Top Ten Animated Movies Of All Time


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The Top Ten

The Lion King
Disneys finest masterpiece Good characters, good music, good story and a good morality tale, the lion king is still good!
A unique flick. Will always be loved and praised forever.
The Lion King is one of the greatest movies of all time. I cry at least 5 time throughout the movie. They could have ended after the circle of life scene and I would have been happy. That's how amazing it is.
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2Toy Story
This movie is probably my favorite movie of all time! The story is so great about Buzz and Woody's friendship. Their is also some adult humor too this movie is great for all ages and deserves to be number one!
Probably my favorite movie when I was growing up

Toy Story is in 2nd?!? What. The. Kumquats?!?! Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to lodge a complaint with Star Command, and I also am off to buy some Titanium-Carbonic alloy so I can learn to "fall with style"
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3How To Train Your Dragon
So one of the best movies ever made... IS NUMBER 50?! How is this not in the top ten? This is by far the best animated movie ever made, and Toothless is my favorite fictional character ever.
This movie is awesome, most people are fooled by the name. This is my favorite animated movie of all time and I love toothless. It also has its own video game and T.V. series. Great visuals, action, and comedy. Also heart warming
My #2 animated movie it is perfect, Great visuals, great comdy, thrilling action, heart warming and great plot and story line
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I love all the top three...I. E loin king toy story 1 3.. But wall E is definitely THE BEST it is simple yet is effective in its story telling... There is the cutest robo or machine ever manufactured... And its love for earth... How can anyone resist WALL E... It doent get boring even you watch it multiple times.. Simply superb
The best animated film ever. I can't possibly feel you how amazing this is, for I wish not to provoke anybody.P.S. Has anyone ever heard someone say that if it's disney it definitely good, because I once heard someone say it. They deserve a nice roundhouse kick to the face. They are probably one of those " if it's disney I like it just because it's disney and I love anything and everything disney" people. And in case you wanna know my favorite animated show is SpongeBob. How can you not like Patrick. And the disney stereotype would probably hate SpongeBob.
Best animated movie ever
Ever... EVVA
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A squirrel walked up to a tree and said "i forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead". It is funny because the squirrel gets dead.
I loved this movie so much; after it came out, I watched it every day and said the best parts over and over. Most new movies are terrible, but this is more than just a new's a classic.
It tells a more touching story in the first few minutes than the other movies do in all their time combined..truly exceptional stuff
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I watched this recently and I had forgotten how much I love it!


A Great fun for every ages


Shrek is awesome, Toy Story 3 is diarrhea filth compared to this golden masterpiece. Shrek is awesome, too bad the sequels were not :(


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7Finding Nemo
Best movie ever should definitely be in the top ten. Its so sad and heart-breaking at some points and then absolutely beautiful in some parts. The beginning when marlin rescues nemo's egg and goes its okay daddy's here is so perfect. Hopefully finding dory will be just as good, have so much expectation for it
I heard that when Ellen went to Sydney
She tried to find wallaby way which was the street from memo and she got annoyed that she found out that it didn't exist
They go to sydney australia, what is not awesome about that
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8Spirited Away
Come on guys, Spirited Away is masterpiece when talking about animated movies. Pixar Studios already told they've learned a lot from the Spirited Away 's director Myazaki and have lots of influence on him. It's so sad this film didn't actually had a good marketing, its got a perfect plot, beautiful messages and can take you to an amazing fantasy ride. I just couldn't believe it's so low in this list.
The absolute most charming, heart warming movie ever made. I go as far as declaring it as one of the greatest movies ever made.
This movie is truly one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. It so different from normal animated movies and has such a strange plot, yet still amazes me of the originality and ideas put into this. Its truly amazing, the animation, the story, the music, I can't even describe how well made it is. When I was 10 years old I saw it for the first time and was amazed. Now I'm 20 years old and I still love this movie.
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9Toy Story 3
Why Toy Story 3? Because it gave a new meaning to my life. And Buzz & Jessie's paso doble is one of the most amazing things I've seen in my life.
Toy Story 3 is by far the best animated movie ever made. We understand that lion king is a classic but older movies are meant to be bettered. And this is the best that Hollywood has produced
The first toy story movie was perfect, but somehow the sequels got progressively better and better
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10The Simpsons Movie
The big screen adaptation of probably the greatest animated sitcom there has ever been. Thank you Matt Groening!
This is ONE of the movies that never gets olD... Complete humour from the beginning till end + an amazing story... After seeing the climax when homer saves springfield in a bike some people with sick mind might end it in one word 'STUPID', but others like me will end it in two words 'CLASSIC HOMER'
Springfield's finest in their first big screen outing. Spiderpig / Harry Plopper is such a scene stealer.
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The Contenders

Magamind is one of the funniest animated movies that Dreamworks Animations have ever made. Whoever said that Madagascar and Megamind isn't "magical" enough to be top is clueless. It doesn't have to be magical to be brilliant.
With the voice of Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, how can this not be funny? Yes it might be predated by Despicable Me, but Megamind is an enjoyable romp in it's own right.
Very oringinal, unpredictable, great twists, action packed and very funny. Great!
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12Ice Age
Such a funny film. The other Ice Age films are equally funny but wouldn't have existed without this masterpiece.
The original Ice Age film. Without this, we wouldn't have had all those sequels that came after Ice Age
The Ice Age trilogy is the definition of Sub-Zero. Obviously this is the most Sub-Zero of the series so far. Ice Age rules.
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13Monsters, Inc.
Monsters Inc is one of the BEST movies in the world!
This movie is creative! Seriously!

14Wreck-It Ralph
Did you know there were fourteen Sonic the Hedgehog cameos in this movie? Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have known that without the power of youtube... But it's the best movie ever for gamers!
The best animated movie of 2012. It is fun, sad, cool, and epic. You can see most of video game characters in there. My favorite line is:
Vanellope: "what if they won't like me? "
Ralph: who doesn't like a little brat with dirty hair? "
It is a must see
This is a must see! If I had to choose from ROTG or this... I would choos this. I love this movie. It is definitely the best movie to go against toy story please let it be one of the top ten list
I am beggin you. I would love to play Fix-it-felix game. I want to be wreck it ralph
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15The Nightmare Before Christmas
This movie was absolutely wonderful. It was very dark like a Tim Burton movie but also very cheerful and emotional at the same time. Jack's struggle to fill a longing for happiness and change made the movie very emotional and Sally's struggle to be normal and see the outside world. The songs in the movie either were very funny and cheerful such as the Oogie Boogie Song and This is Halloween. Then, there's the case about songs such as Jack's Lament and Sally's Song. I thought the emotion of a Tim Burton film combined with the comical Disney moments made this movie excellent. The stopmotion was excellent and I loved the animation. The music also fit the film perfectly.
zero and jack are as awesome as... Steve and the wolf in minecraft

16Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
It is a great, heartwarming tale that shows the true meaning of friendship, and it shows great quality of generosity! Disney expanded this film into one of the greatest motion pictures of all time! It is truly an amazing classic!
To imagine this movie was made with thousands of drawing papers, and the iconic story, the impression it gave; just AWESOME!


Absolutely my number one Disney film. Watched it last night and watching it again tonight! It really feels like Disney graduated princess school. The main character matures and does her thing and you completely fall in love with her, but she's not the little princess who falls in love with the perfect prince happily ever after. If you love Disney you will LOVE this movie. And you'll be singing Let It Go for a month!
'So cute; it's like little baby unicorn! 'I love this film. It's very funny. It's so beautifully animated. The best animated musical to come out of Disney since The Lion King. A great big snowy pleasure with an emotionally gripping core when Anna is frozen. All songs are great. It is a gorgeous film with computer-generated fjords and ice sculptures and castle interiors. It's an absolute delight from start to finish. "
This is hella good I ain't gonna lie, the fact that not only did they have two strong female leads but the fact that the message was that No matter who you are you will always be able to conquer the unexplainable and the impossible.
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18Beauty and the Beast
Why is this movie not in the top ten! It's my favorite animated movie of all time (next to "The Lion King"). The characters are great, the story is crafted well, and the songs and score are fantastic (You're lying if you say that you have never gotten "Gaston" or "Be Our Guest" stuck in your head after you've heard them)! This movie was the first animated movie to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and for good reason. "Beauty and the Beast" is a masterpiece that was among the best films of the Disney Renaissance. It has stood the test of time, and I'm certain that people will be watching this film a century from now, unlike some of the other films that are placed higher on this list. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates high quality storytelling and breathtaking animation.
This movie isn't even in the top 40? For shame top tens, for shame...
It deserves a spot in the top 10.

19Kung Fu Panda 2
It should be the first best movie
Kung Fu Panda has the story, the action, the soundtrack and the pure emotion for the characters created. It is the best 3D animated film so far
Movie with a great villain that you can love
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20Despicable Me
One of the funniest animated movies of all time! That painted pyramid in the background of Vector's house is just genius! This should be much higher!
Despicable Me is a very enjoyable film. Don't be put off by it's innitial simmilarities with Megamind.
Similar in tone to Megamind this is the story of an evil mastermind who attempts to steal the moon. But unfortunately for him there are 3 orphans in his way.


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Non of the villans are deafeted, Honest john and gideon are funny, And the coahcman is total nightmare.

Why is Mulan so low?

23Kung Fu Panda
49? This movie inspired me to learn about dragons in the first place. This is better than Lion King to me.
WOW! This movie has awesome kung fu action scenes and very funny parts and Po is a very loveable character
Its just an amazing movie.
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The best animated movie from Japan
Masterpiece! Can watch it anytime.

25Chicken Run
The best characters in Chicken Run are ironically not chickens! Nick and Fletcher, 2 wheelin' dealin' rats are the real scene stealers.
Chicken Run is brilliant! With a voice cast that includes Jane Horracks from Ab Fab, Julia Sawahla, Mel Gibson and Miranda Richardson, you can't go wrong.
Only the British could come up with such an animated masterpiece like Chicken Run. Lion King is nothing more than sub-Watership Down. James Earl Jones has nothing on Julia Sawahla, Mel Gibson, Timothy Spall, Miranda Richardson and Jane Horrocks
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26Grave of the Fireflies
This is by far the most intense animated film that's more near to realism and gives a heart-breaking yet thought-provoking insight of the actual world that the children and adults alike should know about...
This should be in the top ten, loved it really, cried like hell, even though its a 1988 creation, but still the best saddest animated movie ever...
I cried more watching this film than any other. It is truly heartbreaking to watch and is one film that can't go without seeing. Fantastic film, one of, if not THE best film I have seen.

27The Incredibles
Awesome movie. Should be higher.


Definitely should be in the top ten without a doubt


28South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
The funny thing is the message of the movie really is timeless, how parents bash the media for feeding kids stuff the parents shouldn't let them watch in the first place, in fact the message has become only more potent over time with lazier and lazier parents. Not to mention that it's a musical, and a damn hilarious one at that. How can you forget songs like; "Kyle's Mom is a B&$@&", "What would Brain Boitono do? " And of course "Uncle F&$ka" No matter how many times I see this it always brings a smile to my face.
I agree with the guy below me- I too laugh my ass off every time I see this movie. I think this movie is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen, ever. And each time I see it, somehow it gets funnier and funnier!


South Park the movie is so funny! How the Hell did they get away with half the stuff they did? I laugh my ass off every time I see it.

The best, the best, the best! How on EARTH was this not even on the list?! It's the most romantic film of all time and is also the best made. The love and care that went into it's creation is like nothing else
. This is my favorite animated movie. This should really be #1. This is the best fairytale ever. you guys r insane. This deserves to be first
Fabulous movie... One f the most romantic n d sweetest movie ever made.. I can watch a number of times yet it brings back d same smile that it brought d very first time I watched d movie.. Movie of all times.. For all ages...

30Rise of the Guardians
One of the best dreamworks movies. Well done dreamworks. I heard it was from the creators of how to train your dragon and it is my favorite so I knew I would like it. I was correct! The villain in awesome and the Easter bunny is so funny especially when he is small. Well done dreamworks
Best Animated Movie I've Seen This year! You have got to see it, you will love it. Best DreamWorks Movie Made ever this year. This one of my Favourite DreamWorks movie ever.
My childhood heroes in one movie! I especially loved Jack Frost, Bunny, Sandy, North, and of course the villian, Pitch!
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That mouse is the best chief
"Just a good movie"

32Madagascar 3

33The Adventures of Tintin
With a script by Dr Who's Stephen Moffat and a cast including Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, it's very British.
I made a slight error earlier. This is the version that stars Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Daniel Craig. It's everything you want in a Spielberg film.


One of the most epic motion capture animations around at the moment.
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The original Madagascar, without this we wouldn't have had the equally funny Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and the upcoming Madagascar 3: Europes's Most Wanted!
Very funny. Madagascar Escape to Africa is equally funny! I can't wait until Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted comes out!
I love these movies! They never disappoints and are always top quality

Wild life and nature displayed beautifully with good songs from Phil Collins like "You'll be in my heart"
Great movie and very dense also

This is the best movie which reminds me of my childhood


37Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Probably the most popular of Aardman's creations in their firse feature length outing.


You guys have no idea how hard it was to make this movie or how hard t is to makek wallice and gromit its all done with clay it took me 6 months to make 3 of each wallice and gromit and 2 years to make the actual movies!
The references to An American Werewolf in London just keep on coming in Wallace and Gromit's first feature length outing.

38Monsters vs. Aliens
CGI animation is a tough thing to do and for that I praise the Dreamworks CGI animation canon. Hand drawn animation isn't that spectacular. Anyone can do hand drawn animation. All you need is a pencil, paper and crayons. Many British cartoons from the 1970s such as Bod and Roobarb are hand drawn animations.
This is Dreamworks' satire on famous B-Movie Monsters including parodies of The Blob and 50ft Woman voiced by Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon respectively.


Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Paul Rudd, Will Arnett, Reese Witherspoon and Ed Helms is only part of the ensemble of this B-Movie satire.
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39Toy Story 2
I like all 3 movies equally. They are all in my top 10


40Fantastic Planet

41Shrek 2

Chilling... I love it! It is the most creative scary movie I've ever seen. Great animation too! Why is it not higher?

43The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie
This is one of the funniest movies I've seen, it is filled with laugh out loud moments, great songs, and plankton steals the krabby patty recipe and takes over the world and spongebob and Patrick are the heroes, perfect movie.
Patrick:Could I have everybody's attention... I have to use the bathroom.

Patrick:But where's the road, road, road, road, sorry

Spongebob:You Don't need a license to drive a sandwich


All spongebob stuff rocks
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I love this movie! The animation, the colours, the music, the characters, the comedy, the plot and storyline... This movie is perfect! I also love the relationship between Blu and Jewel, they are a cute couple and the kiss near the end melts my heart every time I see this movie. I just love this movie.
I really really love this movie, great animation, amazing music, lovely characters, the best job for Carlos Saldahna, please... Rio 2


This movie Rocks way more than Megamind, Yogi Bear, Tangled, Toys Story 1 2 and 3, and even Shrek 1 2 3 and 4.
Come on vote for this movie. Rio Is great for all ages not just 3 to 10. I'm 14 and I think this is the best movie ever!
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45The Lego Movie
This film was a blast to watch at the theaters, the story was a breath of fresh air, the animation is the BEST I've ever seen, and the characters unforgettable. If it's still in theaters, go see it NOW.
Why, why isn't this higher? This is without a doubt the South Park of animated films.

Number 40? Are you serious!?!? MegaMind was worthy enough to make the top ten but this masterpiece is below some of the worst.

I saw this movie when I was a young kid and I LOVED IT. It had beautiful animation with some of the greatest music compositions. This also introduced me to music before that I listened to nursery rhymes. The music in this movie intrigued me and still does.

As for story the movie doesn't have a main story but each composition has its own little theme and sometimes tells a small story as if it's a ballet. There is not one moment I was not entertained. Another thing is that the music and visuals tell the story so there is no need for dialogue. Each bit of animation matches up perfectly with the music and is in perfect sync.

It's hard to choose which part is my favorite, but I'd have to go with The Rite of Spring. I just love how the scene opens up in space and as you get closer to earth the music gets more chaotic setting the mood for the all of the different stuff that goes on as the planet is growing and creating life. After seeing the oceans and land masses form, we see evolution before the dinosaur and then see dinosaurs as the randomness of the musical syncs with their movements and then ends with the mass extinction as they struggle for life.

After saying all that, do you still think that movies like Madagascar, Rio, and Despicable Me to be superior? I say no. There are movies that deserve their current place on this list and there are some that are overrated bull mainly because they're new films. Up I get. Toy Story 1 and 3 I get. Lion King I love. This is just one of those movies not many people know about and goes under their radar. When Disney made this movie he didn't much about who it appealed to, he just made art. See the movie if you're curious. You won't regret it.
Honestly how can you say that Madagascar is more beautiful and magical than fantasia. My favourite animated film sleeping beauty isn't even on this excuse of a list

47Ice Age - The Meltdown
Very funny sequel to an equally funny predecessor. I can't wait until Ice Age: Continental Drift comes out!

My absolute fave... It's funny, heartwarming, and has good characters:

Aladdin: the main character. Yes he's flawed but he has so many good traits. He's clever, fun, caring, brave, romantic, and insecure. Sure he can be selfish and rude but he overcomes that, shown by freeing genie. So overall, I love Aladdin.

Jasmine: she is so sassy, intelligent, kind, that it's hard to hate her. Oh and my, my what gorgeous girl... ! Jasmine is really funny and her facials are fab. I love her attitude. Does she change throughout the film... Not really... But does she need to, she awesome!

Genie: HILARIOUS! ' I love his songs his jokes his everything. He really likes Aladdin, by the end. I think they are true friends. His intro is hilarious. I love it when Aladdin outsmarts him... He's so cool.

Magic carpet: <3 he doesn't speak but he's so funny. I love when he's messing with Abu. It's really cool of disney to give him the personality/"facials". He doesn't have a face but his actions are so cute!

Abu: he's very fun to watch... But he's kind of annoying at times. But he's a very good friend to Aladdin and that's what I like about him.

Jafar: ok so let's see,... He's smart, powerful, evil, witty/punny, and hilarious. He is a good villain and he's smart just not as smart as Aladdin. He's still one of my faves for disney villains!

Iago:<3<3<3<3 MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! He's so so so funny. I swear I laugh every time this parrot talks. Though yes he's evil in this film, he has a good side shown by his dancing during prince Ali. But he's very smart. He comes up with the plan to have Jafar marry jasmine... He is my second favorite animated character of all time, only next to Mulan.

Sultan: he's funny, and dumb but lovable all the same.

The plot is strong and so is the message. I hope that my long paragraph makes you think twice about Aladdin!


49Fantastic Mr Fox

This has an all star cast headed by Meryl Streep and George Clooney.


Can't believe how low this is, best movie my son loves this show

51Hotel Transylvania
It was a great movie.

52Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

53Disney's A Christmas Carol

This has such a score! The way it incorporates famous Christmas carols such as Joy to the World and Hark the Herald Angels Sing is breath-taking


With Jim Carrey Multi-tasking as Scrooge and the 3 spirits who haunt him, he's shows just how versatile he is.


54Princess Mononoke
It's awesome. It's got giant wolf gods and giant boar demons! What's not to like?

55The Hunchback of Notre Dame
I'd have to agree; this is personally my favourite animated musical by Disney yet. Of course the subject matter might not garner a G rating in movie theatres nowadays.


Shame it's so underrated, probably because it's so dark.

Tom Hulce + Tony Jay = Win

56Smurfs 2


58Who Framed Roger Rabbit

59Despicable Me 2
I love this movie one of the greatest animated movie ever absolutely amazing I went to go see this movie in theaters and it was out of this world I love the minions there awesome very funny I can't wait till they release it on dvd

60Over the Hedge

Should be higher in the ranking! Personally, the favourite movie of my childhood! Beautiful songs and scenics, interesting plot and really touching! I could still watch it as a teenager, it's awesome!

62The Little Mermaid

63The Wind Rises

64Puss in Boots
One of the most popular characters from the Shrek franchise in his very own spin off.


I can't believe it is 47. It should at least be in the top ten!
This is my favorite until now! Love you kitty and puss :) :D :P
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65Castle in the Sky

66Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story

67Hetalia: Paint It, White!
This is how to get a anime based movie right.
The definitive anime film.

Really cool I love dogs!

69Monsters University
So much better than the first one and it's made me laugh so hard although I'm not a little kid anymore

70Lilo & Stitch

71The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

72Meet the Robinsons
This should be in the top.lewis is a special boy he does not give up he always keep moving forward

73Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Seriously everybody! Think about the fact that Smurfs 2 AND The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie are above Rango on this list. That is stupid. Rango is not only a hilarious and mature animation, but it also manages to be a great western, the likes of which we haven't seen for a very long time. Awesome and stuff
Only some1 who never watched RANGO will say it's not the best ever... How good a movie can be... Simply the best...


This is the movie featuring a lizard in the Wild West. Very unpredictable and original for an animated feature.


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75A Bug's Life
This movie should be in the top tens! Love hopper! Go see mine called "top ten pixar villians". Thanks!
The caterpillar was hilarious

76The Fox and the Hound
This film was my childhood.

77Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole

I love Owls and I love this movie.
Best Animated movie of 2010.

Amazing Movie. It really should be in the top 10.
Owls Rule!

78The Secret of NIMH
Now here is a movie worth watching. Although dark and scary, and even some minor swearing and blood, this movie was, without a doubt, Don Bluth's best. Sure, he had other great movies, but neither of them could overpass this gem. Shame it's so low on the list, but that proves that this is just one of the most unknown masterpieces out there.
I can't believe this one's so low. The Secret of NIMH is without a doubt a true definition of a masterpiece. It's dark, tense and daring, with some comical moments. It's easily Don Bluth's best film, and one of the greatest animated movies of all time. It manages to pass even a lot of Disney movies.
80? Oh my god, why? This is quality animation!

79The Iron Giant
This masterpiece is one of the best, animated move. It deserves to have a place in the top ten best animated movies of all time. And the ending... I don't wanna spoil it, but bring tissues.
This movie will start at position Number 171. If it doesn't move up to at least number 15, this list is very inaccurate.

This movie is outstanding man. Didn't win an oscar for nothing. Merida is damn good!

81Waltz With Bashir



84Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Wow! That was amazing,

85Watership Down
Why is this not higher?


86Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius

87Sleeping Beauty
Definitely my favorite Disney Movie! Can't believe how it is not on the Top ten list!

88Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa

I love the Madagascar franchise. Skipper, Private and the other penguins so funny. I can't wait until the 3rd one comes out.

I really loved this movie
in fact I love all dream works movies like this one

89Howl's Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle is so incredibly wonderful und touching and romantic and just beautiful! I've watched it like 10 times and still find it just awesome. I Love Hayao Miyasakis Movies best.

90The Polar Express
This was the film that put motion capture on the map reguarding animated features.


I love polar express its the best christmas movie ever!
It shouldn't be on 67. It's a beautiful movie.

91Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
This movie is just like the show: EXTREMELY UNDERRATED! Best animated movie for a pg-13 audience. The SpongeBob movie is the best for children, and the South Park movie is the best for mature audiences.

92Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
I love horses. This movie is amazing!

93The Jungle Book

94The Smurfs

95Lucky & Zorba

96South Park - Imaginationland

97Despicable Me 2

98Titan A.E.
Science-fiction, animation, action all matched to make a movie worth a shot!

99Futurama - Bender's Big Score
Technically the first part to season 5. this feature length outing is just as funny as the other seasons.


As Bender puts it Futurama's back baby

100The Powerpuff Girls - The Movie

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