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121 Naturally Spawning Nether Portals

In rare nether dungeons.

122 More Breeds of Dogs

Like a cat.
You tame them their texture changes.
Like a Dachshund, Labrador, etc

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123 More Weapons

Mace, throwing knives, regular knife, spear etc

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124 Chocobo

There is a mod but I like the idea of it in Minecraft

It would be nice to ride one

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125 Non-IP Multiplayer

Like people could just join your server be clicking on it

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126 Jungle Fences V 5 Comments
127 The Dirt Dimension

Dirt Mobs: Would be weak since dirt is not that much
And the bosses would be easier.
Sounds like a good place for starters. - aarond09

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128 Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are used for 3 things... Cake, Pumpkin Pie, and hatching chickens. Let's make it 4 so that it officially has more uses than Obsidian!

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129 New Armours

Lapis Armor would give you a blue particle effect, Redstone would activate any Redstone signal you walk by (don't use that near traps! ) Emerald armor could get villagers to do better trades... and there could be so much more!

They could have buffs to them like strength or something

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130 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I hate TMNT and this idea is terrible. Stop trolling. - Goatworlds

They randomly spawn only once in your world

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131 Daleks W/o Mod Daleks W/o Mod

I've got my sonic screwdriver and I'm ready to take on the dalek empire

Then Microsoft will get sued. Terrible idea. - Goatworlds

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132 Random Giant Towers. (Dark/light)
133 Mordor

Desert with lava and surrounded with a wall of obsidian. With zombies randomly. One mordor per world

134 Poo

There is a poop mod. I think this is dust plain stupid, especially if you could THROW it.

It would be weird but awesome to poo in Minecraft

What's the point of this it would be useless

It's so stupid yet I'm strangely intrigued

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135 Fences

Best idea ever... NOT. There are already fences dummy.

It allows everything to match with the rest of your house

136 A display that shows what is in front of you when mining like total miner forge!
137 Climbable rope

There is already ladders in mine craft so this would be pointless - Imreallyboredrightnow

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138 Display Cases
139 Clothing

We have armor, or try a jacket and hat!

140 Camels

They would spawn in the desert biomes and you can ride them. They could also have chests on them to store items!

Oh did not mean actually desert horses it was an expression

They can be the new desert horse lol

Make them rideable!

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