Top Ten Things That Would Make Frozen a Better Film


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141Less Irritating Anna
142Less Dorky Anna

What do you mean This is a page of Anna so far?

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143More Patient Anna
144More Regal Anna
145Primmer Anna
146Less Lunatic Anna
147Less Blind Anna
148More Spoiled AnnaV1 Comment
149Less Spoiled Anna
150Less Bratty Anna
151Less Weird Anna
152More Peaceful Anna
153More Attractive Anna
154More Gorgeous Anna
155Kai and Gerda As the Original Protagonists From The Original Snow Queen

Two servants, Kai and Gerda are both named after the protagonists of the original "Snow Queen" tale by Hans Christian Andersen, by which Frozen was inspired. In the original story, Kai was the imperiled best friend (brother in some interpretations) of Gerda, a brave heroine determined to rescue him from The Snow Queen. Let's face it. They could've chosen different better names for the butler and the maid than the names Kai and Gerda back then before so we wouldn't have to be easily confused but no instead they just had to confuse us.

Man, I'll never ever even understand why the butler's name had to be Kai and the maid's name had to be Gerda. Those two original main protagonists, Kai and Gerda deserve to be included in the movie, Frozen too whether they were born and even portrayed as biologically related by blood or non related meaning unrelated if they hadn't named the butler, Kai nor named the maid, Gerda back then before, then they would've easily enjoyed the movie, Frozen.

Man, those names never ever even should've been given to the royal servants of Aren-delle back then before so those names should've been given to parents in the movie, Frozen back then before.

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156The Original Villainous Snow Queen In The Movie

The one who whose name was never ever even Elsa. She would've been portrayed as Elsa's wicked stepmother.

As long as it never ever even Ingrid (Once Upon A Time) either.

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157Crossovers With My Neighbor Totoro
158Elsa Being An Anti HeroineV1 Comment
159Elsa Being Under The Spotlight More Than Ever

Man, it's not fair. Elsa needs way, far more screen time, lines, scenes and to be a bigger role than ever.

160Anna Not Being In The Movie

Man, Anna and Elsa would've been better off being in different Disney films/movies anyway.

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