Top Ten Things that Should Happen to Serena from Pokemon

We all hate Serena from Pokemon, so I made this list about what should happen to her. Man, this annoying character really needs to get removed from Pokemon. I hope you enjoy!

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1Ash tells Serena that he hates her and she cries

Yes! I would like that one to happen. - Chromium

Yeah! You know how she likes Ash? Well, then Ash says that he doesn't like her, she will get so heart broken which is what she deserves. - AnimeDrawer

Oh, but he would never do this, lol. He's too nice. - eventer51314

Ash should singing "I hate you" by Simon Curtis so Serena can feel the pain how annoying she is - ChatNoirFan18

Then Serena commits suicide - TwilightKitsune

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2Serena gets all her hair cut off until she is bald
3Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan and kill her

Yay! The saiyans would be after her, and she'd be like, "Dur! Wut that shiny thing? " - TwilightKitsune

4Pikachu throws thunder at her and betrays her

Pikachu never shocked Serena and it pissed me off. - Ruee

I would like that to happen! After she treated her Pokemon like garbage by yelling at them. - AnimeDrawer

Apparently Lillie may get a pass from being shocked as well because it's said she can't touch pokemon. I'll take that over Serena not being shocked. Serena should've been shocked I don't care what people say. - Ruee

5Make an episode where Ash goes out with another girl he likes better and replaces Serena with her

Serena being a reoccurring character down the road would be a trainwreck because she can't stand Ash being around other girls. Well TOO BAD, he's not your guy and never will be. - Ruee

6Make her listen to Nicki Minaj's songs so she can feel the torture
7Spongebob and Patrick annoy her so much that her ears explode
8The Powerpuff Girls beat her up and use their laser eye beams on herV2 Comments
9Remove her from Pokemon and never make her come back

This is actually about to happen in the next month or so. Woo! - eventer51314

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10Homer Simpson yells at her until she becomes scared of him

Wait, I have a better idea. I think he should do "WHY YOU LITTLE" to Serena.-Vestalis

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11Have Ash's new female friends or companions from the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime give her a bad time if she dares to come to Alola
12Rainbow Dash Sonic Rainbooms Her

Go for it DASH! You are a better character than Serena! - Chromium

Well, actually, I hate both Dash AND Serena. - mayamanga

13Invader Zim performs horrible experiments on her

Oh man, this is really dark but...or like what he did to Keef at the end of best Friend...except with Ash as the imprint. - eventer51314

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14Justin Bieber sings to her

Ha! I bet she likes Justin Bieber because of how much she loves boys, especially Ash. I bet she would go to his concerts and have his posters and autographs. - AnimeDrawer

15She makes a pact with Kyuubey

I hate Kyuubey, but hey, Serena deserves some suffering. So why not make Serena a magical girl(In the Madoka universe since we're supposed to make her suffer to the max, not wear some prissy outfit, beat up bad guys with no problem and live a "perfect"life). - MLPFan

Good idea! Then she would have to rethink how shallow, spoiled, and selfish she's been. - eventer51314

16Ladybug and Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug beat her

I can't believe I used to like Serena and now I want kill her - ChatNoirFan18

Same, I want to as well, she is an annoying girly brat, and she is rude to her mom. She rarely helps the team with their missions, she is just there to look at Ash. - AnimeDrawer

17Have Yuno Gasai kill her.

I hate Serena (glad she's removed but in the final episode on Google it results as Serena kissing Ash.), so why not make her a future diary and Serena will be stabbed by Yuno.-Vestalis

18Get locked up in a basement and get tortured by Yandere-chan
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1. Ash tells Serena that he hates her and she cries
2. Serena gets all her hair cut off until she is bald
3. Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan and kill her



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