Top 10 Nintendo Games of All Time


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The Top Ten

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Great and amazing game!

Such a revolutionary game and really changed the way games were made from there on out!

No game has ever reached this amount of perfection and caliber as this one did.


GUITAR HERO IS MADE BY Activision NOT Nintendo!
To predictable... Before you yell at me, I played this game 100% but really...
You know the feeling Pokémon gives to the player? That feeling of "you're in the game"? Well, this game gives that feeling too, but instead of walking around and make your Pokémons fight, in this one you slay monsters in attempt to save your world. Definitely worth its spot. Who the hell added guitar hero.
You know a game is fantastic when you find yourself coming back to it again and again, even after you've beaten it! I have never stopped loving this game, and it will forever be the best Zelda game ever created!
[Newest]It may be hard but its uber fun

2Super Smash Bros. Brawl
This should DEFIANTLY be #1. If you are a big gamer you have to like this game. It has all of your favorite characters with their own stage and special powers. In this game, it can easily bring out each characters personality and skills. The extras are some of the best parts of the game. Also, for anybody that thinks its just stupid fighting, it's a lot more that that. There's a story mode, fun training and lots of skill-building mini games. If you don't like this game, play it.
WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1?! It has all my favorite characters and more. I'm addicted to adventure mode, and the brawls are great. Great story line, bringing all of nintendos best games together for an epic game. Absolutely love it. All time greatest characters fom all time greatest game. I can make teams of people from other games. I love how the pokemon are added, ugh, perfect game.


This needs to be number one and I have a list of games that are not nintendo but are not in here! Guitar hero 3, final fantasy, resident evil, pac-man, popeye, and the simpsons game and those are not nintendo games!
[Newest]This is the greatest game of all time in my opinion. Just so amazing

3Super Mario Bros. 3
Why is SMB3 the only mainstream Super Mario game/cartoon with the Frog Suit?! Why does it even debut there instead of Mario Land?!
Fun game happy music hard super nice gameplay cool bosses the relse of the koopa kids and some levels you can just fly over wit the super leaf like the cape feder in super mario world best game ever!
All the levels and secrets in this game are breathtaking.


4The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Guitar hero isn't even a nintendo game this list is just weird. I had no idea paper mario was this popular, and I really don't think super smash bros deserves that much credit. I predicted number one, but I couldn't predict anything else. Majora's mask is my favorite zelda game, and it would have either been this or super mario 64, so I just went with this.
Probably the deepest and the most compelx Zelda series game. The plot is just amazing and full of meaning which can be interpreted in many ways. The best N64, Zelda and action adventure game of all times. It's unique and refined. If you don't like video games and you didn't play this one... you have no idea what are you talking.
I feel that this is the perfect place for this game. But higher would be better. I think the Zelda and Mario games made Nintendo to what it is today and this is probably the best Zelda game ever.

5Super Smash Bros Melee
A masterpiece of a game that can be played by absolutely anyone, and need I mention that this game has stayed relevant in gaming longer than almost any other game, 2014, and this is still being played by professionals at major events, some may say that smash never needed to be competitive, but I disagree. Much better than Brawl
At first glance, this game looks vastly inferior to its Wii sequel, with a roster of only 25 characters, half of which appear to be clones of each other, and a generally lower amount of features. What it lacks in miscellaneous extras, however, it makes up for with its vastly superior gameplay to Brawl. While in Brawl, the player feels like they are floating through an enormous glob of Jell-O, Melee's fast falling speed lends it to more immediate response, and is generally more fun as a result.
Super Smash Bros Melee was a fantastic fighting game with an amazing roster of characters. It is probably the best game on the Gamecube. I'm surprised the other 2 Smash Bros are ahead of Melee.
[Newest]ALL smash games should be up there!

6The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
How does this come before Skyward Sword and Link to the Past? This is a much better game than those two
An incredible game that changed my life I honestly love it so much... no Zelda can top it.
I really loved this game!

7Super Mario 64
It's still a fun game to play.
I hope whoever put this game on the list is referring to the original N64 version because it is the best game ever!

The DS version? Not so much, but the N64 version is best!
Greatest 3D Mario of all.

8Super Smash Brothers
Ohh... these bring back memories!


Hours of goreless fighting.


all three of em are grear #1


9The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
This game is AMAZING! It's my favourite legend of Zelda game. He child like features and amazing sound track make a great game. Plus, the new hd version is super and I can't see and flaws. Sure, it can be annoying waiting and waiting in a sail boat traveling around, but the game makes up for it. There's been loads of times I've went to dragon roast island just to dance around to the music. Personally, this game should be in the top 3 at least.


Great storyline and graphics (Opinion: Better than Twilight Princess) Opinion! I value yours.
Mario Kart 8 should like 20 to 10. It's so so epic.

10Super Mario Galaxy
This game is awesome!
I guess I understand Ocarina of Time being ahead of this, but seriously?! Majora's Mask?!
Obviously this list was made by a die-hard Zelda fan.


A awesome game for me, with the graphics, story, gameplay and more! Definite must get for any Mario fan. And P. S I hate the legend of Zelda. The game TITLE doesn't even make sense.

The Contenders

11Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
No doubt this is one of Link's most memorable adventures.


I havn't played ocarina enough to know if its better than this


12Paper Mario
The greatest RPG game ever. So much better than ocarina of time or any legend of zelda game.


13Super Mario Bros.
The one that started them all, great game for everyone love it
The good old Mario Bros.

14Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2 was AWESOME! WHY IS IT NUMBER 19!?
Should be number 10. Better than A Link to the Past and so on.
One of the best wii games. Should be in the top 10

15Super Metroid
HOW IS THIS NOT TOP 10?! This game is GENIUS, everything is amazing about it and only few other Nintendo games compare. The fact that SSB1 and Paper Mario is in top 10, yet this, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World aren't shows how moronic this site is. VOTE!
What makes this game so great is how it combines the fun platforming of a 2-D mario game and the concept of an alien space hunter, the first metroid. I just love this game.
Super metroid should be in the top 10s it is the best game for the snes!
[Newest]Best SNES game there is

16Super Mario World
The game who brought up the best character ever who is Yoshi deserves one spot
Music best music ever greate game play and its fun
The best game ever

17Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
up with paper mario! Dang he should have been in Smash bros. Brawl.


One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion! I love it SO MUCH! I played it non-stop when I first got it.
I put over 50 hours into each file. I've replayed it almost 25 times!
[Newest]My favorite game ever!

18Pokemon Red
Best. Game. Of. Pokemon. Series.
Why is this so far down on the list this should obviously be higher as it is one of the game that started the whole Pokemon franchise


Why isn't this no. One this is my childhood in a nutshell? So life change fun and revolutionary, nintendo wouldn't be half as succesful if it wasnt for pokemon and mario series


19Animal Crossing
Animal crossing is the best game ever! I can't believe it's so far down. You can do whatever you want in this game. You get connected with the characters VERY easily. I've been playing this all my life, and I can gladly say this game is the best.

20Fire Emblem: Awakening
Has a lot of depth, great story and characters. DLC is good too.

21Super Mario 3D World
Princess Daisy should've replaced the pathetic, bad-tempered Princess Peach.
I will be playing this game to 100% completion all on my own. Wish me luck, I won't be back anytime soon.

22Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
The wonderful storyline in this game is awe-inspiring. The battle sequences are a wonderful touch.


ZOMG hours of my life well spent finishing this 4 times


23Kid Icarus: Uprising
Fun and original from start to finish. Can you get a 100% complete file? Most people can't. If I compared this game to another I would compare it to call of duty. Why? Well this game has you fighting killing and blasting your way through enemies (most certainly has a difference). To top it off there is that online gaming that everyone loves. This game even has hilarious dialogue and eye popping levels that will bring you back for more. And wait... Does that rock have a face!?!
An expansive, funny and addictive shooter with brilliant voice acting, mesmerizing music and a punishing difficulty system. One of the top games in existence.
The characters are hilarious and have so much personality. I've played the game twice now and both times I played them I had a great, fun, and entertaining experiences. Voice acting in this game is great too.

24Donkey Kong Country Returns

25Guitar Hero 3
While perhaps one of the most amazing games ever released on a Nintendo console, it could be in no way considered a "Nintendo game". It kinda "belongs" on the other consoles, really, and just happens to be released on the Wii.

But boy, I am glad that this game is available on the Wii :3


With songs like:

Rock you like a Hurricane
Through the Fire and Flames
Knights of Cydonia
Cult of Personality
Raining Blood
Before I Forget
Slow Ride

I can go on and on...


So many good songs!

26Star Fox 64
WHAT! 42nd! WHAT! This is the most amazing game I ever played. Unique levels, butt-kickin' animals, easy-to-learn maneuvers, great graphics, challenging bosses, vs. Mode, training mode for beginners, different power-ups & great critical reception. SHAME ON THOSE WHO THINK MARIOKART DS IS BETTER! That game is bull-crap! CrAppY GraPh1cs, impossible controls, pathetic battle mode & shameful track selection. How the heck does that piece of crap compare to this cartridge of glory on a phenomenon of a console. HOW!

27Kirby's Epic Yarn
When is there going to be a Diddy Kong Yarn actually by Good Feel & Nintendo?

28The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Oh. My. God. Send this game to the top of the list, for goodness' sake! Great locations, amazing dungeons, awesome bosses, intriguing story... Skyward Sword has it all!
Revolutionized the way motion controls works and had one of the most epic storylines of all time. Simply a masterpiece.
Get this game in the top ten peeps. It's the prequel to Ocarina of Time. And it is amazing.

29Resident Evil 4
It's on gamecube but it's by capcom


30Mario Kart 8
It is the best Mario Kart. A lot of characters and cool stages.

31Metroid Prime #
I just picked up this game a few months ago, and I have to say I have never enjoyed a game this much. It aged perfectly, unlike most Zelda games (except Wind Waker), and it's worth playing, 'cause it's fun, unlike most Mario games. damn masterpiece, that's what this game is.
... this game is... FANTASTIC!
This game should defimetly be in the top ten it has by far the best plot in a nitendo game the game play is sick and halo was baed of the prime series. It is the best metroid game hands down.

32Super Mario Sunshine
It is a very hard game but it has a lot of gameplay. Its such a good game they should make a sequel.
It is just so fun but where did all the brown poop come from?

33Mario Kart: Double Dash
How is this better than Mario Kart 64 if you have to listen to Princess Peach's voice & Princess Daisy's voice?!
I can;t believe smash brothers brawl got ahead of this when all you do is fight.

34Donkey Kong

35New Super Mario Bros. U
Why is new super mario bros you all the way down here? This game is one of the best games on the wii you
New geneason of gaming


37 Pokemon Silver

38Chrono Trigger
The most emotional and compelling adventure ever, even better than Zelda, oh, and I'm not just copying what I saw on the package, this is the real deal.

39Pokemon Sapphire
Who can forget the secret base mode? Probably the best thing about the game.


40Pokemon Emerald

41Mario Kart Wii

42Pokemon X

43Pokemon FireRed

44Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

45Conker's Bad Fur Day
This is my favorite game ever. It's so funny!

This isn't a Nintendo game! It's a Namco game!
PAC-MAN would be an arcade game, first ported to quite a few Atari and PC systems before eventually coming to the NES. The franchise happens to have had some Nintendo releases, but is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, so why in the world is this in this list? XP


47The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
Got it on 3ds 3rd best Zelda I've played

48Mario Kart 7
New items and faster speed you can be your miis Fly and Swim

49Mario Bros (NES)

50Mario Kart DS

51Luigi's Mansion
Fun game music to die for you can call me stuped but its my list fun game
This is the game that sealed Nintendo having a game for EVERY type of game being the first exploration game that was actually fun. I REGRET NOTHING!


52The Legend of Zelda
Defeat ganon and others

53Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

54Final Fantasy (Original Game Boy)

55Donkey Kong Country

56Pokemon Diamond

57Mario Kart 64
Don't even say Mario Kart: Double Dash is better than this! Mario Kart 64 is perfect! The Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 is 64 times better than the one in Double Dash!
Well basically, you're ignorant and always giving new games low scores.
This is the best Mario Kart game in the world!

58Kirby: Squeak Squad

59Super Mario 64

60New Super Mario Bros.
It is not good or bad the boss battles don't make sense.
Best Mario game of all time!
Super Mario 64 is the best Mario game of all time! It is 64 times better than New Super Mario Bros. !

61Pokémon Stadium

62Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
This one gets my vote! I love this game so much!


Why is this game so underrated?!
Geno! Lands end! And the ability to play as Bowzer!

63Wii Sports Resort

64Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Fun game awesome music one of the best nitendo games ever

65The World Ends With You
Great game but... It's by Square Enix, not Nintendo.

66Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
This game deserves to be top 4. Seriously, this is one of the best games ever!

67Pikmin 2
Greate straeagy game you con kill a boss up down left or rhigt now no time limit

68Mario Superstar Baseball

69Donkey Kong 64

70Bubble Bobble
Mmmm... how fun! This classic arcade game sure brings back memories.


71The Simpsons Game

72Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Best metroid game hands down. and by far best story in a Nintendo game
Good game fun music

73Mario Party Advance

74F-Zero X

75Body Harvest

76Duck Hunt

77Sonic Generations

78Animal Crossing: City Folk
How can you not love the cute animals? This game is amazing! I played ALL the Animal Crossings, and this Is the best one for sure.

79Super Smash Bros

80Ice Climber

81Scribblenauts Unlimited
Not as good as the first but more objects
This is Warner bros not Nintendo


82Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
this is the best game ever

83Mario Strikers Charged

84Mario Party 5
Why this game isn't among Nintendo titles as the whole series?

A Zelda-like game forgotten in time.

86The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

87The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

88Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge

89Mario Party

90Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Best game ever hands down
Best game of all video gaming town
Shots fired
It's only ranked 80 the people making these lists should be fired
Because of this game playing you will never be tired
All other games should retreat
Because when it comes to gaming this one can not be beat

91Mario vs. Donkey Kong

92Mario Pinball Land


94Balloon Fight: Nintendo Nes

95Kirby Super Star

96Star Fox


98Metroid II: Return of Samus

99Clu Clu Land

100Wrecking Crew

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