Top 10 Things We Want to Hear On Breaking Benjamin's 5th Album

Like you heard, Breaking Benjamin is back and are currently making a new album! (as for 25.8.2014. )
So, vote here on things you want to hear on their upcoming 5th studio album

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1Something Brand New

The new album is actually pretty much the same as their old sound. I was really hoping for something new after like ten years without a single release

I doubt BB will copy-paste their album, I'm sure they will give us an album that has a sound of it's own, just like the other 4 albums. - UltimateHybridX


You know how Ben Burnley makes those growls of his (like in Crawl or Sugarcoat). It would be very badass to combine this with heaviness. - UltimateHybridX


Just some aggressive stuff they make. - UltimateHybridX

4Calm Songs

Like Here We Are, Dear Agony, Forget It etc. - UltimateHybridX

5Collaboration With Adam Gontier

Man, that would be awesome! They already did that during a concert (song was Dance With The Devil), now they should make a studio song! - UltimateHybridX

6Guitar Solos

Like in Dance With The Devil, I Will Not Bow, So Cold etc. - UltimateHybridX


Of course, the whole album would be nothing without the emotion that Ben has during his amazing singing, while the rest of the band make great fitting instrumental music. - UltimateHybridX

8Acoustic Songs

Not really the same like Calm Songs, just acoustic (like Better Days or Rain). - UltimateHybridX


Like that part in the song You (when he sing you long) or Had Enough (the "pull me down" part). - UltimateHybridX

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10PianoThe piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

Like in the song The Diary Of Jane. Would be great if they will use the piano again. - UltimateHybridX

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11ViolinThe violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.

Like in the song Shallow Bay or Without You. - UltimateHybridX

12Longer Instrumental Parts
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