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1Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon EVER!

Just because you play pokemon go doesn't mean you know legit stuff about pokemon - clw23

2Charizard is the best Pokemon everV2 Comments
3Generation 5 has the worst Pokemon designs

Actually, they rarely know about the existence of subsequent generations. Or maybe I'm salty because gen 5 is my favorite. - keycha1n

Well they did, but it also had the best designs, like Hydreigon and Haxorous. - SmashBall

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4They're really running out of ideas

*cough cough* VOLTORB *cough cough*

HELLO! Gen 1 had Nikki Minaj, a rock with arms, literal crap (Grimer) and EGGS for crying out loud! - SmashBall

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5They really should've stopped making games after the first ones

Pokemon is too popular, but Nintendo & Game Freak have been making more out of the Pokemon gaming franchise after Generation One, which is the weakest of all Pokemon generations. I can hear the Genwunners berating me now.

6Pokemon Yellow was a gift from GodV1 Comment
7I remember when Legendary Pokemon, were actually legendaries
8I can't keep up with all these new Pokemon

Dude, I can keep them up, just show me any Pokemon and I can name it. God, Genwunners are pathetic. - SmashBall

9They'll never make a Pokemon game as good as the first ones

I personally don't like the gen 1, 2 or 6 games, but I do like the pokemon in those generations. I wish the games would be pixelated again but not too old-looking like gen 1 and 2. Maybe like gen 5.

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10Gen 1 is the best Pokemon Gen ever!!

I am sorry to leave you thinking that. It's just that, well, Generation 1 (aka Kanto) is the only Pokemon that I like less (and I mean much less mainly because it's the most underwhelming) that Genration 5, which is on par with Generation 2. My favorite/the strongest Pokemon Generation is Generation 4.

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11It's not nostalgia, it's a fact.
12Any Pokemon past Gen 1 isn't even a PokemonV1 Comment
13Pokemon Red is the best game everV1 Comment
14Pokemon today are nothing but inanimate objects.
15Only the first 151 are original because they were made first, so nothing else is PokémonV1 Comment
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1. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon EVER!
2. Charizard is the best Pokemon ever
3. Generation 5 has the worst Pokemon designs



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