Things that Mario Kart 9 Should Feature

Mario Kart 9 is gonna be great and here are things that should feature in this game.

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1 Double Dash Mode

Mario Kart Double Dash (Two players per Kart and music) + Mario Kart 8 (Gameplay and Anti-Gravity) = Mario Kart 9 which would have better graphics, similar gameplay as Mario Kart 8, Double Dash music, and Double Dash own mode. - Metts

2 Only Adult Characters

I don't want any baby characters and clones of any characters in Mario Kart 9 because it gets kinda old. I prefer a more variety of characters. - Metts

3 Organized Roaster V 1 Comment
4 Mario Kart 8 Gameplay

Of course Mario Kart 9 is going to have gameplay like Mario Kart 8. - Metts

5 No Blue Shell

This better happen because Nintendo keeps adding the blue shell to every game. - Metts

You know there are tricks to stop a blue shell from hitting you - Katekat123

6 Music from Mario Kart Double Dash

If it has Double Dash mode than they would added the result theme and maybe the tile and main menu. It would be a remix though. - Metts

7 Battle Stages and a Better Battle Mode

Not battling on random tracks like Mario Kart 8. I bet they would return Battle Stages. Also battle mode should include balloon battle and coin runners from Mario Kart Wii and 7. They should also have shine runners from Mario Kart DS and Bob-Omb blast from Mario Kart Double Dash. - Metts

8 No Coins on the Track

Unlock characters by beating any CC level and unlock karts by every 10 races you play. Tracks are unlocked at any CC by beating the first CC cup which is already used in earlier games since Mario Kart DS. - Metts

9 Popular Retro Tracks

I would love to see Super Circuit Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 9 and it would be an absolutely beautifully remake track. It's gonna be the most beautiful track ever in 3D. - Metts

10 Not Use DLC of Tracks that are Already Retro Tracks in Other Games

Like Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart Double Dash. They don't need to redo Super Mario Kart Rainbow road which is been in four games already. - Metts

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11 Fox McCloud Fox McCloud

Now that would be awesome as he is one of my favorite Nintendo/Super Smash Bros. characters. If Link or Isabelle can get in, why not Fox?

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12 Good Variety of Characters

The clones were a waste of a roster spot and having more variety would make it more interesting.

13 Bring Back Diddy Kong
14 Fawful as a Playable Character
15 Have some of the Retro Track's Music remain the same

I know some fans might say this would be a bad idea, but the music from Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Double Dash are too catchy,

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