Top Ten Things that Shouldn't Happen in Music in 2017

Guess what, nenas? 2016 is almost over. Yes, we're 2/3 out of the 5/6 month of the year. (yes it's simplified. I'm not stupid) and last year I made a list for 2016 music, now for 2017.

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1More musicians die

This year was ridiculous in terms of deaths. Seriously, did we have to lose both David Bowie AND Prince? Who's next? - Zach808

Who's next? Paul McCartney? Mick Jagger? - WonkeyDude98

I hope that does not happen, we lost David Bowie and Prince which really sucked. - AnimeDrawer

I hope Eminem doesn't die - Hotheart123

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2Pop music trends stay the way they areV2 Comments
3Bad music artists keep making music

Iggy Azalea came back with a horrible song. - AnimeDrawer

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, etc need to have their careers ended for good. - SelfDestruct

That was just an opinion. Maybe I should have said "FOR THE LAST TIME *insert favorite music artist you hate* ISN'T BAD". - SelfDestruct

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4Good bands break up

I hope Green Day does not break up. - AnimeDrawer

If Fall Out Boy breaks up I will die!

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5Halsey makes new music

Okay, some of her songs were okay, such as Gasoline or control, but this year she failed at music. Lets hope she doesn't repeat that mistake next year. - AnonymousChick

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6Justin Bieber Makes A New Album

Purpose was good, he's actually someone I would call improved now. - Satire

7Rihanna keeps trying to stay relevant

She has no issues staying relevant. She's the only pop princess that doesn't even have to try to keep having buzz anymore. - WonkeyDude98

You do know she's still relevant? I think you mean Fergie. - Swellow

8Jackie Evancho stays popular

She probably won't be popular for much longer. She getting older so it's less impressive that she can sing well and she doesn't write any songs so her music isn't going to get anymore attention. - NicholasYellow

I see you are still bullying Jackie and her fans.

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9Songs are all about sex and parties

Oh great, just because it's about sex, you really think it's bad? Marvin Gaye had a lot of them, and he's one of the most popular musical geniuses. I'm guessing rock or metal aren't about sex, then. - Swellow

2016 was full of these songs and we need 2017 to not be like that, - AnonymousChick

At least make these songs sound FUN. - WonkeyDude98

10Rock music gets even more unpopular

Grow up. It will never become unpopular. It will fade away, but all genres will. - Swellow

Rock music is what is making me like music in 2016, new rock is good as well as old. - AnimeDrawer

I'm pretty sure rock's doing fine. Plus, new album from Metallica soon? - WonkeyDude98

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11Rave music stays popular

...and as I wrote that a kid in my class played a rave song on his bluetooth speaker - AnonymousChick

12My Chemical Romance still doesn't get back together

How long has it been since these guys have been a band? - WonkeyDude98

What? I need to add my own interests here. - AnonymousChick

These guys are just teasing us at this point. At first it looks like they're getting back together, and we instead get a re-release of The Black Parade and Kerrang releasing a covers album that ruins every song on TBP. - Zach808

13My Chemical Romance gets back together
14Justin Bieber Dies or Retires

I'm a boy and I'm not a fan BUT I want you haters to PLEASE stop for a while

This so called singer treats his fans like trash. Even if you're not a fan you can't ignore to hate him.

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1. More musicians die
2. Pop music trends stay the way they are
3. Good bands break up
1. Halsey makes new music
2. Justin Bieber Makes A New Album
3. More musicians die



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