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41Man In a Suitcase

Zenyatta Mondatta had some very middle of the road material. This song is one of them but it's more digestible than canary in a coal mine and because of its short length it's not the worst offender.

42Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)

A song that has a great dance groove and upbeat energy. Unfortunately Sting messed it up with his terrible attempt at awful and incorrect French.


One of the most haunting and melancholic songs Police have ever made. Feels like waking up from a dream and having to face the cruel cold world. Nice simple minimalist composition.

This song reminds me of Scarlett Johansson. - Metts

44O My God

Saxophones ended up a bit of a curse for the Police and unfortunately got them wrong sided with fans. O My God is one of these songs that belong to the Ghost of the Machine pop type. However, it ended up being overlooked. While this is later Police, it's a definitely powerful track and underrated as there s a lot going on here. Stings vocals are astounding reaching as high as he did on early punk days. Cope land as always kick you in the balls with his beats and Andy is stellar at doing therhythm section. Definitely a highlight on Synchronicity that uses world music influences to outstanding results with a lot more power than on Ghost. A misunderstood classic that went amiss in the later Police directory, due to 3 overbearing singles.

45It's Alright for You

While in the veins of the punkish tones of Truth Hits Everybody from Outlandos, It's alright for you is a more subdued affair, but it still has a catchy chorus and showcases interesting use of guitars as atmosphere rather than raunchy energy, a trademark of Police's newfound sound in Regatta de Blanc.

46DeathwishV1 Comment
47Behind My CamelV1 Comment
48Shadows In the Rain
49Demolition Man
50Too Much Information
51Rehumanize Yourself
52One World (Not Three)
53OmegamanV1 Comment
54Secret Journey
55Low Life
56Flexible Strategies
58Masoko Tanga
59Someone to Talk ToV1 Comment
60Spirits In the Material World

With an instant synth hook, the catchiest song of Ghost remains the most brilliant song Police has ever made. Who would have thought guitar could have been replaced with synths to create an even better reggae sound, this time with a sophisticated neo classical feel. The instrumental section is gorgeous and eloquent. Lyrics are quite intellectual as well so all this makes it a very worthwhile piece to listen to. Why this is at 24 beats me though. Maybe it's too subdued for some. Acquired taste perhaps but anyone who knows music will feast on this gem.

How is this not higher?! For sure should be in the top 10!

Great song! Best ever created for Police - pauljoelticlavilcagutierrez

LAST?!?! That just doesn't make sense. Easily one of the Police's top 15.

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