Top Ten Things to Love About Sonic the Hedgehog


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21He Is an Adult Now Instead of a Teen

Nope, he's still a teen not an adult. - Iamachamp

He's still a teenager, and it's cooler than being adult (it's true only for sonic, Mario... Not batman,47,wolverine...) - ShahryRKnoT

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22He Can Kick Even Better than Batgirl & Rouge the Bat
23Sonic's Original & Sonic Boom DesignsV1 Comment
24All of his Sega Genesis/Sega Master System Games

I can't believe people hate them now! They are Sonic's best moments!

They are the greatest Sonic games ever, especially Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive!

25Sonic's Original Hairstyle

Sonic's hair is inspired by Brian Burke.

26His relationship with Super Monkey Ball characters
27A Sonic & Pac-Man crossover on Archie Comics
28Hyper Sonic

I wish SEGA bring Hyper Sonic back. - Chaotixhero

Yeah. Me 2. I wish they would bring back hyper sonic. I love hyper sonic.

29Knuckles' Chaotix
30His Voice

Who put that on the list?! Why do you like Sonic's voice? That's the worst thing about Sonic!

Whoever put this on the list seriously is brainwashed.

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31The original Sonic the Hedgehog
32Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

It's great even though it is a little cheesy. And it introduced one of the famous words of all time... PINGAS!

How dare this good old cartoon be underrated! This is one of the best cartoons of all time!

I would give this cartoon a 98/100 score, Sonic SatAM a 94/100 score, Sonic Underground a 63/100 score, Sonic X a 0.8 score & Sonic Boom (T.V. series) a 5.7 score.

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33Sonic Blast & Sonic 3D Blast
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