Top 10 TNA Wrestlers of All Time


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1AJ Styles

AJ styles is not the greatest wrestler in TNA. He isn't really that good. Even Alex Shelly could beat him.

AJ styles is the phenomenal. I wish he join WWE.

The best wrestler in the world

2Kurt Angle

This man is strong stronger strongest

He is a very good and technical wresler I like him as heel/face very much

3Jeff Hardy

This man is the heart and soul of TNA. He is a multiple time WWE tag team champion, and he has been WWE world champion. He even beat Edge and HHH in a triple threat match to win the WWE championship, Which is hands down the biggest honor in the wrestling industry except being inducted into the WWE hall of fame. He could beat A.J. Styles 123 in the middle of the ring after 10 minutes. I don't agree with the #3 placing. He should be #1.

This guy is the only reason I occasionally watch TNA! He should be #1! If you ever read this Jeff, go back to the promotion that I started watching you in (WWE) and become WWE Champion again!

Same here. Although he isn't as good as he was in 1999 and 2000, he still is my favorite pro wrestler of all time.

Jeff ignites the crowd in TNA like no other wrestler. He is by far the most popular, and also a multiple time TNA World Champion.

He is cool. He is WWE champion. I wish he returned to WWE

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Sting is the greatest wrestler in TNA and WCW history

Sting is the best man for king of tna

He should be on #1

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5Samoa Joe
6Austin Aries
7Bobby Roode

He is so so powerful

9James Storm
10Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels was one of the most talented men in tna's history

The Newcomers

?Eric Young
?Alex Shelley
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11Rob Van Dam

RVD shouldn't be last. He incorporates kicks beautifully, and he has a better frog splash than the late great Eddy Gurero.

13Jeff Jarrett
14Mahabali Shera
15Hulk Hogan
16Bully Ray
17Ken Anderson
18Bobby Lashley
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1. Magnus
2. Samoa Joe
3. AJ Styles
1. AJ Styles
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Sting



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