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The Top Ten

War of Change
This song comes easily in my top 10 of all songs of all time! This is the best song of Thousand Foot Krutch. This song made me a fan of this great band. I love this song, ever! I think the best Christian Rock band! Thousand Foot Krutch is simply a legend!


I heard this on WWE's Over the limit and yeah the moment I heard it I became a fan of Thousand Foot Krutches... Truly one of the best songs I've heard s far
It's the best song of Thousand Foot Crutch deserves #1 spot.. Just hear it once and admire its greatness so guys VOTE!
Special thanks to WWE Over The Limit ppv


[Newest]It gives me goosebumps when I listen to this song just great

This one is the best song I've ever heard, it's awesome. It should've been #1. I definitely like it.
There's a reason why they call this song "Phenomenon". It's epic, powerful, and absolutely incredible. Yes, this song is definitely phenomenal.
I don't know about you guys, but this is one of the best my songs in my whole life and its my best 1000 foot song
[Newest]My first sound Thousand Foot Krutch, and I fell love!

3Courtesy Call
Thumbs up if you're a Skillet fan and you love this song.
You should listen it in headphones without any noise around. Any times you will hear 'heyyo', you'd like to shout it. It is one of the greatest songs ever, which is full of power and enormous energy.
Brings energy and excitement to any situation. Leaves you hearing "hey-yo" the rest of the day!
[Newest]Love the intro and the chorus #1

4Welcome to the Masquerade
what idiots put this in the bottom 12 this deserves spot number 1!
#1 all the way, cannot believe this was not already on here


way better than all of the songs in the top 10
This song is amazing
[Newest]This should be first because it is just awesome to listen too it also sounds amazing any time of the day

Welcome to the masquerade = awesomeness

I'll never get tired of this.
Best song ever by them, it should be at number 1 without any doubt, believe me and if it disappoints you use too much slang on me, I won't be angry
Plain and simple... this song rocks
Really think it deserves a higher rank than number 3
[Newest]How could they put this in 3 this should have 1st

6E for Extinction
Why is this so low it should at Least be 5th
Dang, Number 20? I love this song. It deserves the number one spot for sure! VOTE FOR THIS SONG PLEASE!
The quitar is sow awesome and his voice is just amazing. "i think it deservse a number 6 al least in the top 10
[Newest]This song is by far the best. It should be first.

7Be Somebody
Really good song. It reminds me of what we learn from our parents that could never be taken away from us. Even though no one lives forever, it is our values that keep us in this world. Until the day that we all rejoin with God in heaven. God Bless.
Come on, number 12?! This song has to be one of the most inspiring and lyrically genius songs out there and deserves number one.
Amazing song can't stop listening to it. This has to be in the top ten! Must see later on. Please vote for this awesome song. God Bless!
[Newest]Definitely should be #5 for good music and vocals and Christian lyrics

8The End Is Where We Begin
This song is just amazing, has amazing vocals, lyrics, and beats, Thousand Foot Krutch really outdid themselves on this one. Should be at number one, no questions asked.
Simply amazing I love the lyrics, and the vocals, they make some pretty gnarly sounds in this one
I can relate to this amazing song in so many ways. Love it. Should be number one.

9Falls Apart
Catchy, fast-paced, great lyrics, what else is there? Rock on TFK, Falls Apart shows a great side to their diversity in music.
should be number 1 its the best tfk song of all time
how's this not number 1?!


10Fly On the Wall
Out of all the songs on there new album "the end of where we begin" this song has to be my favorite. Awesome lyrics with the combination of those high notes Trevor mcneevan is able to sing.. Awesome medium paced rock song with a great melody and an awesome chorus. Definitely worth giving it a listen to
This song is just amazing, powerful lyrics and impeccable tone, should be at number one
Powerful lyrics, great vocals and guitar. And really catchy overall, a pretty awesome song
[Newest]Its cool... Hope this can rise higher in this list

The Contenders

The best tfk song ever! Definitely a top 5 contender! Why is this number 12? It's way better than that! A superb song that everybody should listen to!
This is actually my second favorite from tfk, but I'm voting for it because it deserves the second place spot after move, not 13.
This is probably the best song off of Phenomenon, ad is definitely a top five contender. It's listed in Wikipedia as their best song ever.
[Newest]Don't really like Thousand Foot Krutch much, but this song is awesome.

12Bring Me To Life
Mind blowing song good scream too... Love you TFK
Fast lyrics... Must be somewhere between 1 to 3
Needs to be in the top ten! It's a great song. Better than some up there.
BRING ME TO LIFE! Don't tell me you didn't shout that with me? This is the type of song you put on repeat... For the rest of the day.
[Newest]Bring me to life, amazing song

13We Are
What the hell? How is We are not even ON the list? It is one of the best songs off their new album. Much better than some of the others. HOW?!
This song is the best! I listen to it all the time! "Cause to much thinking is bad for my health" :D
Good song... Unfortunately, I never heard

14The Art of Breaking
Such an emotional song, with an amazing beat, and a catchy lead guitar riff during the verses. This is definitely my favourite Thousand Foot Krutch song.
This was the first one of theirs that I listened to and I got to say that it was one of their GREATEST!
This should number 1. 25 is a joke.
[Newest]This song should be higher, this is the most listened to song on my ipod...

15Let the Sparks Fly
This song is definitely their best work. Everyone likes it, it has tune, meaning and it just sounds awesome. It's my favourite and I don't know why it isn't on the list.
Best song by them ever, when you hear this during your workout you cannot fail
Great head banging song. Definitely their heaviest song and I NEVER get tired of the amazing vocals in this one. It should be placed WAY higher on this list

16Take It Out On Me
I can't believe this song is 32... It 's my favourite
One of the most TFK songs ever written and is really catchy.
Such a catchy song can't believe it's this low on the list
[Newest]Is awesome simply awesome

17The Part That Hurts the Most (Is Me)
This Is so good. It Describe my life. Awesome song. Its deserve Top 25.


How is this not in the top 5? This is defiantly one of there best songs, The power it delivers totally makes it the top 5!
Amazing song. So underrated.

This is the most awesome song I've ever listened to. It has a wonderful message too. The bass in this song rocks! Trevor's voice is appropriate for the song. And the guitar is so smooth.
Oh my god this song is absolutely amazing. I heard it every time. This is so different from other songs of TFK.


19Last Words
Thanks to creating this masterpiece TFK. This is the most awesome song I ever heard. Nice and catchy lyrics.


This is my favorite Thousand Foot Krutch song and my favorite TFK music video. It's the best song on the album and their best song over all.
This was the first song I heard by them. Great song and MV. Just makes me wanna mosh. Fun to play on guitar too.
I think it is the best song in the album and it is a song if someone says to change it you say NO

Come on vote 4 this one
This is their best song!
It sounds awesome
How comes this song isn't in the Top Ten?!?

22In My Room
This made me cry. The lyrics are just beautiful and true for many, many people. Worth to listen to.
Listen to this song guys!

23Already Home
Awesome lyrics with a great meaning! Not a hardcore song but should be so much higher!
One of the best TFK songs to date. Powerful Lyrics and amazing vocals from Trevor.
Its a great song with great lyrics and vocal. It should be at least in top 5. Its great emotional rock Ballad

24New Design
Oh my god I love this song! It makes me sad face knowing it's only in the eighth position of the top ten. It should be way up higher than this 'cause it's awesome! Please keep voting guys!
I'm guessing no one has heard this song before voting. Replay button approves this song
My favorite tfk songs. You guys rock.

25The Flame In All of Us
Awesome song... Great way to kick off the album, definitely one of my favorites.
Same here grate song

26Fire It Up
Should be at least in the top 10. Its too good to be higher than the top 10. Its not even in the top 15. Just not right at all. First dong that I've listened to by them. Inspired me to get more albums by them from the library
Are you serious! This song is beast! Why would put this in #18! This is the best song ever! PUT THIS IN THE TOP 3!
This is so much better than war of change... seriously people, go listen to masquerade.

Got no ideas why this song takes only 30 place, I'm pretty sure if it's one of their best songs
! Perfect and fast lyrics, and the intro 0_0! 2. NOW!
I listen to this song every day for 6 months. still my favorite song

28Step to Me
Come on! Step to me ought to be AT LEAST third after phenomenon and last words. In my opinion it is the best of them all.
BEST song love it, can't believe it's so low down. Move and War of change are also amazing
On of the best tfk songs ^^shouldn't be so low

29Smack Down
Get ready for the smack down (owned)...
This song is so underrated it needs to be way higher!
Make it in the top 10 because I love this song men

30I Get Wicked
This song is epic! I'm sure if people listened to it they'll love it! Go listen to it... Now! :D
Best Rap Best Chorus Must Listen


31So Far Gone
So smooth so touching.


This one should be #1, or at least #9
I think So Far Gone is their best song!
It's so touching and emotional <3
Should be under the Top Ten!

That song is amazing. I really surprised why is it not in the list.


Unbelievable is just #24 this should be in the top ten..


33Feel the Place Go Boom!
This is song is so great. Free download on Itunes as well. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT.

34Faith, Love, and Happiness
This is my favorite song in the world even out of all the music I listen to I'm angry this is no number one

35The Safest Place
So brilliant amazing lyrics
My ABSOLUTE (TFK joke) favorite TFK song it has an amazing meaning

Where the hell is Let the sparks fly that's definitely there best song besides scream!
This List is pretty much a joke. I mean phenomenon and welcome to the masquerade are good songs but there are so many better songs.
Awesome song! I'm suprised to see this song all the way down here I can't believe it is down here and it is like one of there best songs and also were is e for extinntion that is definitely there best song.
[Newest]Laugh out loud, really? #18?

37I Climb

38Favorite Disease
It is an amazing song and I love it
Why isn't this song in the Top Ten?!
I love Favorite Disease since I've first heard it and I still do
It's so full of emotions, Trevors' singing is awesome!

39Learn to Breathe
The most catchy chorus you will ever hear!
I can't believe it
This song should be under the Top 20!
I have liked it from the start and I will always
Trevors voice is breath-taking and the song's meaning is awesome :D

40Light Up the Sky
I love when Mcneven scream Light up the sky.


41Untraveled Road
One of the newer ones, but so good! I've only heard it once, but I'm already singing to it. Dancing with my own moves, and writing with this song. Great beat!
This song should be joining the top 10 soon enough.


43This Is a Call
"This is a Call" may not be the heaviest song by TFK, or the most popular, but it definitely deserves a place in the top ten. TFK's softer songs are inspirational and have so much emotion, and this song is a great example of that. When Trevor sang the lyrics "She needs to find a purpose, she wonders what she did to deserve this... " I felt as if he were singing about me.

44Hit the Floor


46Look Away
The best song.. Not only of tfk.. But christian and alternative rock.. Can't believe only this many votes

47Broken Wing
This song is amazing song you want to listen to

48Breathe You In
Such a beautiful song. You should really listen to it


50My Home

51When In Doubt
A great funky punk rock song. Although I like there new music, this is what best sums up Thousand Foot Krutch. Set it off will always be there best album. You just can't beat the classics!
Awesome song, that just never gets old! Love it! Keep rawking guys and pleaso go back to Phenomenon times, because after a while it gets to soft. I'm afraid you're gonna go down like Green Day...
But I still love TFK!
Oh my god, this is such a great song! One of the best I've ever heard!

52Everyone Like Me
Tfk is an unsurpassable band and I would like to vote for many of their songs, but this one is my absolute favorite. Its in their old style and reminds me of all the fun times of my childhood.
Seriously?.. This song is better than fly on the wall.. Everyone like me should be on top 10

53New Drug

54Slow Bleed


56Complicate You

57Forward Motion
Because it's so beautiful and amazing! Definitely should be higher on the list!

58All I Need to Know
I don't understand how's it on number 60! I just love this song! -_-
I absolutely love this song. I have it on my MP3 player and I listen to it all the time

59This Is a Warning (Intro)

60Hand Grenade

61What Do We Know

62My Own Enemy



65Rhime Animal

66Born This Way
Top 20! BORN THIS WAY was a amazing song

67Give It to Me

68All the Way Live



71Make Me a Believer

72The Introduction


74Outta Control
Why hasn't this song received a higher vote?
It's awesome! Trevors Voice is absolutely breath-taking
And the lyrics are so touching, the meaning is great!
Should definitely have received a higher vote!

75The Invitation (Intro)

76Watching Over Me

77Brother John

78Set It Off
How is this so low.. ? The song that made TFK

Crazy fast rapping, INSANE fast rapping, go listen to this..

80Small Town

81The Alternative Song


83The Last Song

84I See Red

85Light Up



88Break the Silence


90Wish You Well
I honestly think this should be given a higher rating.. It's such a beautiful song. Although all the songs by TFK are amazing in their own ways.. I still believe this should be ranked higher.
90TH! HOW? This song is INCREDIBLE! At least should be in the top 10.
This song is calm it gives you a brake for the heavy metal of thousand foot krutch whell have a grate sound

91Lift It
It's a good song. Must listen.


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