Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

If you had to blow $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it?

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1 Clothes

This is one of the actual ones that make good sense! Besides I love new clothes

Why in the hell would you spend $100 on clothes? Do you find an $100 bill on the ground and say, "Oh boy! Now I can get new clothes! "? The hell is wrong with you? - poncho531

Yeah, this would be a really great choice, clothes can make a real image to a person so it is good to have a big collection so you can choice what ever you want to dress with - MatrixGuy

I did this with my 400 dollars I'm 14 and I got a full new wardrobe

Stay fresh with new clean pair of clothes!

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2 Games

Love my ps3 games. Drugs are f*, you don't need them. Use your own energy, you don't need help, especially not from drugs. Ps3 games are awesome. My favorites are the shooting/action games, like uncharted 2 or Call of Duty.

It's an outstanding game and I think everyone ages mature and up will enjoy it

If you find or earn $100, why would you spend it on clothes?!? Games are entertaining and clothes are just vanity items that you wear. Besides, brand new Call of Duty games cost $60, so you can buy the newest Call of Duty game and one that is a year older for $30 or $40. That's how to really spend $100. Thank me later.

How about a nice new nerf gun for a nerf war?

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3 Food

Let's be honest here, who doesn't like food?
With $100 you could get yourself a very fine steak dinner, or buy a lot of nice, yummy chocolates. You really just can't go wrong with food

Just cause I am hungry :D and food is what people need :) makes you happier, makes you feel good. And don't forget to eat healthy fooD

Food is amazing and there are so many choices such as Chinese, Italian, indian etc. The list goes on forever how can you not choose it!

Why food it will be gone in 30 minutes get something that will last

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4 Music

Thts 100 songs! Or more if you buy albums! Thts like a dream but I have more important things I have to spend my cash on - 3anegroes


Heck yes, being a music nerd I would definitely blow it all on a bunch of epic rock, classical, and Christian songs/albums. But it doesn't matter what I'd get, it matters that it's MUSIC. - SearchingForSunsets

One dollar per song. You'll have over 100 songs! - Neonco31

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5 A Trip

We all need a vacation! Without one we'd all go crazy in this world

A family trip is great who doesn't like to go here and there from moments

I like the idea but I'm too young to go on as trip and I don't have enough money. It's going to cost a lot! For the hotel, the bus, the tour, etc.
Maybe when I gratuate I can go with my friend.

You can't have a decent trip with just 100 bucks. That's not even enough for a good hotel.

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6 Movies

Who here does not like to watch movies or have a family movie night with a 100 dollars you can get a couple movies and some money for treats. I think that this is the best Idea of all. There are a ton of good movies you have not seen you could even go to the movie theater. You don't even have to watch a movie with your family. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money on this there is nothing wrong about that. I hope you in joy your movie

Movies rock!
I'm growing my collection, and It's awesome to have movies you can watch.

If you have a blu ray player you can buy the packs of blu ray movies for about 30 bucks (all the Alien movies or Terminator or Resident Evil

No we need something awesome how about the Gremlins movies

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7 An iPhone

How can you buy an IPHONE with 100 bucks, people these days crazy think abut it

I really wanted a iPhone 5 for Christmas but I didn't get it but I'm still grateful

A copycat version of the samsung galaxies and more expensive and you can get hacked so hackers can look at your nudes and stuff - DattKiddGeorge

This is awesome that you can buy a iPhone for 100

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8 Books

Books help me escape the stress and reality of life

People who read this need to higher there intellect a bar, thus why they need to read more.

The benefits of reading are: better memory, better vocabulary, and improved moods.

Books are one of the keys to knowledge/ can open to a new world of imaginations!

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9 A Puppy

I think that you ought to rephrase that. When you buy an animal, you aren't just buying the baby version of that animal. You are buying that animals entire life, and it is your duty to provide for and love them all that time. Anyways, when you add food, vet care, and other necessities, dogs cost MUCH more than a hundred dollars. :-/

Puppies are great why buy something (like food)that lasts you about a week when you can buy something cute and fun that gives you company for years.

Puppies are so cute and they love to play. So if you have someone that is younger get a puppy because the puppy and the younger child would have lots of fun

Dogs are mostly 100 to 150 so this is a great gift plus most kids want one

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10 Donate to Charity

Donate to an organization you feel passionately about. Do it anonymously and you're sure to feel great!

This would be a great idea. However, choose the organization you're supporting in a wise manner so your efforts in helping won't get in vain.

If you do this, you are helping the world be a more happy place, rather then people being miserable, also you can feel good about yourself.

Donate for the sake of humanity. - StreetFighterLan123

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11 Donate to a Hobo

Be nice to the poor for once people! They have feeling too you know! Hobos are tasty too! (laugh out loud, cannibalism! )

Do something nice and feel good about it! Its not that hard to find someone who needs that money more than you

People take things for granted give back cause you are most likely living in worm house and a hobo is not. I would if I had the chance.

Make sure they aren't taking a nap on a bench when you donate to the hobo

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12 Tattoo

Best bang for your buck! Get a good one and it's lasts forever. Just think about what you're getting and be sure it's something you want forever.

My dad has a tattoo, but it's small. I feel really bad for those people with full bodied tattoos. They must really regret it.

I would get a tattoo of Conker the Squirrel on my arm. JUST KIDDING! I wouldn't get a tattoo. They aren't for me. I don't wanna get a tattoo of something stupid and then regret it years later.
My dad got a tattoo of Jesus on the cross so he's not re-making up his mind. He knew if he was getting something, it might as well represent something big in his life. - Discord

I am so glad I stumbled on this website. I've been looking for a way to spend my newly earned $100 and I'm so excited to get a little pink dolphin on my ankle <3 Merry Chirstmas!

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13 A Cat

Cats typically live longer than dogs, and unlike what many people think, they can be just as much fun. I have two cats, and one of them acts just like a dog, although he's still deathly afraid of the real thing

I have three cats and to me they are safer then dogs and I love both dogs and cats but I have cats and I recommend them!

Cats are awesome companions and pets! Love them

A pet is exactly what my family needs a new friend taking care of it would be a hard but fun job

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14 Computer Upgrades

this would help better than buying a new computer! :)
- Gail

What computer is complete without a PCI express beer dispensing card!

It is always nice to have a fast computer, or better yet a faster computer then others. You get a solid state and ram. Yea

Yeas computer upgrades for the win

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15 Shoes

Who Wouldn't Want A New Pair Of Shoes From The Mall!

I mean who couldn't use a crispy new pair of kicks? You can never have too many pairs of shoes!

New shoes every month are already my style, so maybe I would get 2 pairs this month!

Shoes like nike, vans, converse, adidas, lebrons, and Jordans will give u a cool look and first impression, people will respect you then!

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16 Lap Dance

If you have to pay for it, you're not worth giving it to.

This is clearly the best option - Hmv1998

I would love a hot girlfriend to lap dance and then have sex

Out of all of the options here, two lap dances seem like a very intelligent choice if you ask me. Hot Girls! Lmao that's all you need.

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17 iPod Shuffle iPod Shuffle

I would do that. I mean please, have you SEEN those new models! Good suggestion! I would have put the same thing!

I really like the idea, pretty good

Because all the other suggestions are rubbish and childish. People need to grow up

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18 Headphones

Buying the most awesome headphones would be awesome! I know you can get them really cheap, but I mean come on!

Beats are expensive as crap their like 400 for a pair if anything buy skullcandy

If you do get beats. Get studios (new ones) the solos are not nice quality.

Ignore everyone saying 'beats', go for audio technica m30x. Best budget headphones ever.

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19 Gasoline

You just might get to fill your tank.

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20 iTunes Gift Card

You can simply buy n e thing with it

Great for someone who loves music

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