Top Ten Things Super Smash Bros. Players Hate to Hear

Don't you hate it when someone says something about Smash Bros and then, you're not in the mood to play Smash anymore. I'll be listing the most common ones, from Smashers to Non-Smashers. If you have something that you hate to hear, add it to the list! As always, enjoy!

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1Saying the game is like "Naruto Ninja Storm" (Non-Smasher)

It's not like other fighting games. - Metts

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2You're not on Final Destination, you're not playing as Fox, then what's the point of this? (Smasher)

I don't play as Fox and he's the most overrated character and there's characters way more powerful than Fox. - Metts

3Your character is Bottom Tier (Smasher)

I don't give a s--- which tier they're in, I just played what's powerful for me and have fun with it. - Metts

4This game sucks (Non-Smasher)V3 Comments
5Saying Link is Zelda. (Non-Smasher)V1 Comment
6I actually beat someone on For Glory! Isn't that where all the good players go? (Smashers)

It's actually the complete opposite. - SmashBall

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7Did you know my 12 year old sister plays this (Non-Smashers)
8Where are the items? (Smashers and Non-Smashers)

I play without items not just for the competitively, it's more challenging without items and more fun. - Metts

I play Smash Bros VERY competitively, so I don't use items, but people say I'm not playing it right. - SmashBall

9Little Mac is the best character (Smashers)

He sucks at jumping and recovering. - Metts

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10Why is this game competitive? (Non-Smashers)

Either that or, "If there's any Mario game that should be played competitively, should be Mario Party". I'll be like 'What?! " - SmashBall

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11It's just a game (Non-Smashers)
12They're the same games (Non-Smashers)

The mechanics have remained the same, but there's always something new though. - SmashBall

Every Smash Bros. game is different but do have some similar features. - Metts

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1. Saying the game is like "Naruto Ninja Storm" (Non-Smasher)
2. You're not on Final Destination, you're not playing as Fox, then what's the point of this? (Smasher)
3. Your character is Bottom Tier (Smasher)



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