Top 10 Things To Never Do In A Middle School Band Class


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1Break Band Equipment

Back a couple years, I was in orchestra (technically band, but with string instruments). I played the violin. And it was all good, until some kid who had anger issues got so mad, he broke 2 drums and a cello, he was suspended, dropped out of orchestra, and was forced to replace the broken instruments. - Catacorn

I play a contra bassoon so I imagine if I broke it, I wouldn't have a college fun and then some

now that would be bad you would have to pay money to fix it

I'm in orchestra... - ARandomPerson

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2Tackle the Director

I did this once and he wet his pants and jumped out the window crying. what a sucker.

Even if we play football together? - Nateawesomeness

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3Play With the Sheet Music or Make An AirplaneV1 Comment

That's just cruel to hamsters...(joke - Nateawesomeness

5Play Out of Turn

Now I'm going to play a little symphony called "Torture in Bb Major." - ArchAces

6Chew On a Piece of Gum or Candy

My director screamed her head off at me and called me a cow once because of the way I chewed the gum

My orchestra teacher would go INSANE if somebody chewed gum. - Catacorn

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7F*** the DirectorV2 Comments
8Stand Up
10Eat a Reed

You should. They taste delicious.

Munch, munch. Hm... Needs salt!

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11Spray the Stands
12Melt the Trombones
14Play Your Instrument When Not Told To

My director takes this seriously. If we even play our insturment for 1 second, we get an instant 70.

15Scream at the Guy Ahead of You Because He Is Better
16Laugh at the Director for Being Fat
17Write Bad Things In the Suggestion Box
18Talk Back to the Director
19Interrupt the Band Teacher

Once I accidentally called out in class telling her I had to use the bathroom and he exploded. He made a new rule that we couldn't use the bathroom in class- and I had three dr. Peppers that day!

20MasturbateV1 Comment
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