Top Ten Things We've Learned from High School Movies

High school movies are unoriginal and similar in plot. I hate them...

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1The Nerd Will Always Win the Prom Queen

Even though in real life that would be very rare - AzaleanGirl

2The Bully Will Always Have Blond Hair

Why do the blonde ones gotta be the mean ones? - AzaleanGirl

3The Queen Bee Has a Friend Who She Treats Badly and the Friend Will Tell Her Off Later

Like in Total Drama, Heather was the evil queen until Lindsay told her off. - MeaganSaysHI

Basically every single highschool movie. It's not unique anymore - AzaleanGirl

4Geeky Boys Will End Up Dating the Cutest Girl
5All Nerds Wear Glasses

Being smart does not mean you have poor vision - AzaleanGirl

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6All Cheerleaders Are Mean

Most definitely not true. In fact, one of the only reasons I took cheerleading in the first place was so that I could prove that it was a real sport. And trust me, it is. An extremely difficult one at that, and it wasn't all mean girls either! - keycha1n

True. I mean it is a real sport people have died in cheer leading accidents - AzaleanGirl

7Jocks Are All Idiots

That's not true either... - AzaleanGirl

8Anyone Who Isn't Popular Wants to Be Popular

Haven't you heard of hipsters - AzaleanGirl

9Everybody Is Obsessed With Trends

Two words: the hipsters - AzaleanGirl

10Girls Are Idiots Who Fawn Over Jerks Who Are Hot

Ugh I hate that and then when they get dumped they start out then date another guy in 5 minutes - AzaleanGirl

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11Every Geek is a Wimp
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1. The Nerd Will Always Win the Prom Queen
2. The Bully Will Always Have Blond Hair
3. The Queen Bee Has a Friend Who She Treats Badly and the Friend Will Tell Her Off Later



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