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Wei Chen, a rising star of Asia, with their own strength, and the first time the legendary breakthrough, stood in the Asian summit, first album" make every attempt" is on the line for ten hours the click rate break million mark, is the award winning, after becoming South Korea by South Korea first cooperation artists the second album, " dawn" in South Korea 's most authoritative M! Countdown arena first, popularity quickly rise suddenly, become the popular Korean champions, in South Korea 2011 MAMA Asia Music Festival" strong win Asia Best Newcomer Award", each big door website MV video hits support, still not under the tableLet us work together to witness the star out of Asia, to the worldWei Chen, come on!

I REally love kat-tun because of their great personalities and outstanding talents... No other group in asia can beat them... I really want to see them perform in concerts and they always give the audience and their fans immeasurable enjoyment and entertainment
What's wrong with americans what you sayed in the beging is not true for all of us and we r not all fat


All the others are lame and stupid



6Fast Food

7Saying Like




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13Social Gatherings



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