Top 10 Creepiest Guys


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Marylin Manson
I adore Marilyn Manson, partially because he IS so creepy. His hair, makeup, clothes, and art/music are all so wonderful because they ARE creepy. They make people look at him, initially for his creepiness, but after they get past it, they can see what a genius he truly is.
haha! i love marilyn manson! he may be creepy but i think he is UNBELIEVABLY hot.. :3


He's creepy but in the awesome kind of way, but hey, some girls have an attraction to guys who are little outside the box
[Newest]Living proof creepiness is just another word for perfection.

2Michael Jackson
Hey leetle girls, would you like to come for a ride to Funky Town with the master of Magical Mushrooms? I know a place where... magical things happen. Hehehehehe...

Yeah... creepy or what?


Michael Jackson made himself as white as possible to make himself as appealing to little white boys as he could and paid a lot of money to do it. That's the black and white of it-- no gray areas here.
You think Marilyn Manson is creepy? This guy lived in a theme park, was VERY close friends with a number of young boys, and had a pet monkey.

3Osama bin Laden
they have the wrong concepts of life. creating chaos is not the way. it just destroys the earth and all life beings.


Such a sucker! Killed people for satisfying himself. Devil in disguise.


he killed everybody against his belief and his son is against the 9/11 bombing


4Barack Obama
WHAT? At 4th place... Oh me god he's just a president whats so creepy? Seriously... A politician being creepy?
pretty obvious isn't it.. lol


5Charles Manson
he killed people because of the lyrics in helter skelter! this dude has some serious issues.
I saw a documentary on this freak and it gave me nightmares.


I pass his house a lot and every time I do, I get chills.


6Tom Cruise
I didn't expect to see this man's name here as I thought I were the only person who disliked him. He really has nothing about him that I find attractive in any shape or form. Indeed, one creepy chap.


this couch jumping maniac is creepy to me!


He's sexy! He's so hot and he's made "Mission Impossible" possible again.

7Ozzy Ozbourne
Ozzy Ozbourne is creepy but its good to be creepy and he's my idol and he always will be.


This guy is my idol but I have to admit he is creppy
Um... Okay, one of the greatest musicians of all time is scary?


8Ron Jeremy
Another porn star. That's creepy.

9Joma Sison
I don't dare make a comment. he might have me hunted down and have me killed

10Adolf Hitler
if you are a jew, he is the scariest guy in the world

The Contenders

11Gene Simmons

12The Undertaker
this guy can never "REST IN PEACE" hes been scaring wrestling fans for a decade.


Comes back again and again don't worry kane he always comes back
1990's undertaker looks like he's really pale


13Alice Cooper

14Jack The Ripper

15Saddam Hussein

16Sid Vicious
hes an ex murderor and a freaky singer, the "fabulas desaster comes at 6.


he may be creepy but he is the most awesome vocalist of all times

17Steven Tyler
"Smile, Stevie", said Brody from Jaws as he blew his big mouth wide open!
HELP! he's goin to swallow me whole!!!
HA HA HA this list is perfect

18Weird Al Yankovic

19Anthony Hopkins
Hannibal was too convincing.


20Chris Croker

21Richard Simmons
Anyone who can wear those shorts in public is beyond weird.
This guy tries to get all these fat women into his cult called Sweatin to the Oldies.

22Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)
This guy masturbated in a PORNO movie theater! How creepy is that?!
Isn't this the same guy who voiced Max on Flight of the Navigator?

23Gary Busey
There are people in who have been locked up in mental institutions for less than what he gets away with on a regular basis.


24Christopher Walken

25Steven Spielberg
He wrote the screenplay to Poltergeist. You know. That movie that has that one scene where that guy's face starts pealing off?

26Nick Nolte

27Boy George

28Charlie Sheen

29O.J. Simpson

30Matt Lauer

31Kevin Federline

32Alan Colmes
The Crypt Keeper has nothing on him!

33Kid Rock
I love him to death but he's creepy

34Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is much worse than Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a legend. Justin Bieber writes stupid songs so he should move back to Canada and move into his mother's basement.
The creepiest black metal band bassist who ever existed, how he got into the music industry is just plain mind boggling.

35David Duchovny

36Dave Grohl

37Hugh Hefner
The guy is so creepy and perverted! That is all that is to it! I thought he would be on the list...


38Mark David Chapman


40Jerry Sandusky

41Tim Burton
Making creepy disturbing movies is his trademark

42Josef Fritzl

43John Waters
If he isn't creepy the I don't want to know what is.

44Simon Helberg

45Hayden Christensen

46Varg Vikernes

47Ed Gein

48Ted Bundy

49John Wayne Gacy

50G.G. Allin

51Anton LaVey

52Richard Ramirez

53Roger Tiegs

54Vlad III

55Elizabeth Bathory

56Sawney Bean

57Scott Dyleski

58Gary Ridgway

59Idi Amin

60Heinrich Himmler

61Edgar Allan Poe

62Edmund Kemper

63Pedro Lopez

64Henry Lee Lucas

65Casey Anthony

66Gilles De Rais

67Jeffrey Dahmer

68Adam Lanza

69Eric Harris

70Jim Jones

71Dylan Klebold

72Aleister Crowley

73Pol Pot

74Josef Mengele

75Lil Wayne

76Joseph Kony

77Albert Fish

78Cesar Barone

79Daniel Gonzalez

80Victor Salva

81Gary Glitter

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