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1The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Great and amazing game!

Such a revolutionary game and really changed the way games were made from there on out!

No game has ever reached this amount of perfection and caliber as this one did.


GUITAR HERO IS MADE BY Activision NOT Nintendo!

To predictable... Before you yell at me, I played this game 100% but really...

Even though this game was very revolutionary for the Zelda series, I don't believe that it quite deserves the number one spot. There is plenty of things wrong with the game like not seeing enemies and other things that needed to be worked out in a three dimensional game. This issue was fixed in later Zelda games that had equally good storylines and gameplay. This game may have blowed everyone away when came out, but that it's the best.

I think this game is the best game in the world. It has had such an impact on modern gaming, and is definitely the Jewel in the franchise. I remember before finding this game, I never really understood the Zelda games as they were too confusing and I often got lost. But one day, while looking through the demos in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, I saw the difference in this game and played it. Ever since, this has been no doubt my favorite game.

Amazing game but overrated

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2Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I'm not going to try to state it as a fact by being like "ITS BEST GAME. SCREW OoT! " I'm going to state it more as my own opinion. And I speak for all of the Smash series on this one, not just Brawl. I've played Nintendo games since I was in diapers, and without a doubt the Super Smash Brothers series contains my favorite games of all time. I remember when I got my first Smash game, Brawl. I was a child, so if course I thought I was amazing. Until I found about the Smash community and the competitive scene. Right now I play every Smash game, from 64 to Smash 4. I highly doubt I will be stopping anytime soon with all of the fun I have while playing them. So without a doubt, Super Smash Bros, all four (or five with 3ds) games, are my favorite games ever.

This should DEFIANTLY be #1. If you are a big gamer you have to like this game. It has all of your favorite characters with their own stage and special powers. In this game, it can easily bring out each characters personality and skills. The extras are some of the best parts of the game. Also, for anybody that thinks its just stupid fighting, it's a lot more that that. There's a story mode, fun training and lots of skill-building mini games. If you don't like this game, play it.

WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1?! It has all my favorite characters and more. I'm addicted to adventure mode, and the brawls are great. Great story line, bringing all of nintendos best games together for an epic game. Absolutely love it. All time greatest characters fom all time greatest game. I can make teams of people from other games. I love how the pokemon are added, ugh, perfect game. - dragonfly99

This game is awesome

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3Super Mario Bros. 3

Why is SMB3 the only mainstream Super Mario game/cartoon with the Frog Suit?! Why does it even debut there instead of Mario Land?!

Fun game happy music hard super nice gameplay cool bosses the relse of the koopa kids and some levels you can just fly over wit the super leaf like the cape feder in super mario world best game ever!

All the levels and secrets in this game are breathtaking. - Oreanta

I need to talk something?

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4The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is the most darkest and complex Zelda game, if not, any game by Nintendo that is "suitable for all ages". Though Majora lacked the amount of dungeons that Ocarina had, it made up for it with its amazing plot as a sequel to an equally great game. It was sinister enough with the impending apocalypse of the nightmare fuel that is a grotesque moon, but the fact that, after every attempt to help someone from their pains and misfortunes, it all resets after every 3 days, all to save the world from an equally emotionally strained kid wearing a cursed mask. The game definitely made my childhood great and memorable.

Guitar hero isn't even a Nintendo game this list is just weird. I had no idea paper Mario was this popular, and I really don't think super smash bros deserves that much credit. I predicted number one, but I couldn't predict anything else. Majora's mask is my favorite Zelda game, and it would have either been this or super Mario 64, so I just went with this.

Probably the deepest and the most compelx Zelda series game. The plot is just amazing and full of meaning which can be interpreted in many ways. The best N64, Zelda and action adventure game of all times. It's unique and refined. If you don't like video games and you didn't play this one... you have no idea what are you talking.

By far the best zelda gane, it's meaning is so much more than any other game and it's insanely amazing. It's art and it's symmetry along with its plot is outstanding

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5Super Mario 64

I hope whoever put this game on the list is referring to the original N64 version because it is the best game ever!

The DS version? Not so much, but the N64 version is best!

This game is so happy, it practically saved my life of fear

This game is AMAZING! No wonder it's in the top ten.

Best game ever

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6The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

An incredible game that changed my life I honestly love it so much... no Zelda can top it.

How does this come before Skyward Sword and Link to the Past? This is a much better game than those two

Awesome gameplay, awesome atmosphere, awesome story, awesome ending. One of the best games ever.

This is one of the best and most difficult Zelda games out there it should be number 1

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7Super Smash Bros Melee

A masterpiece of a game that can be played by absolutely anyone, and need I mention that this game has stayed relevant in gaming longer than almost any other game, 2014, and this is still being played by professionals at major events, some may say that smash never needed to be competitive, but I disagree. Much better than Brawl

At first glance, this game looks vastly inferior to its Wii sequel, with a roster of only 25 characters, half of which appear to be clones of each other, and a generally lower amount of features. What it lacks in miscellaneous extras, however, it makes up for with its vastly superior gameplay to Brawl. While in Brawl, the player feels like they are floating through an enormous glob of Jell-O, Melee's fast falling speed lends it to more immediate response, and is generally more fun as a result.

Super Smash Bros Melee was a fantastic fighting game with an amazing roster of characters. It is probably the best game on the Gamecube. I'm surprised the other 2 Smash Bros are ahead of Melee.

ALL smash games should be up there!

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8Super Mario Galaxy

This game... Where should I start?... This game is fantastic. From beginning to end pure perfection everywhere. So much fun! Great graphics! AMAZING soundtracks! I can't fit everything I want to say in one comment... This was the first game I ever played and it will probably be my favorite forever.

This game is amazing it is such a pure new idea and is perfect start to finish. It is so bright and fun while being challenging. It's music is amazing, I love gusty gardens music

This must be higher. It is amazing and has such an original idea and the music is amazing too. While being a challenging game it is fun and bright

Number 1 Nina arguments

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9Super Mario World

The game who brought up the best character ever who is Yoshi deserves one spot

I love this game! It is my favorite Mario game of all time! I just love playing as Mario and jumping on my good pal Yoshi.

This is better than almost all of those Zelda games

My favorite game of all time.

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10Super Smash Bros. Wii U

This is by far THE best Smash Bros. In terms of gameplay it is the most fair and has probably the most balanced character roster out of all the games in the series as well as the largest. It should definitely be above Brawl.

Great Game. Great Graphics. A bunch of cool new characters and stages. Super Smash Bros FOR THE WIN!

How is this not like number three? This is the best of the smash bros franchise! It's amazing characters graphics and gameplay.

So your saying its in 11 the place. Scrap ocarina of time it sucks

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?Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party

Most played Nintendo game in the world. Made only for the Nintendo Wii. - monsterhigh200

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11Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best game of all time. Amazing use of motion controls and so much post game content you'll be soaring through the galaxies for years to come.

Should be number 10. Better than A Link to the Past and so on.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was AWESOME! WHY IS IT NUMBER 19!?

Number 1 now! This game is better than the first.

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12The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This game is AMAZING! It's my favourite legend of Zelda game. He child like features and amazing sound track make a great game. Plus, the new hd version is super and I can't see and flaws. Sure, it can be annoying waiting and waiting in a sail boat traveling around, but the game makes up for it. There's been loads of times I've went to dragon roast island just to dance around to the music. Personally, this game should be in the top 3 at least. - Cheesecakepony10

The best Zelda game (until Zelda Wii U, hopefully). It easily has the best art style of any Zelda game, which has withstood the test of time. Yes, the sailing may be tedious, but it gives the world a vast, and epic feeling to it. The gameplay is still as fun as ever. This game should be #1

The wind waker is an unique Zelda experience that is unlike any other. The graphics are beautiful and the story is just as entertaining as Ocarina of Time.

My favorite game of all time!

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13Paper Mario

The greatest RPG game ever. So much better than ocarina of time or any legend of zelda game. - babbott15

Best RPG paper Mario game in the series and has a storyline and sense of adventure that will make you never want to stop playing

Amazing story, controls, and overall feel. It feels like its pulling you into the game that's how captivating it is.

This game is WAY underrated. I believe it's one of the most adventurous games I've ever played. I favor the darker plot as well.

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14Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion! I love it SO MUCH! I played it non-stop when I first got it.

up with paper mario! Dang he should have been in Smash bros. Brawl. - Oreanta

Who doesn't love the RPG elements combined with a superb platformer? - Oreanta

The best of the best

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15Super Mario Bros.

The one that started them all, great game for everyone love it

This should be number 1 this game saved the video game industry.

The most influential game of ALL TIME. Childhood favorite and still holds up

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16Super Metroid

HOW IS THIS NOT TOP 10?! This game is GENIUS, everything is amazing about it and only few other Nintendo games compare. The fact that SSB1 and Paper Mario is in top 10, yet this, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World aren't shows how moronic this site is. VOTE!

What makes this game so great is how it combines the fun platforming of a 2-D mario game and the concept of an alien space hunter, the first metroid. I just love this game.

Super metroid should be in the top 10s it is the best game for the snes!

Only this low because people don't play metroid

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17Super Smash Brothers

Ohh... these bring back memories! - Oreanta

Face it, all 4 the smash bros games are perfection!

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18Pokemon Red

I like blue more but Great game as I have both the American and Japanese version!

No, not just Red! Red AND Blue! Blue version is better than Red, in my opinion.

The game that started it all, is still one of the best Pokemon games if not THE BEST

It's pokemon...need I say more?

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19Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire emblem is an amazing game. The characters are all very unique and different and they make you feel good about embracing what makes you different. I call it the "charming cast of weirdos." The meaning it gives off is also fantastic as the Villains are not all black and white. Some of them are good people who truly care about their comrades and are only fighting for their cause. (chapter 10 for example) I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone especially people new to rpg games.

A great game that allows in game customization of your units like no outher Fire Emblem game before it. As well as the support conversations that let all of your "shippings" come true. All around this is a great game that I would recommend to anyone

This is my favorite game of all time an has bin there when I needed it most. It has amazing characters and good story I highly recommend this to anyone that love Fire Emblem or Nintendo RPGS or any RPG I love it that much an so does the community.

This game is great role playing

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20Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

No doubt this is one of Link's most memorable adventures. - Oreanta

I havn't played ocarina enough to know if its better than this - moose4life19

This game justifies the purchase of a snes. So epic!

Is that image a 4 Sword adventures one

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