Things a Marvel vs DC Video Game Should Have

This video game should exist for the PS5, Xbox 2, and NX.

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1Many Characters from DC and Marvel Fighting Each Other

I will play as Thor and kill Wonder Women, Captain America and wipe out Batman, Red Hulk and kill Superman, and SpiderMan and kill Aquarman. - Metts

2Great Story Line

They will hate and fight each other to the death. - Metts

3Competitive Gameplay

It should have similar gameplay to Melee which is my favorite fighting game and got the best gameplay to make it more of a blast. - Metts

4Rare Playable Characters

Like I win 10 battles with Hulk to fight and unlock Red Hulk and play as him and beat all the DC characters. - Metts

5Final Boss Battle in Story Mode

You will find he reasons why DC and Marvel despise each other. - Metts

6Ability to Share an Opinion on Which Franchise Stronger Characters

I'll say Marvel got stronger characters than DC. - Metts

7Fun Gameplay

I will enjoy it as much as Smash Bros. - Metts

8Ability to Choose Levels on Characters You're Fighting

If you are not good enough than you can play the lower levels and if you are good enough than you can play the higher levels. - Metts

9Many Great Stages

It will have stages like Super Smash Bros. which got better stages than most games. - Metts

10Characters from both Marvel and DC that aren't famous at all

It should have characters that aren't known - Username123

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