Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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81Crossovers With Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
82Crossovers With Barbie In the Pink Shoes
83Crossovers With Tangled
84Crossovers With Shrek
85Crossovers With the Worst Witch
86Crossovers With the Chronicles of Narnia

Wonder what's it like if Elsa and Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) were raised in Narnia by Jadis The White Witch so far? Huh?

87Crossovers With Sailor Moon
88Crossovers With the Golden Compass
89Crossovers With Sofia the First
90Crossovers With Beauty and the Beast
91Crossovers With Little Mermaid
92Crossovers With Alice In Wonderland
93Crossovers With Mary Poppins
94Less Annoying Anna

Elsa never ever even deserves to suffer dealing nor putting up with any annoyances nor any other annoyances.

95Less Moronic Anna
96More Imaginative Elsa

Ever since Elsa and Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) has their own ice, snow magical powers. Poor Elsa had to be practical and realistic, especially when it comes to her ice magical powers being unstable, uncontrollable, out of control, wild and harder to control than ever. Elsa and Ingrid deserve to be able to create their own real, imaginary friends only just to prevent their true loneliness, isolation and boredom. Ingrid deserves to be able to meet her equally empowered niece so she deserves chances to responsibly take care of and raise her niece, Elsa properly.

97Less Lonely Elsa

This stinks. Elsa's ice magical powers never ever even deserve to be harder to control. She still deserves to be able to play with her ice magical powers. She especially deserves to create her own real imaginary friends only just to prevent her loneliness, even isolation and even boredom. Elsa would've been better off living and being raised in the ice wizarding royal Norwegian kingdom version of Aren-delle in Norway anyway instead of the royal Norwegian kingdom of Aren-delle in Norway.

98Less Isolated Elsa

Oh man, this stinks. Elsa would've been better off being raised by her equally empowered maternal aunt Ingrid in the royal Norwegian wizarding ice palace/castle kingdom version of Aren-delle anyway wherever Elsa never ever even has to live in the whole entire isolation.

99Less Lonely Anna

Man, she could've at least went outside only just to gain lots of adventures, life experiences, knowledges, skills, friends, even rivals and enemies more than ever only just to prevent her loneliness, isolation and boredom too.

100Less Isolated Anna

Man, Anna still would've went outside to gain adventures, experiences, aptitudes, skills, knowledges, friends, even rivals and enemies only just to prevent loneliness, isolation and boredom back then before.

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1. Prince Hans Being a Good Guy.
2. Olaf Not Being In the Film.
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