Top 10 Things We Want to See from Nintendo at E3 2016

Star Fox Zero was the biggest game from Nintendo at E3. Now that's finally released, we're finally awaiting the next big game from Nintendo at E3 2016. For those who don't know what E3 is, E3 is the biggest gaming convention in the nation, where Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo come to show off their new and upcoming games, and we get to try out demos of the games. Today, I'll be listing games and info we want to see from Nintendo at E3 2016.

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1Pokemon Sun and Moon Information

I can't wait to hear more about these games. - eventer51314

Even information of Mega Evolution would be nice. - SmashBall

We have details of the starters, a little of the region, and Legendaries...BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. - RiverClanRocks

2Pokemon GO Release Date

Listen, I've been wanting this game for a LONG time, and we still have NO release date yet. The game looks fun and looks epic and I want it so BADLY! - SmashBall

3Legend of Zelda Wii U Information

We've been hyped about this game since the Wii U and they finally confirmed that it'll be in E3. - SmashBall

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4New Metroid Game

2007 was the last time we saw a good game from Metroid, and last year's Metroid game seemed pretty disappointing, so Samus needs a new and GOOD game. - SmashBall

5Super Mario Galaxy 3

Miyamoto confirmed that he'll continue to make the Galaxy series. The first two games were amazing and a third game will be epic. - SmashBall

6Super Smash Bros HD Remake

I don't care if it's Melee or Brawl, an HD remake for any Smash game will be awesome. - SmashBall

Smash bros is so overrated I don't want this game to be overhyped

7New Mario Kart GameV1 Comment
8NX Information

I hope there will be more information, alongside the games revealed.

They already confirmed they won't be talking about it at E3, but it'll be nice to get even a LITTLE information. - SmashBall

9Super Mario Sunshine HD
10Pikmin 4 Information

Yes, they confirmed Pikmin 4 so it'll be a good time to get info about the game. - SmashBall

The Contenders

11Mother 3 releasing outside of Japan
12New Donkey Kong Game
13Star Fox Adventures HD
14New F-Zero Game

Seriously, peeps. It's been over ten years...

15Fire Emblem: Binding Blade releasing outside of Japan (ala Virtual Console)
16Star Fox NX

Make this happen... I don't care what people say, Star Fox Zero was a good game.

17Samus Aran Panty Raid
18New Mario Bros. Game
19New Super Mario Bros. NX
20Donkey Kong Country NX
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