Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to the Game Tomodachi Life

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1More family options

Like if you made 2 miis and you wanted them to be related you can set the option to siblings

2Gay couplesV3 Comments
3Married couples can have more babies
4More outfits for miis

I want like other Nintendo costumes

5More hair and face options when you create a mii

I want all my girl miis to have long hair most of the hairs when you create a mii are shoulder length

6You get to choose their nationality

My miis are supposed to be American so I want them to be American, and you can choose American, Australian, English, Canadian, Asian, African, and Scandinavian

7You get to record your own voice for your miis

You would have 2 options record your own voice, or just the main thing where you can change the pitch and all that other stuff.

8More prize options when miis level up
9A royalty status for royal miis

I once made an island where all my miis were princesses, queens, and princes they should have an option if they are royal or not

10Related miis get to live in an apartment together

Like I said on #1 related miis like siblings can live together and they can move out if you don't like them living together.

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11More fantasy

Miis can be fantasy characters like vampires, werewolves, fairies, superheros, mermaids, warriors, and monsters

12Being able to see them have sex

No, just no. I don't wanna see all that! Who added this? You are a pervert. - TeenTitansGoSucks

No! Absolutely not! Nintendo is for kids. They would never make their child friendly games have sex in it. >:(

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13Being able to see them change

If you mean clothes, then it was already added in the game.

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14Have Your Mii Go Past Level 99
15Ability to see what Mii's are watching on TV/Tablet
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