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61 Swim Swim

I just love this song... We love you madonna...

The note she sings on the word "carry" sends chills down my spine every time. - theOpinionatedOne

62 Secret Secret

Madonna hit single from the bedtimestories album it is a very good song if you ask me at least the beat has yet to become outdated like songs from the 80's era people need to let go from 30 years ago better single by madona

63 Borrowed Time Borrowed Time

Literally one of the top songs of her entire career. I can't believe she completely ruined it in the album version though :/ Shame

64 Addicted Addicted
65 I'll Remember I'll Remember V 1 Comment
66 Beautiful Stranger Beautiful Stranger

Well this has always been one of my favourites. It's at number 51 as I write - should be in the top twenty. Anyone else love it?

I love this song, it's the only song by Madonna I listen too!

In the U.K. This was he most played radio song in 1999. Great track between the ray of light and music albums too

67 Paradise (Not For Me) Paradise (Not For Me)
68 You Thrill Me / Erotica

Ahh yeah it was matter of time before that version of erotica in the confessions tour caught on faith in humanity restored

69 Masterpiece Masterpiece

A great melody! Beautiful song and the lyrics are heart-touching. Beautifully sung by Madonna. She will always be my favourite!

Masterpiece 58? What the heck? This is my favourite! A masterpiece.

I luved dis song its muahh and it was my first song of Madonna I really appreciate her to do this song
Can't pass out my day widout hearing this song. Just simply amazing song I have ever heard
I don't why it is not in d tp 10 list it should be there

V 2 Comments
70 X-Static Process X-Static Process

I always wish that I could find
Someone as talented as you
But in the process I forgot
I was special too... This song is amazing

71 Love Tried to Welcome Me Love Tried to Welcome Me
72 To Have and Not to Hold To Have and Not to Hold
73 Gone Gone
74 Don't Cry for Me Argentina Don't Cry for Me Argentina
75 American Pie American Pie

I think this should be at least in top ten

76 Nobody Knows Me Nobody Knows Me
77 Sanctuary Sanctuary
78 I Love New York I Love New York
79 Dance 2Night Dance 2Night
80 What It Feels Like for a Girl What It Feels Like for a Girl
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