Things That Make You Cry

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Somebody Died
When Mitch Lucker died I was really sad he was a great man and he left behind a wife, a child, his band and many fans. RIP Mitch Lucker
This is an absolutely horrible thing to go through (unless of course the person dying is Hitler or whomever).


Ah, yes, what I like to call the classic tearjerker. If you go through the pain of this, you're BOUND to cry.
[Newest]That better be the #1.

2You Ask Him/Her Out and She/He Says No
I remember devoting my heart to someone, for two years, and they didn't give theirs. The feeling of rejection, wasting 2 years waiting for someone, it just tears me down...but remember one thing: You don't need anyone that doesn't need you. That guy, he feels stupid because when he saw me a year later, he thought I was hot, but TOO LATE!
she did that to me exactly 24 hours ago it's july 1st 2010 2:16 yeah that's right I asked her in 2 a clock in the morniing

3A Bee Stings You

4Losing a Friend
Losing a friend... one who you were best friends with for five years... The one who held your hand and hugged you through tears and assuaged your pain... And then you start to fall for each other.. You for him... Him for you... And you just slip away from each others grasp and head your separate ways without a choice... I MIS YOU ALEX!
Many times when I thought I was going to lose my best friend, I've shed many tears.


5Your Parents Are Getting a Divorce

6Being Made Fun Of
I'm an easy victim, if I am to be honest, but my crying only enforces that.


Its sad people can be so mean

I'm alergic to onions, so they make me cry more than just about anything
My eyes...They burn man!


8You Boyfriend/Girlfriend Dumps You
My boyfriend did that then one of my friends went off on him and he apologized I may still have some feelings for him but seeing him move on or reading over our old texts really hurts
My Ex broke up with me, and the next day, was goin' out with someone else.


That doesn't really make you cry
[Newest]My girl hates me

9Seeing the One You Love, Loving Someone Else
Whether they are cheating on you, or they are an ex that you still have feelings for, seeing them love someone else is one of the most heart wrenching feelings ever. Sometimes, you have a huge crush on someone, and you fall in love. When you think you are over them, don't be so sure. If you see them devoting their heart to someone else, you realize that a small bit of you, still belongs to them. I just broke down that day.

10Bad Grades
I used to envision getting D's on a report card in acting if I needed to cry...


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12Spilling Your Glass of Milk


;( that glass of milk was special -sniff- it was one in a million -sob- and now it's broken -dies-
I will always remember you, my friend in the darkness.
[Newest]How does that make you cry?

13When Micheal Jackson Died
I was so sad when mj died. especially after watching that funeral

14Someone Is Really Sick
Yes I'm sick at the mo and I'm trying to cry
I'm looking up ways on how to cry :(

15Watching the Notebook
Saddest movie ever! But it is very good and you can't miss it

16Your Spouse Wants a Divorce
I can't think of anything worse.
& seriously getting turned down by someone you asked out is worse than your parents getting a divorce or someone being really sick seriously? & I know someone dying is bad but everyone has to die, right? but some people are lucky enough to never have to face the d word.
It's like a death. It's hard to deal with and takes time.

17Being Called a Loser
Only if you have no mental will, or if you're called that whilst chopping chillies

18You're Proud of Someone

19The Death of Rock Music
Rock n roll will never die

20Touching Songs + the Music Video
I saw the music video flor dare you to move by switchfoot and just felt like crying... But I'm not a cry-er-person ;p

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