Top 10 Things That Should've Happened In the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy


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1Mace Windu Should've Killed Palpatine

He couldn't have. Palpatine was holding back. He unleashed his full force powers after Anakin cut off his hand, not because he couldn't have, but because he needed Anakin to participate on his side. Otherwise he wouldn't have revealed his being the sith lord to Anakin and the duel would never have happened. Mace did NOT best Palpatine, and thus, couldn't have killed him.

If he would have killed him, An akin wouldn't have turned evil, Pad me wouldn't have died, and younglings would have lived.

If Anakin didn't turn evil the prequels would make no sense and Darth Vader wouldn't have a reason to be Darth Vader

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2Jar Jar Should've Died

He shouldn't have ever been made in the first place. Period!

Yeah there was a seen where jar jar died! WHY DID HE LIVE! - steelers1979

No, he should have died before episode 1 - Batmaniscole

Vote for this! - AnonymousChick

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3Ahsoka Tano And Captain Rex Should've Appeared In Episode lll

Ahsoka quit the Jedi order in the clone wars and died in Rebels. - Metts

It would make Star Wars a lot more interesting, that's for sure.

Ahsoka is a important character to the Star Wars universe but at the end of the day her leaving makes her character a lot more interesting and putting her in a film would be amazing too but it should be Rouge One or she should have her own movie or T.V. show. But the prequels don't need to be rebooted or changed because that's why SWTCW was made. All of you ungrateful bastards, just be happy Gorge Lucas made more movies even if they were horrible.

4Obi-wan Should've Killed Anakin

Than the originals will be different. Obi-wan will never kill Anakin. - Metts

5Anakin Should've Killed Obi-wanV2 Comments
6Count Dooku Should've Lived
7Yoda Should've Killed Sidious

But this could have never happened sidious was alive in 4-6 and they were written first - Batmaniscole

8Commander Cody Should've Stayed Good
9Darth Maul should've been in Ep. 2 and 3

Easily the best thing from episode 1, and he was just thrown aside. Why? For Count Dooku? He is a boring character. Darth Maul could've been developed further had he been in the other movies

He is in the Clone Wars and Rebels. He survived being cut in half. - Metts

10Count Dooku Should've Been In Episode 1

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11Salvage Opress Should've Lived
12Mustafar Should've Blown Up During Lightsaber Duel
13Anakin and Padmé should Leave Obi-Wan to Die

Would totally change Star Wars!

14Padme should have stayed alive
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1. Mace Windu Should've Killed Palpatine
2. Jar Jar Should've Died
3. Darth Maul should've been in Ep. 2 and 3
1. Mace Windu Should've Killed Palpatine
2. Ahsoka Tano And Captain Rex Should've Appeared In Episode lll
3. Anakin Should've Killed Obi-wan



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