Top Ten Things That Make a Music Album Good

The Top Ten

1 The Songs

A good combination of songs, for that matter. Something to stretch to everything the artist can do. Better still when mixed in between albums. - PositronWildhawk

The only list, blog post, or pretty much anything that I made in any of my accounts PositronWildhawk commented on. This just makes it one of the lists I'm most proud of on a garbage account. - DarkenedBrutality

2 The Production

Production is what makes albums really good. Terrible production can make an album sound terrible like Death Magnetic (Metallica), because of all the loudness. Good production can make an album well-worth listening, like Ride the Lightning, which made it one of Metallica's greatest albums. - AggressiveBlaze

3 It Was Unique
4 It Didn't Define Any Genres
5 You Could Easily Hear the Bass

I can't think of an example for this one, but I can think of a bad example. Metallica's...And Justice For All, had no bass, and wasn't good at all. - AggressiveBlaze

6 Good Drumming

St. Anger was stupid. - AggressiveBlaze

7 Good Solos

St. Anger was stupid. - AggressiveBlaze

8 Has Justin Bieber As a Guest Star V 1 Comment
9 Good Riffs
10 Has Miley Cyrus As a Guest Star

The Contenders

11 Pacing

Pacing is really the most important thing to me. Bad pacing can kill an album. Great pacing can make an album so much like a journey. - LelouchYagami

12 Has Nicki Minaj As a Guest Star
13 Has Rebecca Black As a Guest Star
14 Has Barney As a Guest Star
15 Understandable Vocals
16 Have Ariana Grande As a Guest Star
17 Has Yoko Ono As a Guest Star
18 Good Opening Track

Examples: Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones - He introduces himself
Baba O Riley - The Who - Keyboard Intro, and ending of the song reminds you you're in for a good album
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles - We Hope You All Enjoy The Show

19 Good Closing Track V 1 Comment
20 It Stands Out in Some Way V 1 Comment
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