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41Born This Way

Great song! Its saying hang-loose and be yourself not what the world wants you to be. AWESOME GUITAR!

Top 20! BORN THIS WAY was a amazing song

WWE TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs (and Stairs) 2014 anyone?

42Broken Wing

This song is amazing song you want to listen to

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43Rhime Animal
44Give Up the Ghost
45I Climb
46Learn to Breathe

I can't believe it
This song should be under the Top 20!
I have liked it from the start and I will always
Trevors voice is breath-taking and the song's meaning is awesome :D

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47This Is a Call

"This is a Call" may not be the heaviest song by TFK, or the most popular, but it definitely deserves a place in the top ten. TFK's softer songs are inspirational and have so much emotion, and this song is a great example of that. When Trevor sang the lyrics "She needs to find a purpose, she wonders what she did to deserve this... " I felt as if he were singing about me.

48The Safest Place

My ABSOLUTE (TFK joke) favorite TFK song it has an amazing meaning

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49Look Away

The best song.. Not only of tfk.. But christian and alternative rock.. Can't believe only this many votes


That song is amazing. I really surprised why is it not in the list. - pradeepbarman

Unbelievable is just #24 this should be in the top ten.. - paasadani

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51Favorite Disease

It is an amazing song and I love it

I know not every song can be number 10 lol but favorite disease is great deserves more. Smh

Why isn't this song in the Top Ten?!
I love Favorite Disease since I've first heard it and I still do
It's so full of emotions, Trevors' singing is awesome!

52Break the Silence
53Running With Giants

This song deserves to be on top 1.You will jam with the song once you start listening to it.Definitely deserves number 1 spot.enough said!

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Fantastic lyrics, over a big brooding sound of great guitar and drum work. The drum fills are well executed, moving the song along with a great pace. The bridge, despite being scream-less, is delightfully heavy, and is perfectly followed by one of their better solos.

Seriously such a good song, of their most underrated album

It's a nice song, the first one that I heard of TFK deserve at least Top 20

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56Born Again
57My Home
58Breathe You In

Such a beautiful song. You should really listen to it

59When In Doubt

A great funky punk rock song. Although I like there new music, this is what best sums up Thousand Foot Krutch. Set it off will always be there best album. You just can't beat the classics!

Oh my god, this is such a great song! One of the best I've ever heard!

Awesome song, that just never gets old! Love it! Keep rawking guys and pleaso go back to Phenomenon times, because after a while it gets to soft. I'm afraid you're gonna go down like Green Day...
But I still love TFK!

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60All I Need to Know

I absolutely love this song. I have it on my MP3 player and I listen to it all the time

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