Top 10 Rugby League Players of All Time

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121 Mal Reilly

Hardest man ever to play the game.

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122 Ray Price

The ultimate rugby league back rower. Never stopped in attack and defense. Smashed much bigger forwards with his tackling. Brilliant runner with the ball in hand and always in support when a break was made. Had uncanny ability to read the game and seemed to be near the ball at all times.

123 Gareth Widdop

The best sharp shooter I have ever seen when it comes to kicking goals in the modern game

He's a great player his kicking game is good better than thurston

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124 Mick Cronin
125 Eric Grothe, Sr.
126 Daly Cherry-Evans

He Is the best player ever hope manly win grand final this year who go manly and most of all daly

The sea Eagles are going to win the grand final

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127 Harold Wagstaff
128 Harold Horder
129 Des Drummond

The best winger of his era 1978 to 1988 - markhampson123

Superstar of the game in GB when they were short in supply. Fast, hard and the crowd lifted when he got the ball

Greatest winger ever fantastic entertainer worth the gate money to see a dessie try

130 Jason Taylor
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