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41Cat Scratch Fever - Detroit Rock City OST
42By Demons Be Driven - Vulgar Display of Power

Definitely a bad arse metal song favourite of mine and favourite from Pantera. It's a lot more straightforward and maybe a little repetitive compared to most their songs, but so fun and hard-hitting at the same time. Such a cool riff. First riff I would ever want to learn if I picked up an electric.

Yep! A skull-crushing riff, brutal syncopated drums, and a ton of venom. Pantera were the tightest band, period! And this track epitomises everything great about them. Cobain may have killed-off Metallica, but not Pantera. (No tragic puns intended both are sorely missed).

How this song was not even mentioned is beyond me! The riff in this song is absolutely amazing especially Dimes tone... The solo kicks ass and the drumming is solid... All in all 10/10 for me

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43Planet Caravan - Far Beyond Driven

Nice Song, it is slow and soft... Never get bored of it, one of the best of pantera

You do know it's a cover though, cause it doesn't sound like you do

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44Heresy - Cowboys From Hell

Underrated, one of the highs on cowboys from hell album

Best opening riff... Best breakdown... Best Pantera Song

So much underrated. The intro is great.

Very Underrated, one of my personal top 10 from Pantera

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45We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time

By far the best song of reinventing the steel and personnely my favorite beacause this song simply kick ass

46Yesterday Don't Mean S*** - Reinventing the Steel

WHAT IS THIS SONG DOING HERE AT 56TH?!. One of the best intros, catchiest riffs and godliest choruses! It's a pity people vote before to listening to all the songs! Cause otherwise this song would definitely be in the top 10. Because it so deserves to! Give it a listen and you'll realize the genius that you have eluded

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47Uplift - Reinventing the Steel
48Immortally Insane - Reinventing Hell
49Throes of Rejection - Far Beyond Driven
5010's - The Great Southern Trendkill

I don't why anyone not listed this great song. I can listen this in loop. Awesome riff. R.I.P Dimebag id a genius.

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51The Badge - Far Beyond Driven
52Shattered - Cowboys From Hell

One of the best Pantera songs of all time. Love the ending, dimebag continues the same note on guitar that anselmo leaves off on vocals. Damn genius and epic!

53P*S*T*88 - Power Metal
54Burnnn! - Power MetalV1 Comment
55F*****g Hostile - Vulgar Display of Power
5613 Steps to Nowhere (The Great Southern Trendkill)

How this song is so low is beyond me. Vinnie literally pulverizes the drums in this one! Best drums I've ever heard in a song. One of the best off of The Great Southern Trendkill. Great growls by Phil too

What! This is definitely top 10. Worst, I was expecting it to be near 15. But 50?

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57I'll Cast a Shadow - Reinventing the Steel

Easily one of Pantera's heaviest songs. The chorus is divine and the riff is beyond brilliant. Deserves a much much higher place, in my opinion. Best breakdown, best bridge... Perhaps their best song. Give it a listen and I bet you won't disagree

Great fusion of raw metal, sludge & doom

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58Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills - Far Beyond Driven

This Song Is Very Good. I LOVE IT. You Gotta Love these lyrics.

59We'll Meet Again - Power Metal

One of the best lead solo ever.. You don't wanna miss this one by Pantera..

Somehow I cannot understand how this song never makes any list of top pantera songs, it's too good!
Goodbye mystery, goodbye pain, goodbye love.. WE'LL MEET AGAIN!

60Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath) - The Great Southern Trendkill

Just listen to that epic groove man

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