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61 Stay True Stay True

Absolute favourite 2pac song. Thug Life!

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62 Heaven Ain't Hard to Find

One of best songs

63 Last Wordz Last Wordz
64 Lastonesleft Lastonesleft

Either the original version (with E.D.I and Napoleon) or the released version (Napoleon and Kastro), the song has a very nice beat (both versions) and good lyrics

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65 Bury Me a G Bury Me a G V 1 Comment
66 Breathin Breathin

Probably the most underrated Pac song ever

Epic and extremely underrated. Should be in the top ten.

How on earth is this song 65th? One of his best songs ever, I listen to it every day!

Should be much higher on the list

67 Troublesome '96

So underrated! Top 10 at least please.

The most underrated song on this list... Should be in the top 3 if not 1

Should without a doubt be in the top 20, come on guys - musicfiend

The best song ever!

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68 Killuminati Killuminati

Come on, people! This is one of the most cryptical and - at the same time - amazing songs of 2Pac. If not in the Top 10, at least in the Top 25.

69 Only Fear of Death Only Fear of Death

This showcases Pac's paranoia and feeling that his young death is inevitable. Very bone-chilling

I was gonna put some lyrics... But then I would end up writing the whole song down

70 Death Around the Corner Death Around the Corner
71 Pac's Life Pac's Life
72 When We Ride When We Ride

Pacs entrance into this song goes off sickest song phat beat should be top 10.

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73 F*** the World

Chorus is a bit off but lyrically is tight as hell

74 Lil Homies Lil Homies

Heartfelt Song, to show the ghetto youth the way

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75 Shorty Wanna Be a Thug Shorty Wanna Be a Thug V 1 Comment
76 All Eyez On Me All Eyez On Me

This is probably my favourate 2pac song, considering he only recorded for 4 years he left behind hundreds of timeless classics

Rap/hip hop died on sept 7th 1996. 2pac will live forever though

Disgrace this is so high one of the best lyrics on point

This is a classic, how come it is not higher? Move it up!

Why is this song at the bottom of this list?

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77 Ballad of a Dead Soulja Ballad of a Dead Soulja
78 Street Fame Street Fame

For me this is the best

79 Thug Luv Thug Luv

This Should Be way higher like top 25 or something

80 No More Pain No More Pain

Way his lyrics just flow and fit together is incredible. A perfect example of why 2Pac was the greatest ever.

The beat is a masterpiece. Pac establishes the line between him and his enemies, firing shots throughout the whole song. Definitely should be higher

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