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Best start in NHL history now, original six, recent cup winner and they are in the greatest city in the world. LETS GO HAWKS!
I love this team but my brother hates them he likes the Boston Bruins. His favorite player is zdeno chara ugh If I could, I'd kill them both
The blackhawks are the best, they have some of the top 10 best NHL players right now. Anyways They are even better then the penguins and the capitals and the Canadians never mind they are the BEST TEAM EVER!

for sure! The Montreal Canadiens have most of the NHL records, legendary hockey players and the loudest fans.
I went to a game L. A kings vs Montreal in L. A and 3/4 of people were Montreal fans...
2500 miles away from Montreal!
won the most stanley cups


The Habs have been there for 100 years! They have 24 Stanley Cups! They should be number 1 for sure...


[Newest]The Canadiens are my favourite team but the reason why I think they are the best team in because they have one more Stanley cups the everyone!

sid the kid is so sick! malkin crosby staal fluery talbot and all those guys are to sick! I love sidney crosby. he is the best player to ever live! penguins rule! malkin rules! crosby rules! fluery rules! talbot rule! EVERYBODY ON THE PENGUINS RULES
Not just the premier NHL team of today, but one of the best franchises in hockey. Although, the number of championships are fewer than others, no other franchise can boast the number of all-world stars Pittsburgh deployed. The most popular team in hockey, is certainly deserving to be recognized as one of the best. And probably could be better without all of the injuries they sustained. Lemeiux, Jagr, Francis, Barrasso, Pronovost, Crosby, Malkin, and now Fleury, and the list goes on... What a franchise. Hard to root against the Pens, unless you're from Washington or Philadelphia
A team can't be the best just because of 1 player. But they can be the best if it's like 30 players and that's why the Canadiens should be #1
[Newest]Obviously I'd pick my favourite team hosting my favourite player

4Red Wings
Excuse me, but do the eleven cups mean anything to you? Or how about the 6 presidents trophies, or the winningest season ever, or the four cups in 13 years, or the fourth greatest player of all time, or the second greatest defenseman of all time, or the only coach in the triple gold club, not to mention more players in the triple gold club than anybody, and the greatest captain of all time. At the very LEAST they should be ranked number three behind the Canadiens and the Leafs, and not behind a team that hasn't even won a CUP!
Everyone said they couldn't beat the Blackhawks but they did. 3 times. And who knows about tonight! They have sold out their stadium over 94 times in a row! 11 Stanley cups! In my opinion the best team ever.
Red and White Jersey's everywhere in every away game crowd. Detroit makes teams like Phoenix and Atlanta sell out their arena's for the few times a year they play them.
[Newest]Red wings r the worst team ever I don't know what u red wings fans r talking about it doesn't matter they have stanley cup

Most passionate fans ever in the most beautiful city of the world!
They will succeed next year!
canucks are going to win the stanley cup because of luongo, sedin twin's, burrows and kesler
Stanley cups comin home.
History WILL be made!
[Newest]Canucks r the best team they r better than red wins

6Maple Leafs
The leafs are my favourite team and they have been since I was small. Last year they had a playoff spot for the first time since what, 2004. And I feel that they're getting better as being one of the top teams in the east. My most disliked team is the bruins, and I think that a lot of leafs fans are the same way.
Ya right are you on glue the most loyal fans in the NHLyou better look at Montreal who has the best and most loyal by far. ;]no one wants to watch a losing team yes there playing good better than last years but I don't see a cup any time soon it was like 44 years ago wow not good laugh out loud
By far the most loyal fans in the league, any maple leafs game you watch it takes you a minute to figure out if they are at home or not. Also let's not forget the 13 Stanley cups
[Newest]The leafs rant that bad it's because of there coaching staff

Canadiens #1? The bruins are putting up historical numbers as a team this year. Whoever made this list is obviously a Canadiens fan. I'm a Canadiens fan. I hate the Bruins but there is no denying that they are the best team in the NHL. Canadiens are having a terrible year this year, almost worst in the NHL. Bruins are coming off of a Stanley Cup victory (they beat the Canadiens on the way there) and they look as strong as ever. Don't relly understand why people just can't be honest when they vote.
You have got to be kidding me?! The bruins should be right at the top at #1! Bruins are the best. Period. You know why everybody hates new england sports, because new england sports are way better than anything else! Don't try to deny it! PATRIOTS, RED SOX, AND BRUINS ALL THE WAY!
The bruins are the best team this year by far yes I'm a bruins fan but to be honest they are the favorite for the cup this year and so what the canadiens have the most cups they happened long ago and it was a different game then
[Newest]Boo bruins even maple leafs r better bruins r not good at hockey bruins just play rough

I think Anze Kopitar is just awesome do you see his passes leads kings in goals I think he's awesome Anze! Anze!
Go kings pull it through and you will win the Stanley cup go Dustin Brown
They won their first two Stanley cups in less then four years. Let's go kings!
[Newest]Kings r better than bruins why do u thing they r called kings for because king is the boss they should be #1

I love you, rangers
They are good with Lundqvist
Rangers are beast. Go Nash!

Ducks have the best fanbase of any NHL team that wasn't apart of the original 6. They deserve to move up on this list.
Well, The Mighty Ducks was a good movie...
What does the duck say - Donald Duck

The Contenders

5 cups in 7 years, 3 league titles, and some of the greatest NHL players of all time, such as Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri and Mark Messier to say a few. They also have a loyal fan base even when times are low like from 2007-2011.
The Oilers should always be remembered for the amazing decade they had in the '80's. An expansion team that were able to put a stop to the Islanders dynasty and build one of their own. Never again will a team be put together like that.
The oilers will make a come back well be the team to bring the cup back to Canada. Just wait NHL

One day they will be a stanley cup winning team


Sharks are super awesome
The best team in the whole world! LETS GO SHARKS!
[Newest]Sharks are the best!

amazing team 18 years 12 playoff appearances very good leafs suck sens are the best team in ontario although most fans are leaf fans go sens go
The Sens are the best team ever. Unlike the maple leafs who haven't won a stanley cup in about 20 years. At least Ottawa has been to the cup finals. Maple leafs more like maple losers.
Great team from the capital city of the capital of ice-hockey: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
[Newest]Yes. It is on this list.

The Blues may not have won the cup yet, but they've lead the league 1 year and this year, too. The Blues actully made it to the Stanley Cup Finals their 1ST THREE YEARS! Blues rock, they also had Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull once and were this close to beating the Redwings in the playoffs!
The great one doesn't count as being a blue... The ownership lost him and brett... But I still remain a true bleeder of the blue note. We will taste the cup soon.
Haven't won the Stanley Cup, but one of the most consistent teams. Have been to the playoffs almost all the years they have existed.

Flames are much better the position they hold right now.
Honestly how are the Flames 15th they should be in the top ten. The only reason they are not that good is because of the lack of experienced players. This list dissapoints me...
Gilmour! McDonald! Iginla! Kipper!

In one year they have gone from 29-30th in the league to being a force to be reckoned with, like they were in the first bunch of seasons after moving to Colorado. Patrick Roy forever!
even thoe they stunk I still gotta be a fan
They got a new Coach and they got players like Seymon Varlamov and Gabriel LandeSkog and Matt Duchene, Hejduk and more

martin brodeur is the best goalie ever! who would ever vote toronto! NEW JERSEY RRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS


OH come on at least we won the cup canucks haven't yet!
How are the Ducks, Canucks, Flames, Senators ahead of us. Devils for life.

flyers arethe best they are a physical beast that has punished their oppenents from the begining of their exsistence they were the first expanshion team to win lord stanleys cup and it only took 6 years the cup is coming back to philly were it truley belongs broad street bullies for life
They are always competitive every year. They consistently make appearances in the post season. Plus they display tremendous heart on the ice, not to mention depth at all positions.
flyers rule! maple leaves stink and they haven't done anything for years flyers should be number 1 there the best and they went to the stanley cup

The jets have hands down the most passionate fans in the league. They are the classic story of I will see you again.
Weak. They're the latest team. Epic fail.
Umm actually they were an existing team before ( Before 2000). They were brought back after the Atlanta Thrashers became defunct. I'm just saying...


Definitely the most underrated team in the chel! No one hates the jets! Fart all over those canadiens

First of all isls have won 2 Stanley cups in the 1980-90 era, second you don't own the cup when you win it you have it for a period of time, third wild are a new franchise give them some time to adapt to the league, 4 the isls have been in the league for a while

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