Top 10 Rugby League Players of All Time

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The Top Ten

Andrew Johns
Are we forgetting his amazing ability to take the line on, I've watched a lot of footy over the past 10 or so years and there have been no halves that have been able to orchestrate a team AS WELL AS having the ability to hit a hole off someone or have the vision to go himself. Apart from the try assist at the death of the '97 girlfriend, my favourite moment watching Andrew Johns was when he went himself against the Roosters close to his retirement and busted through the line to score under the posts, sheer brilliance.
Johns could do all things brilliantly. Read the game, short kick, long kick, goal kick, field goal, set up tries, save tries, great passing game, and hits hard in defense. I believe he was the best all round skilled player, and a brilliant captain as well.
Orchestrated teams from National, State and club level. Best player of the modern era. His defense is what sets him apart from the rest. His second premiership with the knights played against the Eels will go down in history as the most dominate half of football by any single player
[Newest]Andrew johns was on drugs

2Darren Lockyer
Number 1 Fullback
Number 1 5/8th
Most Capped origin player
Most successful origin captain
Most Australian Captaincies
Most try's for australia
Most games for a single club
Most premiership wins in the club (4 BRISBANE BRONCOS! )
Most games ever played in first grade
Golden boot award twice
Country boy
Bloody legend! Long live the new KING

Lockyer has been dominant since he made his debut until the end of his career; he has dominated origin and Australian football, easily the best player to play the game
Not once can you think of a time which Lockyer made a mistake or cost his team a match. A true competitor never had an off day.

He's currently in the top three sandwiched by johns and the king, but I would choose Lockyer as the best purely because he was a true professional! Wally Lewis did nothing at club level and stood tall at rep level. Andrew johns was a pill popping party boy which is fine but at the end of the day no one took their game more seriously than Lockyer
[Newest]Best player ever in history
More comments about Darren Lockyer

3Wally Lewis
Why can't anyone get this clear wally lewis is the best there ever was him and johns cannot compare lewis is the greatest of all time
The only man capable of playing the game stood still - unique and a Legend
It is debatable as to whether he is the best player of all time but he is definitely the best origin player of all time!
[Newest]Wally is the king johns isn't

4Clive Churchill
No Andrew johns Darren Lockyer and wally were good but no one is better than Clive Churchill he could play any of the backs there's no doubt that he is the best
Shame he played for South Sydney
He ha a medal written with his name on it he shoul be definitely first

5Brad Fittler
Gretest player I have ever seen, far better than Lockyer in my opinion. Lockyer can't tackle well and Corey Parker and Sam Thaiday cover for him, Fittler defended like a forward. Fittler could play 4 positions, Lockyer 2. Lockyer had tons of assistance from 3 of his 4 premierships, Fittler had little from his 2. Summary: Fittler better running game, kicking game, passing game, defensive game, better in leading a team and my hero GO FREDDY FITTLER
Brad fittler was one of the best players to the play game and also one of the under credited players he would have won a lot more medals if he was playing today... he played in a tough time in Rurby league when their was heaps of great players therefore it was much harder to be the best and he sould be denfinally in top 5
The greatest player I have seen play, could do it all, from defense to offense, I make my son watch him play so he can be the complete player like freddy was
[Newest]Too good I just have nothing to say

6Jonathan Thurston
THIS MAN.. Should be number one... He came from nothing and became much more... The game of rugby league was once nothing and became much more... No one wanted J. T he offered clubs himself for free and still no one wanted him... He went to the bulldogs and came a premiership... He went to cowboys and there came a finals appearance... There he stood in a maroon jersey next to Darren lockyer on his debut year for maroons a streak started the greatest streak origin has ever had... The only player in those six years of the streak to play every game... He came from nothing... And became MUCH MORE





[Newest]When it's all over he will be and should be number 1, and in my eyes he has just surpassed joey Johns with 9 state of origin wins and the way he controls a game far outshines Johns also.


7Ellery Hanley
If he had been born in Australia, he would have acknowledged as the greatest ever
The greatest I ever saw, the George best of rugby league and I mean when George best was at his best
Why's there only aussies and kiwis

8Billy Slater
He is the best fullback ever seen and also he is to fast then the other fullback, very dangerous man
Go Billy the kid.
Billy Slater is an amazing Fullback! He is always getting himself into plays that they need him in! He is also someone who is just considerate as well during his games! The best thing I love about watching Billy play is the plays that he gets into, the full length of the field tries! Now they are amazing.

I am absolutely a Billy Slater, and Melbourne Storm fan!
Just brilliant, very dangerous & fabulous to watch.
[Newest]Should be up there

9Greg Inglis
Honestly no one can has his size speed and strength a pure freak of nature has you on the edge of your seat every time he touches the ball, he WILL go down as one as one of the greatest players to ever play the sport.
Greg inglis is almost certainly the best player ever. He makes runs and break tackles like which have never been seen. Some of the things this man has done on the field are nothing short miraculous. As a queenslanda I love locky, don't get me wrong, the amount of times he has won a game at the death is astounding. But I'm pretty sure if you asked him to name a team for anything, Greg inglis would be number 1 on the list.
He strenght on the ball is unbeleivable he carries the ball like its a tennis ball. He's a amazing full back for the south sydney rabbitohs. He also is very quick so when he receives a inside ball from adam reynolds he will bolt through them gaps1!
[Newest]Greg is the best of all centers in the history of rugby league for sure. Most of the tries he scores are individual effort & he's so powerful defensively as well.

10Steve Menzies
Steve Menzies was a strong defender and in 1995 scored 22 tries in 22 games. In addition, at one stage he was 104 tries in 150 games. Probably the best backrower to ever play rugby league in australia.
He scored 180 tries, more than any other forward and 2nd on the all time try scoring list
Mr 110% or maybe 115 what an amazing record. I have watched his whole career with joy. And his work in the community and the recognition he got
[Newest]He was always there

The Contenders

11Reg Gasnier
You would not let anyone on this list tie Gasnier's bootlaces
The greatest centre I have ever seen.
A classical centre, his main attribute was his acceleration, that quality which seperates the very good from the champions. He could slide tyhrough a gap before the opposition realised he was gone.

12Peter Sterling
he's the best player he plays for eels and thats the best! eels rock as well as peter steriling
2nd best halfback in the world now suckers
Seen him play, wow... Speed, agility.
The very best

13Stacey Jones
Very talented rugby player straight out from leuge hies the best player and my favorite
The chip and chase
Stacey Carried the Warriors for years! go the Little General!
[Newest]Stacey jones is a very awesome player he is small but very strong and talented

14Mal Meninga
Mal meninga is the best player and coach of all time he has scored the most points ever in origen his coaching has gave queensland 7 straight he was a brilliant goal kicker with his toe punt

15Arthur Beetson
He is the best ever no one can be more better than him
Known as the greatest Australian forward ever.

16Dally Messenger
Dally Messenger basically gave us rugby league in Australia. His freakish running ability, try scoring ability and the ability to kick goals from his own 25m line, nobody has ever done that since. Not even the South African rugby players at high altitude. His dominance and moral character destroys Andrew Johns, hands down.
stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries had everything great with ball in hand good kicker a playmaker. can't think of anyone else who dominated like him
I think tis guy should replace bialys bullshiot position

17Allan Langer
Langer was DA MAN. Would definately be in the top 5, but number 1 in my list. I'm sure others will agree
Little bloke with the heart of o LION and Wayne Pearce is one off the most dedicated players I've ever seen and I'm 75 years young thanks
Laugh out loud at some names before Alfie. I want the drugs the other voters are on...

18Garry Schofield

19John Raper
Possibly the best all-round rungby league player I ever saw, and I've seen a few since the 1950s. His positional play was superb and I don't recall him ever missing a tackle. And his tackles weren't the "second in" or "third in" efforts we see nowadays, he went in first, usually went low, and had his opponent on the ground before he could even think about getting a pass away. In attack, he backed up everywhere, had enough pace to make it awkward for opposing teams (he played five-eighth for some time) and had great anticipation.
A great lock and Australian captain.

20Cameron Smith
The greatest number 9 to ever play the game, kicking game, passing game, vision to see what is happening and pick what play is needed, knows hot to control the ruck and just by being on the field he makes everyone else feel calmer and as if they won't lose. He is truly the greatest player I have ever seen.
Cameron is the greatest thinking player, that is and ever has been! Skill and talent honed razed sharp with determination and never say die attitude to the end he will take the ball there himself!
Capt Cam Smith the greatest leader and player ever to b
Better player then at least 40 of the players ahead of him on this rubbish list
[Newest]Definitely the best player of all time, makes the impossible look so easy

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