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July 30, 2015 - Just wanted to see which MP3s you all like. Terribly sorry if I miss a good one. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Apple iPod Touch
Apple iPod Touch
Come on apple is biggest electronic company there is I am just going to name all of the apple stuff that we have in our house (all of them are 32gb except the ipod touch which is 16gb) ipod (touch) ipod (x2 nanos ) iphones I iphone 3 and 2 iphone 4s MacBook and a huge apple computer an ipad 4 and apple T.V. ( by the way I am not showing off I am just showing people how popular apple is
Apple ipod touch is not just an mp3 player its also a multimedia device it can play absolutely amazing games and can take very very good pictures with its camera and some Apple ipod touch systems have a built in facetime
Apple iPod is even better than my android phone ( samsung galaxy s2) my phone freezes when playing fruit ninja or angry birds but my ipod never freezes. Sony walkman is also amazing.
[Newest]Do I really have to say something about it to prove that it's the best...

Apple iPod Nano
2Apple iPod Nano
Im getting this tomorrow! It looks great


Awesomer than ever in 7th gen.

3Microsoft Zune
A great alternative to the iPod.
With a great look, with it's graphics and overall build, it is definitely a great competitor to the iPod, and honestly the closest any company will ever get to the iPod.
It is definitely better in quality, but due to the over-hype of the iPod (Which is still a great MP3 player), it will never be the one that will beat the iPod.
iPod is crap. Microsoft created zune so you know it's good quality

4Apple iPod Classic
so small for the amount of memory it can hold.


Its the best ipod for music only
Visit Apple iPod Classic Website

5Sony Walkman
Walkman can't be compared with flashy iPods. For listening music Walkman is best because of it's unrivaled audio clarity and for other things like browsing Internet watching video iPod is best.
It is the best its battery backup is amazing its not much costly so for the middle class its the best...
Whereas ipods ARE very costly and I hate their looks
Walkman is the best
I reckon ipod touch 5gen is the best mp3 player because it has all the features. but sony walkman is the best audio-quality player I've ever owned

6 SanDisk Sansa Fuze
It can play music and take videos and pictures
Its very light, small, and easy to use. The battery life is impossible
Long battery life, and amazing audio quality

7Cowon S9

8 Archos 605 WiFi

9Microsoft Zune 3G
It's basically a Nano... except with the Zune.


The Contenders

11Toshiba Gigabeat

12Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
Absolute best mp3 player... Beats the ipod touch any day, basically the phone without the phone. LOVE LOVE LOVE this device... Please buy, it is so worth it. I have to say I have never seen anything like it has everything you need in a device.

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