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The Top Ten

Raining Blood
If you don't head bang to this song something is wrong with you
The song that got me in to slayer and is still the song I listen to most by them pure awesome!
Fast and crazy. Happens all so fast it leaves you speechless.


[Newest]I play guitar, and when I play this song, I feel great

2Angel of Death
This is slayer's BEST SONG ever!
Best riff
Best drums
Best (eargasmic) solos
Best high pitched scream

Yeah, guys you all have to admit that Angel Of Death is better than Raining Blood!

Lombardo's killer drumming... The crazy riffs by king... Screams by araya... This is one of the best thrash-metal songs
Love the "intro"/scream/fast double bass drums, from beginning to end, (My favorite Slayer song)

[Newest]Best Slayer song and maybe best Thrash Metal song ever
More comments about Angel of Death

3Seasons in the Abyss
It's a masterpiece, and one of the best thrash songs out there, and lyrically one of the best songs I've ever listened to. Slayer!
I don't really like slayer's style but this song actually rocks! Should be number 1 definitely! So good rhythm guitar
Amazing.. This song defines Slayer once again. Definitely worth listening for any metal head


[Newest]Not as fast as some other songs, but still as heavy.

4South of Heaven
The most recognizable Slayer song... at least for me, the best of slayer. I'm not a big fan of slayer though, but I like their aggressive style and bass beats.
This is the best Slayer song! The "before you see the light you must die! " makes my day. It's the most epic thing I've ever heard.
Should be on number 1
Best Slayer song ever in my opinion. This song is defininetely a bench mark for Slayer sound. They still sound like South of Heaven 20 years later
[Newest]Their evil, dark, and it work perfectly.

5War Ensemble
I'm obsessed with this song, the play count number on my itunes for this song is 79


This is, in my book, the absolute best song in the Slayer catalog. It's got everything. Fast riffs, fast solos, extremely difficult fast drumming, fast bass, intense vocals. It has a tasteful breakdown mid song that just increases everything about the song. Difficult song!
This is the best slayer song even better than angel of death with its lightning fast speed and strong lyrics about how war is a sport of how many people you can kill
[Newest]I love the solo and the drums!

God will hate you if you don't vote for this.
Just an all round crazy tune, and probly Tom's best vocal performance.
its just the best slayer song ever, it was very hard to choose though, because all of slayers songs are just perfect m/!
this is my favorite one! the outro is superb m/
[Newest]Powerful riffs, diabolic drums, the most satanic lyric ever written... This is Slayer for sure!

7Black Magic
This song is epic not because it is evil like raining blood but because it represents the struggle of good or evil. The main character of the song comes out in the biggining talking about how he has been betrayed and is now fighting to not become a pawn of satan. But in the end he is still struck down.
This is their best song by far! The riff is epic. The lyrics are amazing! Slayer Rules!
This definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. One of the best songs from their early career, and probably one of the best songs overall. Great vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics all combine to create an amazing song
[Newest]Awesome and satanic song!

8World Painted Blood
has an awesome riff and has awesome singing espicially at the vocal solo. this is the song that gets me headbanging the most... plus its up for a grammy so what more can I say


Absolutely mind blowing slayer song.. Check this one out for sure and rest of the album it's all amazing
[Newest]With a name like that, you know slayer is going to nail it.

9Dead Skin Mask
One of my favorite slayer tunes. A little slower than most, with a staedy groove. When the girl says LET ME OUT! I get chills down my spine. A little fun fact... The Texas chain saw massacre, psycho, and silence of the lambs movies were all concepts from the legend of Ed Gein
Best slayer track out of all the lot. The lyrics "Dance with the dead in my dreams" is the ultimate contribution for the mask that Ed Gein created, and that's how he killed his victims. He danced with them first, then ripped off their heads then their faces and used them as his mask. The outro to the song is quite epic too.
Based on Eddie Gein. Does not get much better than this, the intro with King and Hannemann going back and forth on guitar is excellent.
[Newest]If any one asks me why their in the big 4, I would recommend this song.

10Chemical Warfare
Great song, the riff, the vocals, the solos, the anger, the rage, vote for this song or you'll find yourself where the sleeping souls lie... Chemical warfare


My favourite Slayer song! The lyrics are dark, the solos are sick and Tom screams like a legend! Absolutely brilliant!
[Newest]An underrated slayer song.


The Contenders

11Hell Awaits
The best slayer's song ever... It should be number 1 and then raining blood in no 2...
Best song arrangement and very insane riff.. Plus crazy double paddle

This song is insane. Relentless guitar work, a very sinister intro, and Tom does some fast vocals on it. Pure relentless aggressive thrash metal. Exactly what Slayer is known for


amazing song on one of my favorite albums of all time. seeing them tour on this album in 1985 was one of the highlights of my life.
Possibly the most evil song ever written. A perfect opener for an album and live shows! Amazing piece of art... Evil art


You can't listen to raining blood without listening to Post Mortem first. You just Cant.
The intro is amazing and the riff is just as good as raining blood's riff not to mention the instuments in the background... Its definitely one of slayer's best songs
Truly amazing song! Great riff.. I love the intro!
[Newest]First slayer song I ever heard.

13Skeletons of Society
there are everything in this song, for me. amazing sound, so powerful lyrics and a lot of feelings by all group members.
"Humanity going insane"
There are so many words to describe this song you could say amazing, ingenious but the best way to put it is once you hear this song it sticks with you. Forever Haunting in a dreamlike way. The lyrics are real and actually make you think. This is the most real personal song they ever have written.
my favourite song by slayer

It is jst great song. it's the song which is one of the best of every metal fans
This song is just pure awesomeness. I don't know why people always says that his vocal skill "declined" after Divine Intervention... If anything, he just adjusted to his aging voice. Great riffs, Great Solo and an all around good performance.
I'll kill you and your dreams tonight,... Oh isn't that creepy
[Newest]It just defines slayer.

15Mandatory Suicide
Great song, incredible when it's played live, it's a classic, a great headbanger song, come on! It's a f... Classic! Can't be out of the top ten.
The lyrics at the end are so powerful


The beat of the drums is bar none

The shimmering of the high hat at the start is what got me hooked and the rhythm of the vocals is just addictive, definitely in my top 5 slayer songs, I can't believe its not higher. I think this song is way better than most of the songs in the top ten in my opinion.
Best SLAYER songs are -
1. Jihad
2. Dead Skin Mask
3. Angel Of Death
4. Raining Blood
5. South Of Heaven
Good song... Deserves to be 11th at least
[Newest]Jihad should be in number 1 spot

17Spirit In Black
Amazing song. I have no idea how it's not in the top 10 because it really deserves to be up there. It only takes one listen to tell that this song is a masterpiece.
This song has the best solo from any Slayer song in my opinion, it should be in the top 5. I could describe every part of what is awesome about this song, but then I'd just be describing everything!
It's my favourite song of Slayer! Why it's not in the top 10? The riff is perfect, very energetic song. I like.

18Metal Storm
Awesome badass intro followed with delicate riffing and epic lyrics just an all round epic song from their first album also drums are killer in this one which has many tempo changes and beat changes
Probably Slayer's most underrated song! Epic beginning and deserves to be up there with the classics
Sounds a lot like some underground british 80s metal band, definitely awesome.
[Newest]Better than Black Magic.

19Die by the Sword
This song doesn't get anywhere near the recognition it deserves, absolute classic!


20The Antichrist
WTF? This has to be up there, next to Raining Blood.


Seems people don't look past whats popular. This song is amazing.
Shame on you all!
This essential slayer must be to 3 or 4 for sure.
Get back to basics people

21Eyes of the Insane
I guess slayer expressed the dark side of war better then Metallica... The solo makes me shiver...
"Got to make it stop, can't take any more"

This gets me every time, love driving to this song but tend to speed!
What the heck isbwrong with this retarted list?
This song won a grammy for slayer and this is so pathetic to see it this down, it should make to the top 3. Hurry and vote... eyes of rhe insane are watching..


23Expendable Youth
Awesome song has an nice groove to it probably slayers third best war song after war ensemble and chemical warfare
ONe of the best song with powerful lyrics!
One of the best slayer songs I've heard

24Flesh Storm
Take a deep breath because your life ends now if you don't vote for this! Awesome drumming and guitars mark this band's return to speed metal!

25Criminally Insane
The vocals on this are absolutely sinister. Tom sounds pissed and the aggression on this track is awe inspiring.
Such a great track on reign in blood.
Heres a patricians slayer list
1. Criminally insane
2. Behind the crooked cross
3. The antichrist
4. War ensemble
5. Dead skin mask

What man cult is the best song its got a acidic touch everything for a metal band RELIGION IS WHORE
My favorite Christmas song at 26?

27Show No Mercy

28Ghosts of War
Most all of the best ones are Jeff's work but this one is Kerry's masterpiece. The arrangement is more traditional than most classic Slayer tunes, but everything from the lyrics to the playing to the mix is absolute perfection.
Probably one of the most underrated Slayer songs out there.
To me the song truly begins after the guitar solo and then let me tell ya the song then comes in crashing, in my opinion the best Slayer riff of all time.
[Newest]They may as well call this song "metal"


I like this song lyrically

30Hallowed Point
Most underrated Slayer song

31Jesus Saves
In my opinion, the best Slayer song ever. Three badass solos in less than three minutes. I like it more than the other stuff on Reign of Blood.
It's just so weird!

Bizarre unique pseudo-chorus, solos everywhere, and breakneck speed. It's a truly underrated song.
Awesome song. Really fast. Crazy lyrics.
[Newest]The best slayer song after Raining Blood and Angel of Death.

32Piece by Piece
awweosoommmmee song.. why isn't it in the top 10?


33At Dawn They Sleep
The way this song progresses is pure gold
My absolute favorite slayer song, well it's dawn I better go to bed
Tom Araya may be Satn himself. He is godly on this song!

Great song! It's so heavy! The intro make me crazy! The lyrics are great too!

35Behind the Crooked Cross
One of their best songs, and amazingly no one thought of putting it on this list yet.


Best song from slayer for me!

36Mind Control
Great song with fast badass guitar, intense singing from Tom and great drumming. Should be higher than 35.

There are better Slayer songs, but this one made me and my friends hit reverse on the CD player so many times with a massive reverberating bass drop that the first time we all had simultaneous eargasoms. The first time we heard this song we all looked at each other and said what hit rewind. F&^*# do it again laugh out loud. I had an open SUV with a Rap Lovers bass set up and this song beats DR. Dre beats any day. Most memorable Slayer song for me.
This really should be up in the top. The intro is amazing, hell all the riffing is amazing and has got a very creepy atmosphere. Tom Araya also does his best vocal performance ever, the ending of this song has sent chills down my spine more times than I can count because of the vocal effects and his amazing creepy delivery. If any band can make songs about serial killers it's Slayer.
How could it be in the bottom of the list? I hade never heard a song such as this song before in my life, not even a similar to it. The lyrics, the solo, all of it spread a shocking reality that had happen once before.
And it is too one of the best songs ever made about Jeffrey Dahmer.


38Evil Has No Boundaries
This is my favorite Slayer song.

39Kill Again
I can't believe it's been 27 years since I first heard this tune and entered to the realm of Slayer. Great chorus: "No apparent motive, just kill and kill again... Survive my brutal thrashing and I'll hunt you to the end... My life's a constant battle, the rage of many men... HOMICIDAL MANIAC! "
This song is so underrated. Every member is at full force here. Some of the best riffs and drumming are found in this song. Also it is Tom's best vocal performance in my opinion. He truly sounds like a serial killer.



Fastest guitar best tune best world's blood album best scream after angel of death and south of heaven so underrated bitces
ACTIOON! One of the best screams tom araya has done in any slayer song and the "riff" at the beggining is amazing



44Silent Scream
Horrifying lyrics about abortion adds to the darkness. It's a perfectly fast pickup from the slower South of Heaven, with insane double bass almost all the way through.
one of my favourite Slayer songs, definitely one of the best songs off the South of Heaven album m/>. <m/


46Haunting the Chapel
One of the finest slayer riffs and has slaye
Rs dark vibe

47Stain of Mind
Popular as other iconic songs? Perhaps not. But this is one of the angriest songs in Slayer's repertoire, starting with fast riffs and heavy chugs of the guitar right before the chorus. And when Araya yells out "Blood will sterilize and fire baptize! " you know you've just been hit on the head with a sledgehammer of a song.
This song makes me want to punch a thousand dead kittens brutal dead kitten BLOOD SPATTER
What! LISTEN IT PLEASE! And vote!

48Killing Fields
Even Lombardo himself complimented Bostaph and said that the drums on this song are the most brutal in a Slayer song ever. And the riffing is basically Slayer goes technical!
Overall underrated album, espeacially like the accentuated bass drum and the more layered structure of the song

49Final Six

50Crypts of Eternity
Best of Hell Awaits. It's kinda slow, but has also a fast part in the end. Love the tempo changes, love the guitars - this is dark and progressive, thrash at its best.
Why isn't this up there? "I have seen the darkened depths of hell, sorcery beyond the witch's spell" one of their best

51Hate Worldwide
It starts off in an awesome, catchy way and the guitar riff is also catchy

I don't know if this belongs in the top 10 but it's definitely one of my favorite pre-Reign songs.
My life depends on a mindless dream. love jammin it

53The Final Command

54I Hate You

55Playing With Dolls
This song contains stuff I never heard in any other Slayer song this deserves to be clOser to number 1 than the others. There is something about this song that makes me want to head bang to it all day.
I'm a thrashaholic and I love this song. This is the best song on World Painted Blood and should be in the top ten.


Good song. It isn't epic, but should be in first 50.

Tormentor 53? What? It's a great song
Why is this 55?!

59God Send Death
What the?!?! This should be at least top 10! The screaming makes me wanna go shopping!
God send death and misery!

60Serenity In Murder
This song is awesome from Divine Intervention. It's so fast at the start, and it's quite a good song. Love paul bostaph's drumming, but he will never be better than dave lombardo.

61War Zone
Why is it not on the list! It's amazing how Kerry and Jeff do the guitar so fast at the start, and brutal drumming from Paul Bostaph. And Tom Araya's vocals are awesome!
God damn! This song just makes me feel unbeatable. One of the most intense Slayer songs ever. Makes you feel invincible.


63I'm Gonna Be Your God

64Bitter Peace
This should be on top 10, this track made me recognize slayer and push me to listen more of there songs..

65Spill the Blood
One of my favorite songs of all time, I can't believe its this low on the list.
Should be in the top twenty at least, Such a shame
Totally underrated Song in this list...

66Mr. Freeze

67Screaming From the Sky

68Beauty Through Order

Dude the drumming on this bad boy is straight wicked... Listen to this song immediately it's their best song in the modern Slayer era I mean post 80's.
Great music... pumps up..

70Captor of Sin
Most underrated Slayer song ever. The intro solo is epic

How is this awesome track at 73?! I mean really... Perpetual demise!
On a fast decline!
Killing tendency!
Epidemic, permanent disease!

72Here Comes the Pain
Are you kidding me? This song should be number one! The first time I listened to this song just made me love this band!
What an unbelievable, brutal riff - top from start to finsh!

73New Faith
How is this not closer to the top? "I KEEP THE BIBLE IN A POOL OF BLOOD SO THAT NONE OF ITS LIES CAN AFFECT ME! " slide into epic rif. And the final breakdown rhythm at the end is intense. One of my favorites, along with Jihad, Warzone, Seven Faces, and a few others.
My 3rd favorite after Angel of Death and Disciple.
Great Lyrics

74Human Strain

75Aggressive Perfector
What?! This song is just kick ass!

76Live Undead
What? This is one of the best Slayer songs!


77Sex. Murder. Art.
Violent and agressive, fast and short with a slower ending, less than two minutes of pure Slayer!

78Cast Down

79Psychopathy Red
This song is awesome! You have to listen this song 'cause it is a perfect song.
Tchikatilo would b proud to have a song about him. The bastard deserved it and this song is typical crazy Slayer! Hanneman did a great job here.

80Death's Pain


82Not of This God

83Born of Fire

84Drunk Drivers Aginst Mad Mothers

85Altar of Sacrifice
Just seriously. Nobody thought of this? Probably the third best song on Reign In Blood.
Just amazing, with changing tempo midway in the song that actually is really awesome.

86Public Display of Dismemberment

87Seven Faces

88Praise of Death
Good song! It should be in first 50.

89Fight Till Death

90Love to Hate


92Fictional Reality


94Cant Stand You


96Hardening of the Arteries

97Unit 731
Badass, awesome guitar riffs, etc

98Divine Intervention

99Skeleton Christ

100Unguarded Instinct
This was only available on a Japanese Import of Diabolus in Musica. From the first second I started listening to this song, I knew it was a song I'd remember for a while. It is nonstop, shred and drum MAYHEM! If you've never listened to this song, type it into YouTube and I can almost guarantee you'll change your vote to this song.

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