Top Ten Things That We All Want to Happen If There Is an Equestria Girls 3

We all have feelings that there is going to be a third movie of Equestria Girls. So, I decided to make a list of things that should happen if there is a third movie.

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1Human Flash and Human Twilight/Pony flash and pony twilight kissedV1 Comment
2Sonata befriends with Twilight and her friends

Sonata is cute. She might secretly be sad because Aria says that she is the worst and looks like calling her 'stupid'. Also she gets a quite bad reaction by Adagio. Here's a conversation of what I said
Sonata:(looks at poster) IT'S TACO TUESDAY!
Adagio:(scolds) Just follow my lead!
Sonata should be a good character on the third movie!

3Trixie and the Dazzlings work together

However Trixie is still evil. So the illusions don't wanna be with Trixie anymore. So, Trixie works together with the dazzlings.

4There are 12 songs
5Twilight lets her Equestria Friends to also come along with her to the alternate Universe

Twilight, your human friends already know the truth. It'll be a way better idea if you let them come along. They might be totally excited instead of out.

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6They are cheerleaders

Except for Rainbow dash because she is a player. So, CHS is joining the leagues and Principal Celestia and Vice principal Luna are holding cheerleder Tryouts.

7Make a few lines for Derpy

In the show, Derpy have a few lines. So, It won't be a problem if she have a few lines in the movie

8Make Button mash on this movie

A lot of people complaining because Button mash's adventures are removed from the series. So, to say Bye-bye to Button mash... Put him on the third movie!

9Make a scene of The CMC vs Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
10The movie is way more epic than the last two movies

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11The Dazzlings come back
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