Things that Should Happen in Avengers Infinity War Part 1 and 2

Here are things that I want to happen in Avengers Infinity War for both parts. I will include Part 1 and 2 for these items.

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1 Captain America Dies (Part 2)

I predict this is gonna happen and Captain America will get kill by Thanos in part 2. - Metts

2 Black Widow Dies (Part 2) V 1 Comment
3 The X-Men Join the Battle (Part 2)

The X-Men should be involve Infinity War Part 2. - Metts

4 Thanos Takes Over the Universe (Both Parts) V 1 Comment
5 Vision Dies (Part 1)

He's going to die I bet but I think it's gonna be in Part 1. - Metts

6 Deadpool Appears (Part 2)

He will swear a little but won't act like that like he did in Deadpool because Captain America will say language! - Metts

7 Spider-Man Fights the Green Goblin (Part 1)

Spider Man will appear in Part 1 more in my perspective. - Metts

8 Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine, Red Hulk, Hulk, and Captain America Defeats Thanos (Part 2)

They will fight together and kill Thanos and Captain America dies. - Metts

9 Red Hulk Appears (Part 1)

He will be in Part 2 as well. He's gonna kick ass in these movies. - Metts

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10 More Than One Stan Lee Cameo (Both Parts)

Stan Lee should have three cameos and it will be his last cameos in Marvel movies and the story is complete. - Metts

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