Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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181Nicer Elsa
182Bossier Elsa
183More Tomboyish Elsa

Elsa would've been better off being portrayed as the mix between girly girl and a tomboy too.

184More No Nonsense Anna
185Less Dumb Anna
186Less Boring Elsa
187Elsa's Ice Magical Powers Are Less Dangerous

Elsa's ice magical powers really deserve to be more controllable, safe, tamer, stronger gifts than ever so far, don't they?

What? Put this off the list! Elsa just needs to be a badass heroine.

188Elsa's Magical Powers Are Less Uncontrollable

No cool magical nor even supernatural powers nor no other cool magical nor even supernatural powers ever even deserve to be harder to control, uncontrollable, out of control, wild nor even dangerous at all.

189Elsa's Magical Powers Are Less WildV1 Comment
190Less Uncontrollable Anna

Then she would've been easier to like too so far.

191Elsa's Magical Powers Are Easier to Control
192More Jealous Anna
193More Overshadowed Anna
194Braver Anna
195Smarter Elsa
196More Intelligent Elsa
197Crossovers With The Huntsman Winter's War

What's it like if Freya's baby daughter was still alive? Huh? What's it like if Elsa was raised by Freya? Huh? Man, it's not fair. Freya never ever even deserved to be killed off and neither did her baby daughter.

198Crossovers With Wind Rises
199Crossovers With Princess Mononoke

There should be animal gods and animal goddesses in Norway and in other countries too, not just Japan.

200Crossovers With When Marine Was There
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