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41Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This game was ok in my opinion. The graphics were exceptional, gameplay, pretty fun, story pretty good. The campaign was ok compared to black ops, multiplayer was ok for 10 hours, then it got boring, but the spec ops was the best part of the game because of survival mode and the missions were way more fun than MW2's. I give the game an 8/10.

The game was well made in terms of Campaign and some multiplayer but I feel the big reason for it to be hated is the large amount of kids that play this (which made up of about 78 percent of all player) and camping on all levels... This was why I stopped playing multiplayer on Call of Duty titles.

I was expecting more from this. I thought there was going to be zombies, better maps and campaign. It was the complete opposite. Instead of zombies they put in "survival mode" where you fought against humans, the maps were crap and didn't have any elements in the campaign, my favorite Call of Duty character (soap) dies! Mw3 is a wrecked game that you shouldn't waste your money on

I don't see why this is bad

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42Five Nights at Freddy's 2

This game doesn't good as the original, but it is scarier than the original, and it is also harder as it requires more skill and speed than the strategy

This is the best game ever it it so fun. I have it on my kindle fire I'm on night 4 well at least before my brother deleted it.

Very hard friend and I played it for 2 hours and only got to night 3

Still don't care.

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43Need for Speed: The Run

You are nuts! Why is this game here! Its awesome! It should be one
Of the best!

Totally agreed. This game is a catastrophic mess that could've been so much more, but never managed to do so. The end of an era with Black Box.

Man chill out. It's not the best game (Hot Pursuit is) but it's not the worst NFS game ever (that's Undercover). Sure, handling the car and the lack of free roam is irritating, but it doesn't deserve the "worst game of all time" award.

I enjoyed playing this game the first time, but it's nothing compared to my experience with the original Most Wanted - Mcgillacuddy

Directed by Michael Bay - UltraGamer

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44Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

We would rather press a lot of buttons than the controller and the kinect.

Would probably be a bit better if this didn't used Kinect

It wasn't THAT bad, but the original was way better

This game needs to be at least #10 - thunderstar1124

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45Call of Duty: Ghosts

I don't get why everyone was looking forward to this game, I was expecting it to be good since it was made by Infinity Ward and their successful Modern Warfare series but this was a major letdown

I can't believe they're saying Battlefield 4 is worse than Ghosts. I can't believe they're saying Killzone: Shadowfall is worse than Ghosts. Jesus Christ! It's at 202?!? Battlefield 4 at 187? No, neither of them should be on this list.

Terrible game, unrealistic, boring and is causing a new group of idiots to rise up, mostly 12 year olds

Best game ever the developers put a lot of work into it

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46Littlebigplanet 3

Why is this 46th, I mean, sure, it may have been a buggy broken mess by the time it came out but it's still playable and a really good game for the LBP series. Karting would deserve a place here, LBP3 doesn't. - letcreate123

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47Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet

This game is boring! And to make matters worst, you can't lose in this game! If you can't lose, does this even count as a video game?

I have never played this but I already know this was made by SATAN

You can't lose in ANY of the Dora or Diego video games, This isn't even a real video game

Getting three-five year olds on a Playstation 2? *rolls eyes*

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48Bomberman: Act ZeroV1 Comment
49Grand Theft Auto V

What are you talking about? Are you high? Best game ever

Whoever put this game on the list doesn't know the real meaning of gaming.

This game was alright but I loved San Andreas way better! Sure Grand Theft Auto V beats San Andreas in graphics but San Andreas had a great story and so did V. I liked San Andreas better since there was a little more to do than in V

I agree. This game is diarrhea coming out of my junk. The only good part is the singleplayer mode. I also hate the fact that when you buy a suppressor, it doesn't sound like a real gun. I also hate how many updates Grand Theft Auto online made, especially the new ones. If you want to know the rest, watch Pivotkid85's video of why it sucks. They must have been on crack when they came up with this game. Rockstar games nowadays is everything that's wrong with society. I'd rather yank all the hairs out of my junk.

Those parents did drugs! I hate adults so much the one who put it here must be a 35 year old parent! - SwampertBABY

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50Call of Duty: Black Ops

WHY! This is one of the best Call of Duty games ever. It shoulndt be anywhere near this list, let alone on it. The graphics are good, the gameplay is good, the multiplayer is great, zombies is the best, the only thing bad about is the glitches. Who is the Call of Duty hater that put this on the list ]:C

Whoever made this list is this worst video game ever

It was a great game. It had some good characters (Reznov and Woods). Some reminders and a mission right after the events of WaW. The multiplayer was great. And the zombies was epic and really fun!

This one I agreed with

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51Five Nights at Freddy's 4

I've had more fun playing with dolls than this

Hey scott, make something original

Yawn. Scott, we're tired of five nights at Freddy's, make a non boring game, ok?

Still don't care for this...

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52Link: The Faces of Evil

More Like Lick The Feces Of Devil

This crazy joke is one of three lousy Zelda CDi games too many. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

I couldn't decided which of the 2 games I should add, so I included them both
First off, the graphics...are actually alright, but the gameplay is frustrating, the voice acting is awful, and the characters. Are. HIDEOUS!

Why is this so low it should be higher

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53Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Worst game in the series but doesn't deserve worst list

More five nights at Freddy's more games to hate

Good story, repetitive gameplay!

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54Cat Mario

I can see why someone would put this here, it's a very frustrating game and the graphics aren't very good. I'm pretty sure that the makers of the game purposely made it really frustrating. I actually kind of like how the game tricks you, it's interesting and I really don't care about the bad graphics. I like playing this game sometimes. If you get frustrated really easily, then you probably shouldn't play this game. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Wow never heard of this one oh that makes sense Japanese only game. - htoutlaws2012

What the why do clouds kill you and don't froget the unescapable prison of blocks on level 1

Why is this here. - letcreate123

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55Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom - Nintendo Wii

BOO! So boring nobody likes dora. (Wii)

The only way to die in this game is your will remote running out of batteries.

Dumbo game. I want to murder Dora!

I will pray to Shadow every copy of this game gets to be used to torture terrorists

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56Angry Birds

Someone was on drugs while adding this to the list.

To the replier on this comment, it was a joke this lad was saying! - sryanbruen

Why the heck is this game on here it is! #@$@# awesome

I think they over stayed their welcome in pop culture, they've released countless products for a merciless money grab. I would rather play an extremely vague title that isn't whoring out to the public than play a beat up horse of a game that is angry birds regardless if its fun.

The fact that they over stayed their welcome doesn't make it a horrible game.

This game is awesome. It's simple yet fun

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57Play with the Teletubbies

I saw the Game Grumps play this. What's even better is that there's an actual Teletubbies channel on YouTube and they commented on the video, but you have to scroll down through the comments and find the link to it since it was deleted. - AO1-H1KAR1

That flower (? ) in the lower-right-hand corner of the cover looks suspiciously like the unholy rainbow stamp of death brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts... sounds appropriate!

What? They have a game? I just Googled it it. And the game looks really stupid.

This game was made by Satan.

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58Candy Crush

The fact that this game is a Bejeweled rip-off is enough to make me hate it. The fact that it tries to bribe you with extra lives by encouraging you to pester your Facebook friends makes me hate it even more.

Play this game it makes you addictive... and I lost my mother to candy crush :( - whodafuqisthisguy

It's a visible drug that wastes your time you have to pay money if you lose

There are a lot of games like that, what's so special about Candy Crash

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59Just Dance

For the wii there's a Michael Jackson dancing game, at least the Michael Jackson game he's better songs, since just dance is full of modern hip hop that pisses off people

Mom and dad think I should be girly so they get me this! I want to throw it out the window!

Ogh! I think some people locking in their room all day shooting things on a screen who are pepped up with rabid testosterone and fear social interaction don't want to promote something that forces it, wouldn't you think so? - Dr_Sandvichius

Pile of crap I hate dancing games

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I got a very good city in this game!

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