Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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341Kristoff's human parents still alive

They deserve a chance to raise Kristoff.

342Kristoff being raised by his human family including his human parents
343Kristoff not being raised by rock trolls
344Elsa Creating Her Own Friends Just To Prevent Loneliness

Her powers never ever even deserve to be wild nor out of control.

345More Stylish Elsa
346More Classy Elsa
347Primmer Elsa
348Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) raising Elsa

Man, if you ask me, Ingrid would've been better being portrayed as one and only single child the way Elsa would've been better off being portrayed as another only single child too as well also. Ingrid especially would've been better off being unrelated to Gerda and even Helga the same way Gerda and Helga deserve to be unrelated to Ingrid too the same way Anna and Elsa would've been better off unrelated to each other too anyway all because of the most unexpected but most unwanted, most unlikable, worst changes in the past.

If Ingrid was never ever even put in an urn back then before, she deserves to raise Elsa too.

Man, this should've happened in Frozen back then before.

349Helga (Once Upon A Time) raising Anna

None of this would've happened if those stupid writers hadn't killed Helga off back then before, then Helga deserves to raise Anna in the kingdom of Aren-delle too in case Gerda and her husband the king, Helga's brother in law were not always there for their daughter, her niece, Anna all the time nor all the other time.

350King Olaf and Queen Astrid (Once Upon A Time) still alive

Anna's paternal maternal great grandparents deserve to meet their great granddaughter.

World would've been better off with magic, right?

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351Classier ElsaV2 Comments
352Classier AnnaV2 Comments
353More Princessy Anna
354More Stylish AnnaV2 Comments
355More Proper Character Development
356More Details
357More Relevant
358Less Romance
359No Romance
360Less Cynical Elsa

Elsa deserves imaginations too, stupid creators of Frozen. If only her and Anna were better off in different Disney films without each other anyway.

Poor Elsa deserves to be portrayed to be more imaginative than ever too, doesn't she?

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