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1FIFA World Cup

The World cup is the worlds most epic and greatest tournament. It is the WORLDS sport. and btw what is ireland hurling?

You feel just fantastic when you touch the trophy

The honour has to be too the king of sports... - MatrixGuy

This shouldn't even be a question.

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2All Ireland Hurling Final

hurling truly is unlike any other sport... imageing lacrosse with less padding, less rules, and faster balls

Fastest field game in the world - Grizleybear

Truly Hurling is very dangerous.. You can be hit by the hurley at any point of the game]

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3Rugby World Cup

Defines who is the best team for the next four years

4Summer Olympics

Not just one sport, not just one team, it is THE sporting event that stretches beyond sport, it involves architecture, design, art, passion, and a city's effort to make there games better than the ones held four years before.

5Super Bowl
6Ryder Cup
7World Series
8NBA Finals
9Winter Olympics
10World Heavyweight Championship Fight

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11Volvo Ocean Race
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