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61The Realist Killaz

My man pac goes hard in this song, even from the start " money and women, funny beginning's and tragic endings, I can make a million and still not get enough of spending"

62Outta Control

You know I've got...
The best song by 50 Cent followed by:
- As the world turns
- If I can't
- Many men

His best ever remix and right up there with his best of all time.

Possibly the best beat I've ever heard, its probally the best song to pump in a club, mobb deep killed it as well.

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63New Day

Banging dre beat, inspirational lyrics, tight rhymes. And Alicia keys on the hook...

64I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
65My Gun Go Off
66Best Friend
67Down On MeV1 Comment
68Too Rich
69Right There

Outlaw is one of my best song ever the beats are great even lyrics... I love dis song lyrics can't stop listening dis song...

70Happy New Year

The beat is sick. So is the melody. And the chorus. Rick ross sort of ruined the song, but still, overall a great song. A very underrated song.

Sick song 50 cent goes smooth with beat and goes back to his roots with this should be higher

71Up! (Remix)
72Body On It
73Planet 50
74Places to Go
75Amusement Park
76Play This On the Radio Diss Oprah and Lil Wayne
77Maybe We Crazy
78You Should Be Dead Diss Game
79Put Your Hands Up
80Double Up
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