don't even get me started on the erotic fan art.

Lol, in other words ALL OF YOU? All you do is hate the games for DUMB REASONS like Sonics eye color and arm color. - DCfnaf

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8He likes Elise rather than Amy Rose

Let Pac-Man bang Princess Elise the Third instead.

Sonic should actually bang Pinky & Inky from the Pac-Man franchise.

I wish Sonic grounded Amy Rose big time.

He does not like any - Nateawesomeness

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9Amy Rose

Wait what does this even explain

Amy is my 4th favorite character behind Sonic,E-123 Omega, and Tails. Take this off.

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10He says "damn" in Shadow the Hedgehog

Really? I don't care if Shadow swears but Sonic? - Chaotixhero

Who cares if Sonic & Shadow swear anyways? The Sonic franchise should be restricted anyways.

This reason should be much lower than top 8. Sonic the Hedgehog still has an awful voice, though.

I say damn all the time and I'm not an adult however Sonic is.

GASP! A game must suck because of the word DAMN! I'm so offend- no I don't care because I'm normal. - DCfnaf

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11Princess Elise

The princess should've been some like animal not a human! When Elise kissed Sonic :gags: it would've made more sense if Elise was like a hedgehog or fox or something.

I don't even know why they even thought of adding her.

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12Cream the Rabbit

I respect your opinion, no matter how inferior the members of Team Rose is to the members of Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Chaotix and Team Light (meaning Blaze is the Speed Leader, Silver is the Flight Leader and Shade is the Power Leader).

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13The Fanbase

They're the reason I don't like Sonic.

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14His first game is everywhere

Sonic 1 is everywhere! In Sonic Jams, Sonic Generation, on the app store, and on and on and on - Chaotixhero

Super Mario bros is everywhere too! Both games are famous for starting things up! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I have never liked Sonic the Hedgehog, but he was awful since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast & thus does not deserve to take over the world.

Most of Sonic's game suck anyways. The Sonic Adventure series should be hated.

The Mario Kart series suck too. They are rip offs of Sonic Drift. Sue me - Chaotixhero

That's because it's one if the very rare good ones.

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15His World

I only like the rapping parts of this song. But the singing parts suck!

His World should be Pac-Man's theme song, not Sonic the Hedgehog's.

I like the instrumental version in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It's cover by crush 40 is much better than the original one - ShahryRKnoT

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16Endless PossibilitiesV1 Comment
17His annoying voice

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ah, yeah! This is happening!

Me: Uh oh...


Sonic the Hedgehog: Yo, Tails! Long time no see!

Sonic's voice has always been awful & silly since Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Sonic's Japanese voice is awesome, though!

Sonic is so annoying! I can't believe he took over the world! And why is Sonic a hedgehog?! Shouldn't Sonic the Hedgehog be a bird?

That was inspired by Super Mario Bros. and how fast real hedgehogs are. And Sonic the Hedgehog himself sucks! He's also kinda bossy and sexist.

"Yo yo yo, you're too slow! *Insert other Sonic sayings here*"

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18Sonic's Super Speed

Waluigi would be much better with super speed!

That speed isn't even possible with a shape and build like that...

Why is he racing Mario characters. You are SONIC THE DAMN HEDGEHOG! Race the Flash not Mario ' you bad sport!

Umm you idiot Sonic runs at the speed of sound

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19Sonic Beats Up Amy Rose

Well, I hope he bites her & breaks her bones strictly & then starts to aggressively give her the middle finger & a kick in the ass.

Well, he can, especially if he shares a conflict with her. Amy Rose is very sisterly toward Sonic the Hedgehog, whatsoever.

He can be SUPER mean to his friends, and he has such an attitude. :-/ - ScourgetheHedgehog

This never happened...

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20The Crush 40 Songs

Linkin Park is 40 times better than Crush 40 and so is Your Favorite Martian by Ray William Johnson and Maker Studios (which will come back from retirement).

I'd rather suffer the Industrial Revolution than Crush 40 music!

I especially hate Live and Learn. It makes no sense. I'd rather listen to Bowling for Soup.

They all suck when I listen to their music I wanna stab my eardrums out.

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