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21We Believe

The best song of good charlotte. Listen to this song and then vote.. Don't vote unless.

Awesome song!
What is it doing here.. ( vote guys )

This should be in the top 3. Chronicles of life and death was the best GC album they made.

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22My Bloody Valentine

Great instrumentation, creepy sound, and gotta love those lyrics. Tearing his throat out, epic.

Stand out song. Shocked its no where near the top itsgone everything a genius rock song should have. If you haven't heard it play it please n get lost it ub

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23Movin' On

Come On... 25! You must be kidding me. This is perfect.. "The scars run deep inside my tattooed body there there are things I'd take to my grave" This is the best one... Should be number 1

Lyrics Are PuhhRfeCt!.. Love This Band..!.. Also Hold On Say Anything And World iS Black should Be further up..

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25Life Can't Get Much Better

Just love this song. It's so different to all their others songs

26Say Anything
27The Day That I Die

The chorus is just unbelieably catchy, and the lyrics are decently meaningful. Easily in my top 3, along with "The Chronicles of Life and Death" and "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. "

28Victims of Love

Come on people, this song definitely deserve a place higher than this. It's such an awesome songs with very nice beats. And the vocals is as amazing as The River. I really liked this song, and I personally think that it's even better than most of their songs in the top 10.

How come this song has no votes. Shame on good charlotte fans out there. If you don't like this song stop listening to his music. I thought this song would be in the top 5.

This is ' awesome song man I don't know how this came so down... I love this song

30Sex On the Radio

Why is this not in top 10 this song deserves way more than last night (my opinion)

31Life Changes
32The Chronicles Of Life & DeathV4 Comments
33Broken Hearts Parade

How is this not in the top three? I mean, come on! The tune, tone and lyrics just cry out! Definitely one of the best of GC.

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34The World Is Black

This song is really good. It's a lot better than most of their songs.

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3540 oz. Dream

This is my favourite song by Good Charlotte. - birdechosplash


One of the best song ever, why is it all the way down here, it should be 2nd with Emotionless (which happens to be quite emotional) in first place!

Should be way Up there! ^
1979 is one of the greatest songs from GC. It's just a nice song with catchy lyrics and opens up on more of a back story for the Madden Brothers Parents who are occasionally mentioned in other Good Charlotte song

37I Heard You
38Festival Song
39Counting the Days
40All Black

This is one of charlotte's best songs... Really disappointed to see it sow low on ratings..

Captures the days when you feel like everythings against you perfectly

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