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1The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Great and amazing game!

Such a revolutionary game and really changed the way games were made from there on out!

No game has ever reached this amount of perfection and caliber as this one did.


GUITAR HERO IS MADE BY Activision NOT Nintendo!

To predictable... Before you yell at me, I played this game 100% but really...

You know the feeling Pokémon gives to the player? That feeling of "you're in the game"? Well, this game gives that feeling too, but instead of walking around and make your Pokémons fight, in this one you slay monsters in attempt to save your world. Definitely worth its spot. Who the hell added guitar hero.

You know a game is fantastic when you find yourself coming back to it again and again, even after you've beaten it! I have never stopped loving this game, and it will forever be the best Zelda game ever created!

Wait this game is great AND amazing? No way! That's impossible!

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2Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This should DEFIANTLY be #1. If you are a big gamer you have to like this game. It has all of your favorite characters with their own stage and special powers. In this game, it can easily bring out each characters personality and skills. The extras are some of the best parts of the game. Also, for anybody that thinks its just stupid fighting, it's a lot more that that. There's a story mode, fun training and lots of skill-building mini games. If you don't like this game, play it.

WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1?! It has all my favorite characters and more. I'm addicted to adventure mode, and the brawls are great. Great story line, bringing all of nintendos best games together for an epic game. Absolutely love it. All time greatest characters fom all time greatest game. I can make teams of people from other games. I love how the pokemon are added, ugh, perfect game. - dragonfly99

This needs to be number one and I have a list of games that are not nintendo but are not in here! Guitar hero 3, final fantasy, resident evil, pac-man, popeye, and the simpsons game and those are not nintendo games!

It's best game ever

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3Super Mario Bros. 3

Why is SMB3 the only mainstream Super Mario game/cartoon with the Frog Suit?! Why does it even debut there instead of Mario Land?!

Fun game happy music hard super nice gameplay cool bosses the relse of the koopa kids and some levels you can just fly over wit the super leaf like the cape feder in super mario world best game ever!

All the levels and secrets in this game are breathtaking. - Oreanta

The next step in Mario started here!

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4The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Guitar hero isn't even a nintendo game this list is just weird. I had no idea paper mario was this popular, and I really don't think super smash bros deserves that much credit. I predicted number one, but I couldn't predict anything else. Majora's mask is my favorite zelda game, and it would have either been this or super mario 64, so I just went with this.

Probably the deepest and the most compelx Zelda series game. The plot is just amazing and full of meaning which can be interpreted in many ways. The best N64, Zelda and action adventure game of all times. It's unique and refined. If you don't like video games and you didn't play this one... you have no idea what are you talking.

I feel that this is the perfect place for this game. But higher would be better. I think the Zelda and Mario games made Nintendo to what it is today and this is probably the best Zelda game ever.

This game is one of if not the best Zelda games (way better then ocarina) and the Zelda games are Nintendo's top series.

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5The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

How does this come before Skyward Sword and Link to the Past? This is a much better game than those two

An incredible game that changed my life I honestly love it so much... no Zelda can top it.

I really loved this game!

Very, very good Zelda. Second best after Ocarina of Time.

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6Super Mario 64

It's still a fun game to play.

Greatest 3D Mario of all.

I hope whoever put this game on the list is referring to the original N64 version because it is the best game ever!

The DS version? Not so much, but the N64 version is best!

Why is Super Mario bros 3 above this - venomouskillingmachine

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7Super Smash Bros Melee

A masterpiece of a game that can be played by absolutely anyone, and need I mention that this game has stayed relevant in gaming longer than almost any other game, 2014, and this is still being played by professionals at major events, some may say that smash never needed to be competitive, but I disagree. Much better than Brawl

At first glance, this game looks vastly inferior to its Wii sequel, with a roster of only 25 characters, half of which appear to be clones of each other, and a generally lower amount of features. What it lacks in miscellaneous extras, however, it makes up for with its vastly superior gameplay to Brawl. While in Brawl, the player feels like they are floating through an enormous glob of Jell-O, Melee's fast falling speed lends it to more immediate response, and is generally more fun as a result.

Super Smash Bros Melee was a fantastic fighting game with an amazing roster of characters. It is probably the best game on the Gamecube. I'm surprised the other 2 Smash Bros are ahead of Melee.

ALL smash games should be up there!

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8The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This game is AMAZING! It's my favourite legend of Zelda game. He child like features and amazing sound track make a great game. Plus, the new hd version is super and I can't see and flaws. Sure, it can be annoying waiting and waiting in a sail boat traveling around, but the game makes up for it. There's been loads of times I've went to dragon roast island just to dance around to the music. Personally, this game should be in the top 3 at least. - Cheesecakepony10

Great storyline and graphics (Opinion: Better than Twilight Princess) Opinion! I value yours.

Mario Kart 8 should like 20 to 10. It's so so epic.

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9Super Mario Galaxy

This game... Where should I start?... This game is fantastic. From beginning to end pure perfection everywhere. So much fun! Great graphics! AMAZING soundtracks! I can't fit everything I want to say in one comment... This was the first game I ever played and it will probably be my favorite forever.

This game is amazing it is such a pure new idea and is perfect start to finish. It is so bright and fun while being challenging. It's music is amazing, I love gusty gardens music

This must be higher. It is amazing and has such an original idea and the music is amazing too. While being a challenging game it is fun and bright

The most different Mario game, second best game in my opinion (second to Smash)

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10Super Smash Brothers

Ohh... these bring back memories! - Oreanta

Hours of goreless fighting. - QTANTOBA

all three of em are grear #1 - bluemachine

Face it, all 4 the smash bros games are perfection!

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?Mega Man 2
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11Super Mario World

The game who brought up the best character ever who is Yoshi deserves one spot

Music best music ever greate game play and its fun

The best game ever

12Super Mario Galaxy 2

Should be number 10. Better than A Link to the Past and so on.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was AWESOME! WHY IS IT NUMBER 19!?

One of the best wii games. Should be in the top 10

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13Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

No doubt this is one of Link's most memorable adventures. - Oreanta

I havn't played ocarina enough to know if its better than this - moose4life19

14Paper Mario

The greatest RPG game ever. So much better than ocarina of time or any legend of zelda game. - babbott15

Amazing story, controls, and overall feel. It feels like its pulling you into the game that's how captivating it is.

One of the best Mario story line's there is

15Super Smash Bros. Wii U

How is this not like number three? This is the best of the smash bros franchise! It's amazing characters graphics and gameplay.

Great Game. Great Graphics. A bunch of cool new characters and stages. Super Smash Bros FOR THE WIN!

It is so good I love it go 2014

Best Nintendo Game of all time!

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16Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

up with paper mario! Dang he should have been in Smash bros. Brawl. - Oreanta

One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion! I love it SO MUCH! I played it non-stop when I first got it.

Who doesn't love the RPG elements combined with a superb platformer? - Oreanta

My favorite game ever!

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17Super Mario Bros.

The one that started them all, great game for everyone love it

This should be number 1 this game saved the video game industry.

The good old Mario Bros.

18Super Metroid

HOW IS THIS NOT TOP 10?! This game is GENIUS, everything is amazing about it and only few other Nintendo games compare. The fact that SSB1 and Paper Mario is in top 10, yet this, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World aren't shows how moronic this site is. VOTE!

What makes this game so great is how it combines the fun platforming of a 2-D mario game and the concept of an alien space hunter, the first metroid. I just love this game.

Super metroid should be in the top 10s it is the best game for the snes!

Generic number 1 voted choice is generic. Super Metroid should be in the top 10 at least.

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19Pokemon Red

I like blue more but Great game as I have both the American and Japanese version!

No, not just Red! Red AND Blue! Blue version is better than Red, in my opinion.

Why is Pkmn Red here? It had so many glitches. Not to say it was bad (because it was awesome) but there are definitely better ones like Emerald.

Best. Game. Of. Pokemon. Series.

Why is this so far down on the list this should obviously be higher as it is one of the game that started the whole Pokemon franchise - Red26473

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20Fire Emblem: Awakening

Has a lot of depth, great story and characters. DLC is good too.

This game is great role playing

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