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Bill Kaulitz
Bill Kaulitz, he is true perfection. He has the charm, the looks, the appeal, the confidence, a strong and beautiful heart. I don't know him personally but I can say that he's kinda nice, he's sensitive even know he always picks on Georg or Gustav but he knows his place. He knows how to act this and act that. But what I like about him the most is he doesn't care about what others think of him. He's not afraid to experiment on the things that other people categorize as silly or gay. And when he smiles the world just stops and stare for a while (I had to add that because that's the truth). He's amazing in every single way, he's not boring and most of all he's full of surprises!
A man wonderfully beautiful, sensitive, caring, very romantic, which is able to do anything for love, do not surrender easily, wants to live a love that lasts until death, hardworking, educated, intelligent, with a worldview quite different from the other guys his age have. For everything you have just read seems to have been taken from a character profile of the fairy tale, but... gasp! I refer to a man of flesh and bone! He did not come riding to your dreams, as you might expect, but with a microphone! He seems to have left the most secret dream that every girl has, and coming right into real life! This is Bill Kaulitz, the dream of any woman. Despite its somewhat obscure style, behind his eyes makeup and clothes aggressive there is a sweet boy who just wants to find the love of her life.
Bill is beautiful in every way. On the inside, he has a strong and beautiful heart. He would never mistreat a woman and he is so loving to all of his fans. He lives for love and strives so hard to make the people around him happy. Bill really shines with his absolutely wonderful and bubbly personality, and I just love him for it! On the outside as well he shines too. His voice is strong and amazing, so much so that it will brighten my mood in a instant or reduce me to tears. He has the most beautiful features I have ever seen; he looks like a wonderful angel. He is so confident in himself and he has great style, he really knows what works for him. He's not afraid to show himself to the world, and I love that surety that not many people posses.
He truly is the hottest rocker ever, in every way


[Newest]What? Bill Kaulitz looks like a drag queen!
More comments about Bill Kaulitz

2Yoshiki Hayashi
I showed his picture to some female classmates of mine, and they cannot believe he is already in his 40's. Oh well, some people have never ending appeals.


Should see him live rocking behind his drums - Show in Germany was AWSOME!

3Matt Tuck
Don't know why he isn't higher. He brought his kind of music to a whole new level. Him and The Strokes are amazing. He is gorgeous and I love him. His voice... Just wow. And he is the epitome of coolness.
Everyone above can't hold a candle to this guy. He's really talented and adorable!

4Simon Neil
I'm a guy, I don't even know why I'm voting on this... BUT IF I HAD TO GO GAY SIMON IS MY MAN

5Oli Sykes
HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! ^_^ I love him so much.. He is one of the most amazingest people ever! TEAM SYKES <3 <3 <3 :D

6Alex Gaskarth
Not only Alex Gaskarth is attractive, but he's an amazing singer. ALL TIME LOW ROCKS!

7Freddie Mercury
I love Freddie Mercury for everything. My number 1 goal in my life is to donate as much money as possible to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.
Just simply the greatest singer. To me, anyway. And he was so damn good looking! Gotta love Freddie

I know I do! :-)
Any man with that power of voice is sexy!


8Ronnie Winter

9Axl Rose
Everyone heard about the Guns'n'Roses 's frontman! Besides his age, the blonde god of rock is still SEXY and WILD! I am talking about a man who was arrested over 20 times, probably a strong character. ABOUT his physique? He identifies 100% American rock star of the '80s, he has style, voice, blonde locks that give him even a California note and his body is absolutely HOT.
He is the sexiest rocker at 80's. Damn I wish he's still good looking as he was
Still as good looking as when he was in the '80s

10Jon Bon Jovi
Simply the best... best musician, best song writer, best band, and most importantly one of the greatest philanthropists of this generation. This man exudes sexiness like no other before him!
Super songwriter, great singer, fine musician, and hot from the word go! Jon is the HOTTEST rocker to walk the earth. =)
It's not only good looking, but an excellent artist as well. I've been admiring him since I was a child, and I had the honor of being in a show last year, he sang for 3 hours and never got tired. It's the best show I've seen in my life, and I've been in many. Jon = the HOTTEST ROCKER EVER!

The Contenders

11Jared Leto
He's not number one!? What is this insanity!? Jared has amazing eyes, a great personality, and he's extremely good looking!
The most beautiful person on earth.
Jared is such a sexy beast! But he can be really cute and kiddie like too! X3

12Josh Franceschi
Don't cry over chicken nuggets. Josh is precious, okay.

13Ville Valo
He's a finnish singer, the frontman from HIM. Now let's start with the general physical features;his features have some male fine, you know... like a sexy angel, emanating virility from every corner. All these are conferred by his hungarian and finnish genes. What else could we say about his sexy deep voice? About his character? Besides not seen him ever was without cigarette in his mouth, he is loving, nonviolent in nature, he is gentle and very romantic (he said in an interview that he thinks that it s more romantic to write a song for your partner than giving her a chocolate box).
He is one of the hottest men 4 ever and ever with his indescribable, unbelievable beauty. I see his smile and the world stands still, I want to touch HIM (his wonderful hair, his face, his complete body), to see HIM laughing again and again. If you feel the same-vote 4 HIM (Best singers of all time needs your help, too)
The most hot thing in man is a mind. He is very wise, clever and kind. He inspired so many people! His poetry is incredible and his music is breathtaking. His voice... Oh, his sweet and painful voice! I cried so many times listening him (or HIM, if you understand ;)). His beauty comes from the inside. I believe in Ville Valo!

he has the best voice and body ever


M. Shadows is way better than 18. He is no doubt the hottest male ever. A great combination of hight, figure and face. Should be at top three.
What! M. Shadows no 22! I think he is one of the hottest rocker... He deserves top 5 position... What is going on this list! I just don't understand...
[Newest]Him and Gerard way.

Oh, please!
He's the hottest man in the world, not just the hottest rocker!
the sexiest man alive, there's no doubt of it
He's the epitome of modern male beauty.


16Gerard Way
That number one spot should be Gerard Way's. These arent all rockers though just saying. Gerard Way's attractiveness goes way past his music and his looks. Look past the words and the hair and makeup and see the really amazing, confident and inspiring person. He has never written a song that doesn't mean something that needs to be heard. But only the right people hear it. He is so hot though I will say and he has such a cool voice, a great performer and a arist/author.
What is up with the top 10? Gee is not just looks. He's more than that. He's a genius with the melody, the words and his pen is really strong in art and music. He's super nice funny and down to earth. Not just his personality but he s also super foxy and hot. Those eyes of his are so green and deep.. You know I can keep this going for ages. HE SHOULD BE THE FIRST!
Gerard Way may not be the hottest in terms of muscles, but he's ridiculously good looking and he's got style a beautiful mind and personality. He's a genius of creativeness, from music to comics to art in general. He's such a fangirl sometimes, and sometimes he's too much coffee, pancakes and haunted phones. And he has a phobia of everything. But that's what makes him special and Way hotter than everyone else here.
[Newest]Excuse, gerard? Not on the topten? He saves kid's lives, hot, have an unique voice, and much much more. He's WAY better!

17Tom Kaulitz
So Tom is only #5 when Bill is the first? Wow... Never thought I'd need to explain why Tom Kaulitz is the hottest man of the world. His deeply brown eyes. His sexy black cornrows. His big clotheses and his awesome caps... His masculine hands that can play guitar like no one else. His gorgeous body. Simply, that's why Tom should be number one.
Bill's more beautiful and more gentle. Tom is handsome and sometimes a little rough but he's just as tender as his twin inside.

[Newest]Guess who had sex with 25 girls till 15 years? Guess who is the guitarist of the most famous rock band? Not James Hetfield, try again!

18Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson gets better looking with age at 61 she hasn't changed in 25 years and can still hit the high notes. She puts anybody half her age to shame.

19Joey Jordison

20Nancy Wilson

21Sebastian Bach

22Richie Sambora
To me Richie is one of the most physically stunning men on the planet.. but more than that.. he is a real and genuine human being who inspires me to be a better person to those around me as much as I can. I could go on and on but I wont ;) lol
What is Richie Sambora? Always smile, great lyrics and music, funny moments, great dad, so sexy man, humble and kind person, amazing singer and finally - one of the best guitarists. What more you want?
Richie Sambora is simply perfect! He is a singer, compositor, guitarist, nice guy and really beautiful. His solos are awesome and his show presence is special.

23Joey Tempest

24Chris Cornell
I am great fan of chris cornell. He is the greatest singer of all time. His voice is so unique, powerful, and wide vocal range.
1. He looks amazing.
2. He has an AMAZING voice with a huge vocal range. 3. There's nothing more to say.

25Jim Morrison

26Synyster Gates
Seriously this is so wrong, the fact that he isn't number 1. This man is beautiful! In my opinion Synyster Gates, Robert Plant, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and M. Shadows should be in the top 10 no matter what order... This list is the worst one I have found so far...


This man needs to be at the top of the list. He is one of the most attractive man I've ever seen. He needs to be at the top of the list. Like number one his hotness is off the charts, and M. Shadows needs to be farther up as does Gerard Way and Frank Iero
I'm not a fan girl, but I can tell when a man looks so attractive you want to... You know what? Nevermind.

Hyde is so cool I love him so much and I love to listen to his music with his band and everything anyone who starts to listen will respect him because he is very popular and all the girls love him. Hyde is really great you should find out more...
hyde can afford to look like a girl without looking like a homo -- that's saying something! and to be a frontliner to a band that has lasted fifteen years AND not leave it -- another plus! Hyde is the best.
Hyde is the most perfect rockstar in the world! He is good looking, not only that, he also very beautiful! His voice also very rare, he could imitate girl voice!
[Newest]He is so sexy, and hot beautiful guy. His expression is so hot. And I love his eyes

28Anthony Kiedis
So hot, could be mr. Universe! ;) Has the most unique face! Most Beautiful and Handsome man ever born on earth!

29Chester Bennington
Chester and Amy rocks...
Chester should be #1
Chester really should be #1, he has an amazing voice and he's extremely sexy hehe... And he's an extreme sweetheart!

30Kurt Cobain
Music inspires me and is written from the heart, saved my life!
Kurt Cobain is the image of rock and roll and an overall beautiful man.

31Dave Grohl

32Amy Lee
A bright star on Rock Sky... A sensible beauty, a goddess of love 's curse, of anger and melancholy. Everything is hidden under a sweet face with beautiful eyes. Ladies and gentlemans, AMY LEE! Jon Bon Jovi
Sorry other rockers, she is the best.
Amy is the best.
She is so beautiful and cute.
Best female singer.

33Duff McKagan
The sexiest smile.. The cutest and the sweetest rocker

That top hat of his just turns me on. Many people may not think he's sexy but his sexiness is hidden deep inside.
Slash is still a total hottie. I love his hair and his eyes and his smile <3 Also he does a lot of charity work to help kods and animals which is adorable. And his guitar skills blow me away.

35Bret Michaels
First, it's Bret, with only one T... I've hugged this god and visited with him for 15 min... gorgeous blue eyes, rock hard body, super sexy, super sweet, looks you in the eye, very complimentary and attentive... smells awesome too!

36Matt Bellamy
What's not to love?! He was voted sexiest/hottest male like 7 times by the NME.

37Steven Adler

38Zacky Vengeance
Why do I have to say ZV's hot? Just look at him and you'll know the definition of hot just in one photo!

He's very very hot... I love miyavi!!!
Hot hot hot hot! and How amazing on scene, he is one with his guitar, one with the crowd, one with the world!

40Robert Plant
Are you all mad Robert Plant in no. 40. I mean come on he is the sex god of his time. Nothing more sexy than his sexy bell bottoms and bare chest on stage. And me either can't recognise the top ten holders. No one more sexy than thus sex god.
HOOOOOOTTTT!!! I LOVE HIM....!!!! and he is very smart...and sooooo funny!!! on stage he was just....*drools*
The temperature rises when he's on stage singing and moving his body.. OUCH!

41Izzy Stradlin
Just look up a picture of this guy he his hot in a really adorable badass way!

42Adam Grotier

Adams voice <3 Makes every song sound beautiful and so full of emotion


Lead Singer of Three Days Grace.

43Vince Neil

44Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda is hot, case closed.

45Brian Molko
Brian is simply very, very, very gorgeous, amazing, sweet, hot, sexy, handsome, lovely, beautiful, wonderful! And even this isn't enough to describe how good looking he really is! Brian I LOVE you and your voice, please vote 4 him and if you don't want to, than vote 4 ville, cause he is deserves it, too. Thank you sweethearts...
there's nothin' more to say =)
Just no need to comment

46Jacoby Shaddix
Lead Singer of Papa Roach!
I love everything about him, his hairstyle, his tattoos... one thing hat turns me off is that he is married to a really ugly woman who has given him a really tough time, and of course has two kids and is 22 years older than me, this means he is of my moms age but I still couldn't resist myself from adoring him, he too sexy to be ignored

47Isono Hiroshi
his japanese fangirls call him kyo-chan


48Julian Casablancas
I don't know why he isn't higher. He brought his kind of music to a whole new level. Him and The Strokes are amazing. He is gorgeous and I love him. His voice... Just wow. And he is the epitome of coolness.

49Brandon Boyd

50Tetsuya Ogawa
prettier than most japanese women in japan and more handsome than most japanese men in japan


51Jerry Cantrell

52James Hetfield
He looks hotter then ever and his energetic ^^ powerful voice gets us every time!

53Andy Biersack
Andy has GOT to be at least number two! From his hair down past the arrow on his thigh he is 6 feet of pure gorgeous-ness. Happy almost birthday!

54Nick Hexum
He's just awesome. 311 is the greatest band ever, and he pretty much makes them what they are today. An amazing singer and guitarist, and even a good rapper. He also delivered his own baby from his wife's vagina

55William Beckett
I think he is the hottest thing gracing the planet right now. Love his music, his role in Cobra's 'Bring It! '. Punk alt rock goodness, rocked that mane of glory better than EVERYONE. Step aside Jim Morrison.
OMG. amazing vocalist by FAR. should easily be in top 10. And sexy(:


Lead singer of the academy is..

i mean DURRR

56Nikki Sixx

57Stevie Nicks

58David Cook
Winner of AI season 7! - he is the hottest guy ever on AI he is so sexy and hot!


59Pierre Bouvier
He is the hottest man.. let alone rockstar.. alive! The hair, the bod, the face, the voice, EVERYTHING about him screams hot!

60Susana Hoffs

61Eddie Van Halen

62James Hart
Lead Singer of Eighteen Visions

63Joan Jett


65Kirk Hammett
See? He is being voted on the 69th place ;) He is incredibly sexy. He has maybe the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and those curls... And of course his playing. The way he moves onstage? You just have to find him attractive.
And who says Metallica can't be hot? Kirk is proof that even Metallica can be sexy.


67Alex Turner
I'm so disappointed to find alex turner so low in the list! What's not to love about him! He has the sexiest and most soothing voice ever! Not to mention his killer looks that have that vintage rock vibe but have also evolved over the years. that man is also a LYRIC GENIUS. he seriously writes the most amazing songs, with clever lyrics and with a choice of words so unique and intriguing. I seriously feel hurt that people don't recognise that. he is by far the hottest singer of all times!
I totally agree with you! Alex is the hottest not only for his look but also for his voice!
oh, gosh, so good looking.


68Alexi Laiho

69Lzzy Hale
Not only a smokin' hottie, but her voice is like an angel! <3 She can rock at guitar and have the sex appeal

70Jonathan Davis

71Tyson Ritter

72John Vesely

73Billy Corgan a dark kind of creepy way O_o

74Sonny Moore
<3 use to be in from first to last

75Malcolm Young
Sexiest, tightest, second smallest, and most talented guitarist of ALL TIME!

76Robin Zander

77Joel Madden
Joel Madden is the first guy when I heard his voice, I cry. He's the only singer he makes me dream! For me, he's THE best singer of ALL TIME! Well, he's very hot too
I love his voice and his style and I think he's the better looking from his twin

78Roger Taylor
hottest guy knows best how to rock a pair of sunglasses


79Fred Durst
I get hot just looking at him jumping around in that backwards red cap of his

80Tarja Turunen
I had to add her, as well as being a fantastic vocalist she is also very, very hot :) if I had to choose a guy it would be Malcolm Young, he's old, but he is cool in some weird guy crush way :P


81Richard Z. Kruspe

82Eddie Vedder

83Suzi Quatro

84Ashley Purdy

85Neil Peart

86Mika Nakashima

87Yasunori Sakurazawa

88Yomi (Nightmare)

89Tuomas Holopainen
He's intelligent, he has charm and talent! He s TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN!




93Alissa White-Gluz


95Joe Perry

96Steven Tyler

97Gene Simmons

He was the bassist from the j-rock band, An Cafe. He kept some of consecrated Japanese calm, that gave him a sexy air and charm.

99Michael Grant


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