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41 Bananza

i like belly dancer bananza. it should be in top ten. it got beat changing and yeah it has very good lyrics

should definitely be in the top ten. groovy beats and hip lyrics to boot.

42 I Wanna F*** You I Wanna F*** You

Superb song never get bored of this song

43 One Day at a Time One Day at a Time

Man it definitely is one of my favourites and yet it is unbelievable that it is not in the top ten! I really advice to download the song!

This is a wonderful song... The best thing of this song... For which I love it. Is its wonderful music

Akon and enrique... awesome! One of my favorite

Great voice enrique and akon rocks

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44 Oh Africa Oh Africa

This song is amazing! This song should be in the top ten.

This song is a good preserver of my 2010 FIFA World Cup memories. I was 10 then, & I remember everything well. Akon & Keri Hilson are awesome in this song.

It's one of the amazing memories of the world cup 2010

45 Crank It Up Crank It Up

Perfect collab by the great dj Guetta & classy singer Akon..
Must move to higher position...

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46 Burn That Bridge

Very good song I love it

47 Party Animal

I can see your a party animal like me...
Awesome lyrics & Awesome song by Awesome Akon...

Best song of akon I ever heard it should be on the top of the list.

48 We Don't Care We Don't Care

This song is amazing. Just listen to it. It should be at the top.
I can't believe this song is down here. It is the best song ever. No words for describe this song

MAD tune, its got great back ground music, would be brilliant in the club.. Why so LOW? At least top 15 if not top ten... COME on guys, where are urpartyfaces?

Songs tells the scenario of my thinking attitude in mine life

49 Conspiracy

I love this song and the best song that I have ever heard in my life

50 Criminal Criminal

Nice 1 good song I think he should sing more songs to Bollywood
"its criminal" love these lines by all Indians

Love this song very much ra one is best and the song is so good love it love it love it!

It is my most favourite song in Bollywood. I love it more than any other song

The song criminal is too good the lyrics of this song is nice Akon had done a great job

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51 Nobody Wanna See Us Together

Its a nice song with very cute music. It makes me feel relax,
Its fabulous

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52 So Blue So Blue

This song has to be his best song...Listen fast & vote..

Awesome tune! Definitely should be in the top ten!

The song is definitely the best!

So catchy! Should be in top 10

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53 Never Gonna Get It

This song is just too good. I like this type of music he did back then, in my opinion much better then now. There's just something about this song that makes me like this song more than any other Akon song out there.

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54 6 In the Morning

Man this song should be on the top

55 I Can't Wait I Can't Wait

The rhythm is so melodious... Akon's voice just blends with song's beat very effortlessly.

This is definitely akon best song ever

People just listen to it! You will definitely change your opinion abot the top ten

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56 Shake Down Shake Down
57 I'll Still Kill I'll Still Kill

It's the one of the best song I ever heard. His song is the best Akon song ever! Maybe even better than Right Now... Well maybe not but it is an incredibly awesome song, should be at least no. 3.
Akon is the best...

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58 America's Most Wanted

This song's name tricks people looking at it. It's no criminal or dark music, it's a typical love song with an entertaining background and Akon's silky vocal tunes

Great song! He sang it at the 2012 Ms. USA Pagnant. This should at least be in the top 10. It is gonna be on his new album comin out in september called Stadium. Can't wait until that one comes out. It will be a smash hit on the billboard hot 100

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59 She Wants Sex V 2 Comments
60 Nosy Neighbour

This must be in the top 20

Love the beats! #akon&David guetta

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