Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

If you had to blow $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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This is one of the actual ones that make good sense! Besides I love new clothes
Yeah, this would be a really great choice, clothes can make a real image to a person so it is good to have a big collection so you can choice what ever you want to dress with


I did this with my 400 dollars I'm 14 and I got a full new wardrobe
[Newest]My mom ALWAYS has to take me clothes shopping and it sucks! She makes shopping so difficult! I always say, we won't be here longer than we have to be, but girls just stop and take a look at everything they see, consider buying it, make their choice, and before they can leave, see another thing! Just, why?!
I am a girl and I can honestly say you are telling the truth. I HATE shopping with my mom. She sees shoes. She says "which ones do you want? " "I don't care. I just want to leave". I say. My mom makes me try on about 50 pairs before we actually leave.


Love my ps3 games. Drugs are f*, you don't need them. Use your own energy, you don't need help, especially not from drugs. Ps3 games are awesome. My favorites are the shooting/action games, like uncharted 2 or Call of Duty.
It's an outstanding game and I think everyone ages mature and up will enjoy it
THREE WORDS: CALL OF DUTY! It's a really fun game and I recommend it to everyone
[Newest]Obviously, I love games especially Call of Duty, my friends say its for boys... Well they are wrong cause Call of Duty is for GURLS as well as boys!

Thts 100 songs! Or more if you buy albums! Thts like a dream but I have more important things I have to spend my cash on


The number 1 reason why a part of me is still sane. Music is my escape from life (and books as well) and without it, I would probably be in an insane asylum by now. No joke. Music just makes me happy and brings relief to me once I put those headphones on. I can't live without music.



Let's be honest here, who doesn't like food?
With $100 you could get yourself a very fine steak dinner, or buy a lot of nice, yummy chocolates. You really just can't go wrong with food
Just cause I am hungry :D and food is what people need :) makes you happier, makes you feel good. And don't forget to eat healthy fooD
Food? Seriously what a waste of money, the day physical fitness becomes obsolete is the day the ugly futuristic technology beats us. I am 11 and I value fitness higher then Call of Duty and kfc
If you truly are eleven and you truly care about fitness, then why are you on this site? I bet that you've been on here for awhile just voting on lists, haven't you? If you truly cared about that, then go outside, idiot!
[Newest]Food is a need

5A Trip
We all need a vacation! Without one we'd all go crazy in this world
I like the idea but I'm too young to go on as trip and I don't have enough money. It's going to cost a lot! For the hotel, the bus, the tour, etc.
Maybe when I gratuate I can go with my friend.
A family trip is great who doesn't like to go here and there from moments
[Newest]I would either go to Ireland, someplace in Europe, or Hawaii!

Books help me escape the stress and reality of life
People who read this need to higher there intellect a bar, thus why they need to read more.
Reading is what has kept me alive (besides music). When I read, I get sucked into the book and I escape my stressful life. I love reading books, and I just can't survive without them!


Movies rock!
I'm growing my collection, and It's awesome to have movies you can watch.
Who here does not like to watch movies or have a family movie night with a 100 dollars you can get a couple movies and some money for treats. I think that this is the best Idea of all. There are a ton of good movies you have not seen you could even go to the movie theater. You don't even have to watch a movie with your family. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money on this there is nothing wrong about that. I hope you in joy your movie
If you have a blu ray player you can buy the packs of blu ray movies for about 30 bucks (all the Alien movies or Terminator or Resident Evil
[Newest]I'm growing a pretty big collection of films right now. The newest ones I just got were 'The Ten Commandments' and 'American History X'.


8Lap Dance
Your moms gave me a lap dance
If you have to pay for it, you're not worth giving it to.
Lap dances are cool, like drugs
[Newest]Make it last and make it dirty

9Donate to a Hobo
Be nice to the poor for once people! They have feeling too you know! Hobos are tasty too! (laugh out loud, cannibalism! )
Do something nice and feel good about it! Its not that hard to find someone who needs that money more than you
People take things for granted give back cause you are most likely living in worm house and a hobo is not. I would if I had the chance.
[Newest]This should be on the TOP!, show your generosity don't sit there wasting your money on drugs and condoms use your mind

10A Puppy
Puppies are great why buy something (like food)that lasts you about a week when you can buy something cute and fun that gives you company for years.
Puppies are so cute and they love to play. So if you have someone that is younger get a puppy because the puppy and the younger child would have lots of fun
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
[Newest]A puppy is a great idea! They are cuddly and will live about 13 years.

The Contenders

11Computer Upgrades
this would help better than buying a new computer! :)


What computer is complete without a PCI express beer dispensing card!
It is always nice to have a fast computer, or better yet a faster computer then others. You get a solid state and ram. Yea
[Newest]I'm saving up for a new computer. there are LOTS of cool games you can play, plus if you a programmer like me you could stand to get a better PC.

I did that but now I regret it
I would get a tattoo of Conker the Squirrel on my arm. JUST KIDDING! I wouldn't get a tattoo. They aren't for me. I don't wanna get a tattoo of something stupid and then regret it years later.
My dad got a tattoo of Jesus on the cross so he's not re-making up his mind. He knew if he was getting something, it might as well represent something big in his life.


Best bang for your buck! Get a good one and it's lasts forever. Just think about what you're getting and be sure it's something you want forever.
[Newest]My dad has a tattoo, but it's small. I feel really bad for those people with full bodied tattoos. They must really regret it.

13An iPhone
£100 is just enough to start a very cheap contract deal! So this is a good idea, but only if your are really desperate for a cheap iPhone, but you wouldn't be able to get the newest one
YYAA everyone needs an iPhone they just can't afford it. I want one so bad. Lets spend some cash money
I have an iPhone and it has completely changed my life! Highly recommended!

I buy a lot of this ha ha ha ha.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
PLease vote yes if this is true Because come on guys, who has never use one of this babys
Well now that my girlfriend and I broke up I may actually get to use some of these!
But only trust either trojan or durex not the other stuff.
If you are a girl and you are single buy ribbed comdoms they feel so good to fist your own ass with do it and you can even tape it you can also buy lube or dildos but I like condoms more
[Newest]You got to be safe kids

15Donate to Charity
Donate to an organization you feel passionately about. Do it anonymously and you're sure to feel great!
No one has ever become poor/broke from giving charity - emanoor

16100 Things From the Dollar Tree
I love the Dollar Tree they always seem to have something I like in there.
Actually about 94 items, considering you have to pay taxes, unless it's tax free.


Dollar tree is maybe the only store you can do this.


17A Television

18iPod Shuffle
I would do that. I mean please, have you SEEN those new models! Good suggestion! I would have put the same thing!
Good Idea love it
Because all the other suggestions are rubbish and childish. People need to grow up
[Newest]I HAVE one there great

19A Cat
Cats typically live longer than dogs, and unlike what many people think, they can be just as much fun. I have two cats, and one of them acts just like a dog, although he's still deathly afraid of the real thing
I have three cats and to me they are safer then dogs and I love both dogs and cats but I have cats and I recommend them!
They are cute and cuddly

This is a waste of money. Do something productive with your money
Maybe you should pay to go to school first...

If you are a kid like me this was the better option than drugs or thongs. Laugh out loud! The best toy to buy is Monster High. To me anyways. So that's my opinion. :D
Kids love toys I mean who would not want to have a toy
Yes. I love toys. I have no idea why, I'm 12 and I still love toys. I like LegoS and plushes of video game characters. I already have Pikachu, Link and I'm getting Conker the Squirrel soon. TOYS RULE


22A Piercing
Yes if you want one do it
Yes because it lasts for as long as you take care of it and you won't end up throwing it away any time soon. I'm 13 and I've had my first and second piercings and it's totally worth it!
Yeah, I'm 16, and I love my piercings. they're cool, and you can get so many different types of em'! Get them!

Oh, I like plants, good idea.


Hi I love plants I am going to have a secret garden.

I don't think I want to pay $100 for aids
They give you sex
They will please you

Who Wouldn't Want A New Pair Of Shoes From The Mall!
I mean who couldn't use a crispy new pair of kicks? You can never have too many pairs of shoes!
Boots for the winter would be nice

26A Chinchilla
Chinchillas are awesome and that can crawl up your sleeve and it feels better than seeing you've just gotten 100 dollars
Yeah um... Spend your money on this you guys. Great idea 😂

27A New House
I love to buy new houses. Especially a $100 mansion
"Maybe even a used house. because $100 might not be able to give you a brand new one. Maybe a 5 year old house. Good idea."-- from the idiot who even suggested this.


29iTunes Gift Card
You can simply buy n e thing with it
Great for someone who loves music

30Guinea Pig
It is so ture I bought one and it was the best thing that ever happen to me

Buy a nice hamster, cage, bag of food, and give him/her love and you're good to go you never know he might be your best friend!
I used to have a hamster. His name was Lucky. Cutest little thing ever. I loved how he would rub his hands over his face so adorably or shred paper and stuff it in his cheeks. He died a couple years ago, because hamsters really don't live that long. But the time I did have him was awesome. Get a hamster, they're cute, fluffy, and surprisingly smart.


My mom wont let me ;_;

32Media Player

33Long Board
Tried it once, and I hated it. It was terrible. Gave it a second run though, and BAM! I was in love. It absolutely blew me away. It still does, to be perfectly honest. I find that every time I step onto the board and carve down a huge hill, I'm filled with both a generous adrenaline rush, and more then that, I'm filled with pure happiness. I'm never more in the moment then when I'm going down a hill. The amount of focus you gain from getting better and better, the improvements in balance, the work out that comes with it, and the memories made make this a good decision on any persons part.
my friends keep talking about these things there better then a normal skateboard there faster and better on turns and makes you glide longer then a normal skateboard maybe il get one I was checking website to see what to buy well anyways good luck
I Got a longboard for my birthday... Fell in love with it immediately... I ride it every day and it never gets boring, there is an endless amount of cool tricks and they are really fast I rode a mile straight on a hill that barely goes down at all
[Newest]Long boarding is the best feeling in the world.. weather your cruising, bombing down hills, or something crazy like dancing.. It really frees your mind. It sounds funny, I know.. But it's epic. There's open roads everywhere just do it, go long board.

341,500 Ladybugs
I had a little extra money so I got 1,501 ladybugs. These creatures are the greatest thing I have spent my money on. Other then the naughty bugs, Sometimes they leave some droppings in my hair or shirt. Other then that great purchase!
You could spend your money on this.
The only lady you can get

35SAT Books
To increase your sat scores very useful actually as long you use the books though

36Airsoft Gun
Its like a war in real life. An amazing game that entertains you for hours. You get to shoot your friends while avoiding getting hit yourself. You actually feel like you are in a warzone. I buy the cheap ones. For 1-hundred dollars I could buy 8 airsoft guns that my friends and I could have fun with for hours. More fun than games in my opinion. Your on the battlefield getting attacked and then you fight back dodging bullets as you run to cover. Now that's a good way to spend money. Just buy the cheaper ones so you get enough for all your friends.
Real life version of Call of Duty. Without the dying part.
Having airsoft wars is incredibly awesome, it's great for adrenaline junkies. Or people who enjoy watching their friends jump in pain.
[Newest]I spent a $100 on electric air-soft guns, And it was worth it!

37Movie Props

38Popcorn Maker
A microwave works too.


No not that popcorn

You guys are idiots. Your 14 and your doing drugs already! Are you stupid. I'm 14 too and I'm not dumb like you guys. Drugs don't make you cool. They make you ignorant and mental.
Drugs are so stupid pus they make you stupid. DON'T DRUG!
Humans have known since the dawn of time that drugs are ' dope. The entire concept of human motivation comes from little squirts of "feel-good" neurotransmitters when one responds to a stimulus in a beneficial manner. You literally (and I mean literally here, this is not an exaggeration) spend your entire life attempting to get high on some level or another, it is inescapable.

Also tons of other animals get mad hopped up on drugs all the time, so there's that.
[Newest]Well I'm 14 and... Actually there's nothing to say I just wanted to point that.

40Concert Tickets
I love music <3 What better way to spend your money than going to see your favorite band or artist live? I especially love Imagine Dragons...hopefully going to see them next month!
Concerts are awesome you can't beat them really
Concert tickets are brilliant

How don't what a cute kitten
Yes, yes, YES! Get a kitten! They are so cute and love to cuddle! And also is very fun to make them their own instagram account.

42A Thong
It fits perfectly between cheek one and two. Nice, warm and annoying! -. - laugh out loud.
Yes a PINK tight slim thong..
You guys are so dirty

Great way to get exercise and unspeakably fun. My parents are always bugging me to go outside and I used to say Mobutu now I get up and do it

44Theatre Tickets
Fun way to spend time with family and friends and on a rainy day! Whats better then eating popcorn and watching an awesome movie!

45WWE Magazines
Porn magazines are better
I would do this yeah baby


46Lift Tickets
Hmm snowboarding/skiing is fun. I like to do dis pft! You can do whatever and get hurt etc it's fun who wouldn't wan't to ski! Anyone can do it even the fatest ass alive well maybe not but he could try although he might sink -. -...


You just might get to fill your tank.

Yeah, but don't open it in front of relatives.
I would get one of these. You can never go wrong with getting off. And if you get the lap dances you will need this.
I've always wanted one. those things are far more than what meets the eye acording to the site. I can't get other men to be anywhere near my balls and also my dick and balls. they have anus shaped ones to. once you find yourself deep inside another unsuspecting mans anus, you can't go back. I wonder the price id pay for it.

50iPhone Case

Not a great one, but a used one that functions
This could become some weirdly obsessive teen life ambition, too.
Just make it cool with some cheap inlay stickers for the fretboard.
If you add inlays, you can resell it on sites like eBay for more money, since it looks nicer than it is.


52Spend It On My Kingswood
Haha that's the was bro! 'Your' kingswood
No he hasnt got a car

53A Phone
I really think people need phones to communicate with other people or like text to them or whatever so like if your a geek (no offense) you of all people really don't need phones you don't socialize or talk with other people but on the other hand if your popular you do need a phone to socialize with friends catch up on the latest gossip you know stuff like that so this would be a great option for you to use you 100 dollars wisely.
I need one but my parents wont let me get one with a data plan!
We all need a phone

54Car Parts
Car parts are the best thing you can spend money on (yes I'm single laugh out loud) Seriously though, you get a weird noise coming from the struts, $100 will be more than enough to fix it yourself.
This man is a genius!

Its good I shove it in my vagina
This is an excellent suggestion. Everyone needs one of these, whether you're a guy or a girl.
I can fit like 20 in both my vagina and ass at the same time and it feels so good

Nothing is better than some nice glass
Yes get this making them. Rolling costs money and some time.

57Cheap Hooker
Give it back to the economy
You can do whatever you want to her and my hooker could fit 10 dildos in her ass as well as my hand and dick it was awesome
You can't go wrong with a cheap hooker. Especially one free of any STDs and STIs.

Be a millionaire in 10 years
This would be best idea of all only if ya pick the right one (s) otherwise you're out the monies so I could just go to Vegas or any casino and gamble
Yeah only thing that sucks is the $6-10 trade fees

59Green Day Posters
That's right! Billy Joe is worth my hundred bucks
Favorite band to this day! You can't go wrong with Green Day.
If your room is bare, any poster is a good choice.
[Newest]Don't forget fall out boy posters!

I love make up I can't go anywhere without my lip gloss and mascara and it makes me feel and look pretty.
Sell it for more than you bought it
Need to coverup! Great for getting a good foundation! Lo

Headphones are way better than earbuds!
If you do get beats. Get studios (new ones) the solos are not nice quality.
Buy Beats By Dr. Dre, they look sexy and perform well.

Never have too much bacon
Bacon makes me horny
Bacon should be #1!
[Newest]NEVER, say no to bacon

63Tickets to a Car Race
Just went to Sonoma motor speedy and has a blast!
Sonoma when the next event you know

64Soccer Ball
Can't gonwrong with a Nike maximum
Always good to have one ^. ^
Select Balls are good

Buy LegoS! Hours of fun building, even more fun playing with the figures when the set is done! Just watch where you step. And NEVER play barefoot. If you step on one barefoot, it HURTS. A TON.


If your a kid don't buy drugs or alcohol but LEGOS
I like action figures. I like Skylanders action figures. And I hope My Little Pony counts as figures.


66A Pimp Leash
Helps keep us in line especially one with rinestones and cheetah print.

67Action Figures
Puppy's are cute and it would be nice to have a cute puppy keep you company

68Hair Extensions
Admit it what girl doesn't wan perfectly straight long hair!

69A Website

70Maid Service
HAd this one given to us a gift. Way awesome!

71Guitar Lessons

72NFL Sunday Ticket
If your into foot ball do it like if you live in Green Bay but a bears fan wait till it's at lam beau field

73Porn Membership
When you need some self pleasure
Really laugh out loud

74Thomas the Tank Engine Figurines
Can't go wrong with thomas and his friends!
Yes thomas is the best
I love to collect Thomas and friends toys! That's a good idea!


75Bubble Gum
I love bubble gum all though I would not spend $100 dollars on it
Who ever heard of $100 bubble gum?!


76A Nerf Gun
For those who are not intrested in getting pelted with a airsoft gun. These are quite fun until you have to pick up the bullets.
No no no. With airsoft guns, you don't have to pick the BBs up, and you don't have the satisfaction of hearing your friend say ow, and they travel fast, when nerf darts go slow

77Laptop Accessories
When You Want To Be Popular...

78Pillow Pet
Pillow pets are nice pillows.

79Nail Polish
Lots of girls like nail polish
If your a girl you probably paint your nails a lot so buy the magnetic nail poliah works great

You can never go wrong with trying to have swag and the best way to do that is wearing snapbacks. It comes in different colors, designs, and sporting teames too, football to basketball, baseball to hockey. I mean its way better then buying useless stuff like dildos, thongs and a hooker laugh out loud.

81Adult Toys
My boyfriend use it on me he likes it
For when you need wired pleasure...L..L... ,..
Makes you feel like a million-bucks

82Hair Highlights
I love it and I am a kid

Chicken is just perfect

I think every one should buy other people thing because it is caring
I will gift you this list

85Home Brew Beer Kit

Ray Bans are far more than $100 Honey

Yup just yup can't go wrong with tacos no matter where you go jack in the box taco bell taco time everywhere has good tacos
I love Tacos! But don't tacos cost less than $100?


What's the use of music without a quality pair of in-ear buds? Make your world come alive! Plus, there are plenty high-quality buds out there for under $100.
Mine are broken so new ones would be awesome

89A Bike
Nice to ride when bored. And also when yoo want to be a pro

90Toy Cars

91Gift Cards

Enhance your viewing pleasure

93Another Currency

94Rubik's Cube
Yes. I love to spend $100 of hard earned money on a toy that no one can solve and you loose after having for two weeks -_-
Solve one in 26 Sec!

Something comfortable and new, when all other family members have 10 year old blankets and pillows.
I love sleeping wirg new bedding so comfortable
Always nice to have a sparre deflowering kit

96Pokemon Cards
I love Pokemon cards
I have a Mega Charizard EX card!


I have your mother

97Band T Shirts
Why are sex toys on this listt... Awkward
My mom wont let me use HER money to buy some so dis is actually great! :D

98A Nice Family Photo
Something that you can keep for a long time and remember good times

Transform into euros then gamble in different country and then transfer into pounds then wait 1 week and transfer into dollars, and in a couple weeks, you will have thousands
10 $10s, 2 $50s, 5 $20s, 20 $5s, 100 $1s and any combination of those bills to make $100.

100A Gift for Someone
The gift above is actually a gift for yourself

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