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Son Goku - Dragon Ball Z
Goku will be 4 ever the greatest anime character ever written. This anime is what made shonen anime on the spotlight across the world. Though I should tell that Vegeta deserve at least half of the credit for Goku/Dragon Ball Z's success. Without vegeta's brilliant characterization DBX would have be a mediocre anime.
I would vote on Goku & Vegeta as the No. 1 Character of all time... Or should I say Gojeta...
No way if somebody has to be number 1 its without a shadow of a doubt got to be the prince of saiyans Vegeta his pride his strength and his attitude along with his clever tactics have to make him number 1 P. S and people always seem to forget that vegeta has saved goku's life just as much as goku has saved vegeta's and if vegeta wasn't around cell would have won buu would have won and android 18 and 19 would have killed everyone, not to mention cooler as well.
Goku moves faster than light itself and he did that in the frieza saga, when he was after frieza he travelled half way across the planet in a second that planet was namek wich is stated to be as big as earth. So if he can do that in normal form in frieza saga just imagine him in ssj3 wich multiplies his base power by 400 (that is stated as well in the manga)... Goku was able to do many heavy lifting in the series like training in 100x normal gravity and pushing mountains aside and when he was training with king kai he lifted 40tons in base form, now multiplie that by 400 to obtain the ssj3 full power... There are many epic characters in anime but no one is as overpowered as goku... If you put STTGL against goku, goku would win and heres why sttgl can't crush a planet as far as we know it can just walk on the energy of the galaxie so goku only has to do a instant transmission to the core of sttgl energy which is simon and then a punch would do it... Naruto can't even touch goku and kurama would be a treat for goku cause he really likes to eat... A lot... So yeah goku for the win
[Newest]His time line is a class with no match
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2Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto
Once a failure
Now a leader,
Must I say more?
Giving up is not an option
His faith is what I adore
Silly and Funny, different is a fact
The one who will always stand out
Yet looking back
He still had the time to smile
Everyone loves the way he would act.

I wrote this poem when I 7 or 8 years old because my teacher wanted us to make a hero. I didn't know what he would be like so I thought of Naruto. He's not the smartest person ever but he's able to live with the fact that he's different but still able to do amazing things.

What a beautiful poem. If it weren't for Naruto, you might running out of idea.
I salute him with my whole heart cause no one can find such an amazing and strong willed, lovable person as him. Though he is foolish sometimes I understand it is cause he feels lonely and wants to fulfill his empty heart with some joy. All through what he is gone through and still not losing hop and fight on with the will of fire making enemies into friends, turning each person to love him, making him acceptable to everyone, protecting with his life, working hard to fulfill every ones wishes just to make them happy, bearing everything on his shoulders ad not asking anything in return, and just giving hoe to others, this guy just made me realize the importance of family, friends, teachers, and all other villagers who in the world has courage to do that! If a person like him would be alive the world would seem more beautiful, enjoyable, lovable, exciting for me to live with a smile on my face and I will look forward for my life and be very happy that I lived in a world with such amazing people! I would want to share his troubles with me and stay by his side in all the good and bad times by carrying "THE WILL OF FIRE"!
Love his fighting spirit a bit of comedy some times, it will some theme make you cry "SOMETIMES" and most of all, the story is just amazing! Try to save his friends!
[Newest]Naruto best anime character of all time
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3L - Death Note
L: Greatest Detective of all! He owns every1... He is extraordinary!
L > Light. That is all there is to it.
L is dynamic, interesting, developed and a top rate character. I fell in love with the character design from the start of the series. He is intellegent, funny, direct, and a wonderful liar.
[Newest]L, without any doubt is the coolest anime character ever created.

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4Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece
He sure is one of the coolest characters with the most stupid personality.. His instincts and ambitions are so simple; meat, becoming the pirate king, protecting his nakama.. I think that stupidity is what makes him my favorite character.. Aww.. Almost forgot to mention his epic cry.. "kaizoukuou ni ore wa naru! "
Monkey D. Luffy is the best Character Ever. He has week Point but He has Big Dream and he never comes back from his Words that : I WANNA BE PIRATE KING!
YEAH MEN I LIKE HIS RUBBER HANDS AND HAS A VERY GOOD role in their story with his crew, nami, zoro, etc. He can do enything with his crew so I therefore conclude that one piece luffy is the greatest character for me in anime
[Newest]He's better than Goku!
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5Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric is without a doubt, one of my favorite fictional character within the anime world. He's the epitome of inspirational and respect in my opinion. Edward is a character with many flaws, but that's what makes him so much more phenomenal and relatable. He feels all the things humans are suppose to; love, pity, anger, guilt, sadness, etc. You just NAME it.

Even though in the surface, Edward can seem like a hot tempered young teenager, he has incredible depth to his character and he goes through SO much and endures through so many perils and grows from it. Character development is immense with Ed. He has a dark past, a very tragic one, from which his insecurities and guilt comes from. But from this, he also gains strength and determination to take responsibility for his actions.

He makes mistakes, but he's not afraid to stand his ground and deal with the consequences.

Ed is also one of the most compassionate characters I've seen, with one of the strongest brotherhood I've ever witnessed in anime history. His love for his brother Alphonse, and all of his friends and comrades, are heart felt and emotional. His dedication and loyalty to those he cares about truly makes me bring out SO much feels... His willingness to sacrifice so much for the safety and well being of people is noble and so humane of him.

Sometimes, Ed can be impulsive, easily irritated and short tempered, but I still love this character because he's so versatile when he has to be serious; he gets down to business. He's knowledgeable and is intellect is beyond me, and actually pretty wise for his age and all that he's been through. He's has a brave soul and a heart of gold, and it's because of all this, I felt like Edward, wins my vote.
Edward Elric is awesome- definitely one of my most favorite anime characters in anime. To me, Ed represents love, caring, inspiration, and loyalty. His many flaws add to his character a lot; in fact, if it weren't for these flaws, Ed wouldn't be someone you could relate to. But in reality, you could easily imagine how Ed would feel at the moment because he feels all the emotions humans feel.

When you first meet Ed, he can seem irritable, hot tempered, and easily angered. But as you delve deep into his past, you can see that he has gone through a LOT, and then you come to realize that these flaws are what make him human. His tragic and gloomy past is actually the fuel for his determination and strength to take responsibility for his mistakes. Also, he is not the kind of person to run away from his problems. Ed will face the consequences for whatever he has done; the thought of doing otherwise has never crossed his mind.

In addition to this, Ed is one of the most devoted and loving anime character I've ever seen, which is easily proven through his relationship with his younger brother, Alphonse. At a young age, he said he doesn't care if he dies, but he wants his brother back. He feels guilty for his brother's mechanical state, and goes up and beyond to return his brother back to his original state. Ed also loves his friends and comrades, doing everything in his power to save them. His loyalty and willingness to do anything for his loved ones is so humane and noble of him.

Ed is also very relatable, as he gets easily irritated when people make fun of his appearance, but this just is a part of his character and often appears humorous. Yet when it's time to get serious, nobody can beat Ed. He is intelligent and wise for his age, and has a heart that knows no bounds and a brave soul. It's because of all these amazing characteristics of Ed that I am proud to say that Edward wins my vote.
Phenomenal character. Despite his attitude and insecurity towards his height, his loyalty to his friends is amazing. Always looking to redeem himself, and devoted to his cause. Ed definitely deserves to be on this list.
[Newest]Edward is compelling as a character because he is extremely real (excluding the whole alchemy bit). He has genius, an overwhelming ego, and a fair amount of hubris. And yet, he is still human. He suffers loss, set-backs and despair. His growth as a character was engaging and realistic.
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6Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z
Come on you can't get any more badass than Vegeta. First an evil sadist to one of the good guys in the Anime. He is the best.
Vegeta started out as this psychopathic manic and he actually creeped me out with his evil laugh, expressions and ways. And when we find out about trunks" well let's just say that it had been quite shocking.
But on a more serious note, Vegeta is definitely one of the best anime characters I have ever seen,.. Actually, one of best characters including every other kind of animation.
The journey that Vegeta makes is a long one.
He had been tank by Frieza and repeatedly humiliated. He was abused and his race destroyed. He had Bren forced to grow up in very compromising conditions.
Naturally he turned out the way he had been introduced in the series.
But the way he slowly came over to the good side, found love and raised a family all the while retaining his cold, aloof sarcastic characteristics all shows what an amazing and diverse character he is" he didn't turn goody good like Goku was and had always Been.
Thank God that cheesiness didn't exist.
His rivalry/friendship with Goku is one of the best I've seen in all T.V. shows. The characters dot drastically change and the way they clash is hilarious and keeps the show going.
There can be no light without dark.
The show wouldn't have been as amazing as it had been without Vegeta.
Team Vegeta all the way! ;-)
Vegeta, the prince of all saiyans, is the best character of all time. He can push himself to the limit and further because he will not settle for second best. When freiza took him as a child his father and a whole army died trying to get him back because he is just that important. He never gives up and is always ready for a new challenge. He holds onto his pride because he knows he is awesome, and taunts his victims because he is not afraid to show it. He always has a witty comeback like " I did lots of push-ups and sit-ups and drank plenty of juice. " HA! So if you don't like Vegeta tell me, has a hater like you ever experienced true fear?
[Newest]Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta, Prince Vegeta

7Ichigo Kurosaki - Bleach
He is one of the most sympathic anime characters ever, even though he can be an ass. He fights to protect, it's just impossible not to root for him. He is incredibly strong and has a valid reason to be. He is human, Shinigami and hollow at the same time and pretty much caries the faith of the world, but you'll never hear him complain. He is pretty funny too, his interactions with other characters like Rukia, Toushiro, Renji and Byakuya never fail to amuse me. And next to all that, he's damn handsome. Ichigo for the win
He is awesome and he is always there to rescue his friends no matter what, the one thing I love about him is that he doesn't bother about the rules and regulations, he just does what he believes in.
Okay Ichigo is one of the sweetest anime guys out there! He is kind and compasionate and will always look out for his friends. He constantly makes sure to live up to his name. Ichigo- to protect. He is a huge threat to his enemies and the fate of the world usually rests on his shoulders. Ichigo is labled by adults as a delinquent and by punks as a target- all because the color of his hair. But do you know what he does, he shows those teacher that he isn't a delinquent and he kicks the asses of those who pick a fight with him or any of his friends. From travling to the Soul Society to stop Rukia's execution, to fighting off the Bounts, to rescueing Orihime from Hueco Mundo, all the way down to fighting in wars between spiritual beings that he doesn't really have a choice in and never complaining, he does what he knows is right. He is willing to sacrifice himself and fight to the very last breath for the people that are counting on him, and shows mercy to his enemies. Not to metion that on top of all that he is incredibly hot and full of muscles.
[Newest]Such a cool guy

8Itachi Uchiha - Naruto
Being number 43 is an injustice (if this was WWE The Shield would be all over that)
His character is BRILLIANTLY written and I would not be told otherwise if I were to say that he is the Snape of Naruto. The anime hasn't gone as deep or far into his character as the manga yet but if or when it does... There is something wrong with the world if he isn't #1
One of my favorite characters in anime, because he has such a deep storyline... He is portrayed as the villain who slaughtered his clan, but in reality, his actions were made to protect the village that he so loved. And for most of the anime, Itachi's brother, Sasuke, hated Itachi, for what he did, but then he figured out why he did it all, and how his brother loved him... It's just such a deep story... Itachi also has some very distinct character traits, and his personality and story is shrouded in mystery, and it's just so amazing seeing his character being revealed through the anime... Itachi is just so awesome
Itachi deserves higher. He is the most badass character in Naruto and he has a great character development that makes you say wow. I feel ashamed for people who chose to vote for his whiny, stupid and useless little brother that would even be an insult to emos and FUN FACT, Sasuke was added to the manga after Kishimoto's editor threatened him to drop the manga if he didn't add this Sasuke his daughter had drawn. He is this bad. Itachi on the other hand just needed a few cameos, story arcs where he was just mentioned by name and 2 story arcs throughout all the manga in order to be this badass (and the arcs were short) when Sasuke was in every damn arc trying to do something and utterly failing only to get another power boost from Kishimoto who can't ditch him out of the story anymore.
[Newest]No doubt he should be the number 1... His story, his actions, his sadness... Everything is on the line of sacrifice... The TRUE SHINOBI
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9Lelouch Lamprage - Code Geass
Lelouch should be at least top 3 on this list. He is an exceptionally good character. I mean, he is so smart and the way he carries such a great weight on his shoulders is amazing. You just can't predict lelouch's next moves nor can you stop being amazed by it. There are a lot of amazing anime characters out there, but lelouch is just on another level.


very intelligent and unpredictable... handsome... of course.. hehe...
Lelouch. Where to even begin? A brilliant strategist. An awe-inspiring leader. Incredibly determined and devoted to his cause. Lelouch is both an amazing friend and a master of deception and lies. He is melodramatic, charming, and charismatic. He's got the best evil grin and wicked psychotic laugh. He is the murderer of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, becoming the most despised tyrant on the planet, yet he is still the sweetest, most considerate, caring brother in the whole entire world.

Although he is far from perfect, he makes mistakes because he is still human; and he certainly has some screw-ups of massive proportions (season 1, episode 22, anyone? ). However, these flaws only serve to strengthen his character as he becomes all the more relatable, dealing with unbelievable amounts of regret, pain, guilt, and responsibility.

And the ending of Code Geass? Beautiful. Heartbreaking. Exquisite. Indescribably, utterly, completely damn awesome.

[Newest]He should be last. He lets us down and dies in the end...
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10Roronoa Zoro - One Piece
This guy is ' amazing. He's better than quite a lot of characters present here. Has a lot of character depth as well. Plus, to top it all off, he's badass. ;]
He's badass, as anyone can tell.
He's incredibly strong.
He doesn't even use a Devil Fruit.
He has a scar over his eye just to add to his badassery, if that's a word. If it isn't Zoro made it one.
Zoro is one of my favourite characters because of his perseverance and determination. He has gotten this far in the series due to his hard work and own will. Not to mention, his death-defying acts are great to watch

The Contenders

11Kakashi Hatake - Naruto
The mysterious teacher, brother and father figure, with a shadowy past. Makes him an ideal shadowdy yet brilliant character in the series
Sorry but Kakashi should be number 1. He has went through so much in the past and seeing him teaching Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura how to fight when they were younger you could see a bond between Kakashi and his students. He really cares about them and then when Sasuke grows up to only look for revenge and team 7 splits apart Kakshi tries so hard to help them and wait I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.. there's too much to explain how amazing Kakashi is. Seriously deserves the number 1 spot on this list. come on GUYS/GIRLS VOTE
Just what anime needs, a relaxed calm genius, who had a hard past but is very tough to beat and a great tactition!
[Newest]Watch Naruto (not Shippuden) episode 101.. I bet that you are peeing in you pants from kakashi.. 😭😭

12InuYasha - InuYasha
The name InuYasha is probably one of the most iconic figures in all of anime/manga. The Queen of Anime, Rumiko Takahashi outdid herself once again in this tale full with adventure, romance, and comedy. Let's leave it at this if you do not like InuYasha then you are clearly not a true fan of anime.


I love InuYasha so much
He is so hot and cute specially his dog ears
And I wish I can live with InuYasha
Inuyasha is sometimes idiot. Especially, when he leaves Kagome to after Kikyo. But I really like this anime. I love this anime. And that crazy, amazing, dumb, hilarious, tragic, and cute love triangle between Kikyo, Inuyasha, and Kagome, and plus Koga! Inuyasha deserves to be part of the top 10. Some says that this anime is good but as they gone far, it gets boring. Well, I think none of any episodes was boring and I don't regret watching it. Just watch it! And all of your doubts and questions will be solved! :))
[Newest]Inuyasha is so cool

13Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop
The space cowboy. Surprisingly one of the later animes I've watched and I was impressed. A good lancer in jet but an awesome hero in spike. He's just breaking into my top ten. Add nakama power and he'd be less badass but a bit more inspirational.
Unlike any other anime I've seen, cowboy bebop makes sense. Spike is a believable, but awesome charecter. By far my favorite.
Spike is flawed and broken. He's the tragic hero of anime. A realistic one at that.
[Newest]Two words bad ass. That's bout it.

14Himura Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin
Well in many anime sites Himura gets to be in the top 10 and sometimes even the 1st, so it is a surprise to see that he is not 1 of the top 10.

Well Kenshin is different from other anime characters, he doesn't have super abilities like many in the top 10, but his agility and his speed makes him 1 of the strongest anime characters.

Another thing is that he has a sad past which is filled in blood and sorrow but the kenshin that we know is a strong guy that hides behind a childish weak face and that is the thing that I like in him, he is not an idiot that fights whenever he find a chance and even if he get hit or insulted by other people, he doesn't show any sign of any strength because he knows that strong people do not show their strength by using their muscles.

Even when he fights, he doesn't kill any of his enemies and that shows his true strength (well his true strength lies withen his Battusai's form XP).
Based on real life events and characters, this story is one that I have cherished sine my childhood. Every character is memorable, the world created is logical & complete, and the author/artist is a regular person (with amazing talent) you can really warm up to.

The drawings are consistent, rarely cheap and simple, and the balance between text and image makes for a very enjoyable read.

Definitely the best I have ever seen and read. And re-read.
He doesn't have super powers but his agility. His power doesn't come from his ability to kill; it is coming from his will to protect everyone even his enemies.
His personality is the best I've ever seen. He is like a living description of perfect men. And when you watch the last film of the series; you will be having a hard time about not to cry.
He created a legend under the name of Hitokiri Battosai by slaying then he promised not to kill anymore. Then he started a new life as a Rurouni Kenshin Himura and created another legend with this name until he can't use sword. When he give up using sword he started as Shinta and created another legend too.
[Newest]He is a calm badass main character with a dark past, he is strong but he doesn't show it and he is kind and smart.

I mean every good aspect is in this guy so what else do you wan more? A teenager who shouts about his dreams or friends?

15Yagami Light - Death Note
Throughout the whole of death note I tried to convince myself I hated him. I couldn't. Light is the insanity inside us, convincing yourself what he believed his wrong is so hard! I ended up loving him, more than L, more than every single character in the anime.I new he was doomed from the start but I cried all the same. He was the first 'bad guy' I could finally relate to.
absolute legend... fun fact! I once watched the whole series of death note in one day - 14 hours
LIGHT best anime character so what if he's delusional he was a cynical, charming, brilliant, coniving bastard which made me love him
[Newest]You hate him so much that you start loving him.

16Levi (Attack on Titan)
The most badass character in the show...enough said
So badass and nasty to everyone but cares deeply about his comrades. Got a sad life really but that adds to his fascinating character and personality.
Such a fascinating character. A total ass to everyone but it's clear that he deeply cares for his comrades and the rest of humanity.
[Newest]So what if he's short? It makes him more epic.

17Rin Okumura - Blue Exorcist
Rin has such an amazing personality. I say this as a viewer, not as a fangirl. Despite being the son of Satan, being called a demon, and hated, he is optimistic, funny, and charming. It was such fun to watch him develop through the anime and manga.
Well, to sum it up, he's a demon on the good side who fights for his friends. Oh, and he has a tail, huge ears, fangs, and oh yeah, HE CAN LIGHT HIMSELF ON FIRE
Rin is totally awesome beacause he has demonic powers and he is the son of satan. The anime is totally awesome. Rin himself is a demon in a human body who wants to become an exorcist to take revenge on his own father, satan. Overall the anime is awesome and it's one of my favorites
[Newest]Rin is my third favorite anime character of all time


18Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto
The absolute most awesome character ever. Sasuke Uchiha is the troubled and misguided boy that loses his way sometimes in search of power to beat his brother, but is good on the inside.


Sasuke Uchiha is the best andmost dynamic character on Naruto. He is the only character with a true reason to be driven and focused on his goal. He is the star of the show with his striking appearance and stranger quality. You never know what you'll get from Sasuke.
The strongest and coolest avenger


[Newest]He's amazing... He's only become evil because of the curse of hatred which isn't his fault... And he's the second strongest ninja first is Naruto

19Gaara - Naruto
Bad guy turns good guy, brilliant.

Really interesting character.
At first Gaara appealed to me as the "badass" of Naruto and I never payed special attention to him. Although, he progresses very well in the series, the way the animators (Weekly Shounen Jump) exposed this characters true side to the audience was great timing wise. His childhood was probably the saddest part about Naruto but it was also one of the most special moments of Naruto.
My first favorite character in anime... :) gaara~ I love you~ fufuufufufu
[Newest]I like the cool--silent-with-a-creepy-voice type of guys. Keep it up

20Killua Zoldyck - Hunter X Hunter
Killua is just awesome. He overcame his dark past and has reformed into a good hearted, funny and loyal hero. That said, he's still perfectly capable of flipping his 'kill-switch' and kicking the arse of anyone who dares to hurt his friends.
He's a very likeable character. His sharp insight lets him see what the true meaning behind plans are, and always helps the good side find it's way, only excerising his true power in times of need. He's also very humorous, easy going, and something we can all relate to. His silent personality, mixed with his dark background also gives him a plus.
Killua is perfect (and here I mean in the old anime version) Never before or after, have I encountered a more interesting mix of a naive child and a cynical, murdering adult. 'Course, he wouldn't have worked as well without Gon by his side.

21Gohan - Dragon Ball
He went from a pampered crybaby to a powerful warrior who was capable of destroying multiple planets with one finger and When he fought Cell, Gohan beat him up so badly that Cell called him the monster. Lastly, He has a death glare that literally showed how pissed he was, that was a statement that nobody should cross him or else he will give them a slow but painful death.
When he fought Cell, he beat him to glue. His dad could not beat him, and has an awesome Super Saiyan 2 theme.
Also when he was mystic he was stronger than anyone
[Newest]Dbz was intended to be about him, but Goku fanboys had to mess it up

22Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho
Without question Yusuke is the best anime character, he has a very short temper and isn't scared to get violent with anybody, but he makes up for it for being funny, nice, and one of the strongest fighters in anime history.


Yusuke is a strong human with an S CLASS demon blood no matter how strong the opponent maybe he overcomes it with a strong win therefore no demons can stand before him
I like him better than Goku

23Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho
"Like they said in the dark tournament. "Short things do come in kick ass packages. "
Yes Hiei should be higher on the list, almost no one is faster than him with a sword
Yusuke at 20 and Hiei at 21? These two dudes deserve to be in the top 10. Both badasses in their own way

24Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler
He is a DEMON! A mysterious, devilish DEMON!
He's a sexy ass demon -_- what more do you want from him?
Hello!? Demon! That just says it all!
[Newest]He one hell of a butler. Enough said.

25Yoko Kurama - YuYu Hakusho
I have no doubt that Kurama is the single most intelligent character on Yu Yu Hakusho. He always finds a way out of sticky situations, and he's very observant, usually suspecting the twists and turns before his companions. Not only that, but Kurama is extremely strong! His plants will literally cut down anything in his path, though he still has his limits. As if he's not already amazing, he's also a great friend. Kurama is more than willing to sacrifice himself to push his friends to victory (though he would still like to live, thank you). He helps others and wants what is best for everyone. Kurama definitely deserves higher than 19; even 18 would be better because while I understand that there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands characters, maybe 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% of them are better than him, if that! Kinda ridiculous, yeah, but that's what I think.
Most intelligent character of all time. Inspiration of the nine-tails demon in naruto series and Kurapika of Hunter x hunter. Amazing different personalities from being rude to funny.
Kurama is actually powerful with his brains and his foxy form.
[Newest]Wow having Yusuke at 20, Hiei at 21 and kurama at 24 proves that this is the best team, even though these 3 should be in the top 15 or top 10

26Kirito - Sword Art Online
Okay I know the show is relatively new and all but really despite it being short how can Kirito not be in the top 15 at least and why is Lelouch at number 8 aside from that the top 10 is one of the best organized lists I've seen when you take in account everything about the characters
Although the show is not in English, I highly recommend watching it.
What? How is Kirito not in the top ten? Kirito's one of my favorite anime characters ever! He's so caring for Asuna and he's a badass double-sword wielding solo player on the front lines! He's also really kind and he cares so much about his friends. The episode with Sachi where she gets killed and Kirito blames himself. It really shows that he's such a kind person. And Kirito and Asuna are one of the best anime couples ever. The way he cares for Yui, too. Seriously, how can Kirito not be higher up? I mean, I know that SAO isn't english dubbed yet but come on.
[Newest]Poor Kirito he's gone through so much

27Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki
What should I say... She seems to be like the female version of satan, but on the other side, she is so loveable, complex and hellish bad at once. The best bad anime girl ever. I love her ♥
She is probably the most understandably insane character in all of anime. Her love is crazy but there is an underlying reason that still exists in all of her decisions that, when truly thought about, can lead to very disturbing conclusions on humanity.
[Newest]Why is she the main character along with Yuki? Yuki is (always) scared and sucks in my opinion! Only Yuno must be the main character because she rocks! 😝

28Izaya Orihara - Durarara!!
Izaya is one of the coolest anime villains out there. He uses his mind to put people into place and then twists their minds for his own amusement. The best part about him is that he had a perfectly normal childhood, so there's no trauma behind why he is the way he is.
He is just awesome! My favourite character ever! He is the first anime character that I really admired! He has such a cool personality and he always have fun! I really want to be like him.
I love how he doesn't have any excuses for why he's a villain like most others. He's just plain evil. Not to mention he's gorgeous.
[Newest]Ever wanted to control a whole city? Well Izaya has.

29Eren Jaeger - Attack On Titan
I love Eren! Unlike DBZ, Naruto, and other god-mode protagonists, Eren felt very real. In other words, he's human! He has his flaws, and he's not afraid to show it. He feels EMOTION, and whether it hurts him or makes him stronger, that's what makes him a better character than most of these contenders. Seriously, Kirito? Unrealistic, boring, god-mode Kirito is above him? Come on everyone, let's make this list better!
Eren is relatable, loyal, passionate, and goes into crazy rages that are often portrayed as psycho.

Plus, he has the most amazing eyes...
This dude is awesome if you don't know attack on titan THEN WATCH IT, IT IS AWESOME Eren is boss.

30Trunks - Dragon Ball Z/Gt
He's really handsome and in his kid form he's very cute. I like the idea of his friendship with Goten, one of my all-time cute characters! Also his voice both in his kid form and adult form is really cool!


Awesome and strong and has a very important role in dbz
I love trunks he is so awesome!
Who wouldn't love this guy?


31Trafalgar Law - One Piece
Ope ope no mi... One of the coolest abilities in anime history as bold as it is to say it, he is also respected by his crew and one of the seven warlords of the sea.
Beast, easily one of the coolest anime characters ever, awesome ability, awesome style, just a straight up badass.
Absolute boss, try fight him and you'll lose...
[Newest]Smart, cute, doctor, sadist, and caring for straw hat.

32Zero - Vampire Knight
I just love zero he's awesome and really steals your heart I don't get why yuki doesn't chose him but then then the anime goes on and want to shoot a gun at your phone! But it's still way better then twilight by a long shot I really shouldn't go off topic though so yea. I also like Zero's past it makes you fill bad for him and I love his cool white hair but I like most anime characters with white hair
Zero is such a complicated character; you just have to sympathize with him because of his dark past. He will capture your heart!... And then the end of the anime will then tear your heart out and rip it to a million pieces. :'(
He's just H.O. T! I just love everything about him, especially his love for Yuki... It's just so cuute ^_^
[Newest]I'm serious.. Yuki made the wrong choice. This is why I like the manga better..

33Death the Kid - Soul Eater
Death the kid is by far my favorite character in an anime! His compulsions are hilarious, such as his love of symmetry and his calm yet serious demeanor makes him seem like a total boss. CAUSE HE IS!
Only reason I watch the anime is BECAUSE OF HIM! HE NEEDS TO BE HIGHER. I'm literally shocked that he isn't higher!
Best Soul Eater character.
[Newest]The best Soul Eater character, and the best character in Soul Eater Battle Resonance

34Alucard Hellsing
I would like to see EVERYONE on this list get into a giant battle, and watch alucard eat everyone and send them to hell


Alucard is also my take, been waiting to read this. As much as I like others alucard is just effortlessly overwhelming strong, even more so with the power he acquired at the end of the manga...
He could beat Ichigo, Naruto, Goku, Gara and any other characters that you could think of. He just does what he wants. He can't seem to die. He is really funny too.
[Newest]He is the most badass guy and the strongest guy the anime has ever known

35Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter
Kurapika is a badass. He is destroy all of you!
An amazing personality with grim past! Best character ever!
Kurapika is just amazing, the way he handles his miserable life is insane, he doesn't show emotions but in reality he's one of the most kind and forgiving anime characters. GO KURAPIKA
[Newest]Kurapika is my bae.

36Roy Mustang - FullMetal Alchemist
Have you seen this guy? The flame alchemist was amazing! Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and witness the savagery that was his fight against Lust and later, Envy. A strong, but intelligent and sometimes funny character as well. Loved Mustang
Awesome guy that cares about the people around him, he was willing to save his friend instead of saving himself.
Brutalizes Envy by himself... He needs a higher rank 4 certain
[Newest]He is an awesome guy. He should be on the top

37Madara Uchiha - Naruto
The character who became my favorite character after only 5 minutes of seeing him. He has both Sharingan and Rinnegan. Tsunade<Madara
Beats up all five kage single handed. enough said
I'm comepletely dumbfounded... Why is Madara not in the top 20!? Manipulating Sasuke and the entire Akatsuki from the shadows, taking on the entire Ninja Alliance with out breaking so much as a sweat! It's so much BS that he's flib-flubbing 43!

38Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan
Mikasa is cool, badass, and totally great!
Mikasa has everything that makes a good character: A tragic past, badass fighting skills, etc.
I definitely like her more than eren because she's so compasinote to eren and honestly he would be dead without her.
Her biggest flaw is that nothing else matters to her besides Eren even if armin died, if levi died, sasha, or krillen died, as long as Eren is fine she is going to fight.

39Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon
Face it. Any girl can relate to Usagi. She's probably one of the most genuine characters. She is all anime fangirls' hero. She cries, she hurts herself, she doesn't want to do her job. We can all think of a time when we were like that too, right? Yet, she still manages to save the day. She also is represent that women can do it too. Sure, Naruto or Edward May be awesome heroes, but sailor moon really represents girls's feelings. Plus her outfit is awesome, and who can't love her dumpling hair!? :3
The main character from Sailor Moon. Really cute girl. One of the longest running anime series in the world. She is a teenage girl who under goes much heartbreak, adventure, danger, and sacrafice as she is a major hero named Sailor Moon. All the while having fun as Usagi/Serena Tsukino, the normal teenager she was before she discovered she was Sailor Moon. I just love her and this anime show!
I love sailor moon, especially usagi. I get sometimes pissed when she cries, but I really think she deserved to be the main protagonist of the series. I think there is nothing wrong about her, just I think that she is way too clumsy...
[Newest]I heard that someone thinks Usagi Tsukino is more stupid than Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.

40Simon - Gurren Lagann
He pressed on even after losing his most beloved bro, even after losing nia and some of his friends, but he kept on fighting, even after having that emotional breakdown after losing kamina. Reminds me a little of shinji ikari. Naruto or any of that bleach shot can't even compare.
If more people watched this anime it would be number one like it should be most inspirational character ever!
Once a wimpy kid, now strongest and most badass robot pilot

41Broly - Dragon Ball Z
He is very strong with a legendary form

42Piccolo - Dragon Ball Z
That green alien was somethin' of all other characters... I remember him as good one.


His name makes me laugh plus the fact that he's green. Because I mean PICKLEo that's what it sounds like

43Yato - Noragami
Who doesn't love the Delivery God of Calamity?
I find Yato very relatable.

44Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail
He's a sexy stripping guy. Did I mention stripping?
He is a very caring guy + he's hot
To say that he has a stripping habit is an understatement. He strips when he eats. he strips when he fights. He strips everywhere and anytime. He's also the hottest guy in Fairy Tail too!
[Newest]Can't believe gray is this far down I love him he is silently emotional and everything I love his character

45Minato Namikaze - Naruto
Such a great hokage
Great hokage amazing father and he is just so cool he is the best

46Hinata Hyuga - Naruto
Shes the best shy cute and strong what more can you ask for and way more caring than sakura will ever be
She's not the main character and she has had the most development out of the Konoha group. She isn't as strong as most characters however she still risked her life to keep Naruto Alive twice! Which shows that she is a respectable ninja and a lover!

47Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail
Natsu can be a bit idiotic at times... But really, he is just an awesome character. Every time he gets motion sickness over doing little things just cracks me up. But when you hurt his friends... Oh boy...


Strong-willed, Caring towards friends, He really is someone you can admire and count on. He is one of the best characters I've seen in anime.
Geez, how is he not on this list? I know Fairy Tail isn't the most popular anime, but I've watched those other animus and Fairy Tail wins hands down. So how is Natsu, epic, dragonslayer, guy who can breathe (and eat) fire, not AT LEAST in top ten?
[Newest]This guy is one of the funniest characters ever

48Krillin - Dragon Ball Z
One of the best side characters in dbz and also is a symbol of friendship (with Goku, of course)

49Hinagiku Katsura - Hayate The Combat Butler
Hinagiku should appear more often in Hayate the Combat Butler.
This was an accident
Hinagiku should have more votes than this.
[Newest]I knew this would be here

50Tatsuma Hiyuu - Tokyo Majin

51Konno Yuuki - Sword Art Online
Konno Yuuki is a character in the second season of sword art online. She was originally introduced as a mysterious player named Zekken, who challenged others to duels at the base of a tree on an island, where she was the unbeaten champion. After almost being beaten by Asuna, she took Asuna to meet the other members of her guild, the Sleeping Knights. They asked her to help them to defeat the boss on the 27th floor, and Asuna agees to help them. But later Asuna finds out that all of the sleeping knights are suffering from different illnesses and are said to die in the next three months. At the end of the second season Konno goes unstable and dies at the base of the tree on the island in Alfheim.

52Yugi / Yami - Yu-gi-oh
The best hair ever
He would be number 1 if you see the TRUE WILD yami yugi FROM SEASON 0
Deserves higher than 46, they are such a great team

53Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
Erza had quite a tragic past and with all that it's made her strong, caring even scary and one of the best fighters in fairy tail.
Who can defeat 100 very powerful monsters? ERZA SCARLET can! She is easily the most powerful female mage in Fairy Tail who can beat Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel. Just saying
She is the strongest and coolest... Like she is the best... I'm disappointed to see her in the 92 position
[Newest]Erza is the number 1 for me

54Saber - Fate/Stay Night

55Lucy - Elfen Lied
Kaede (Lucy/Nyu's true name) is the best character of all time. She is an anti-hero and a pretty damn sympathetic one at that. Especially if you read the manga. You must read the manga, the story is one the best out there. It's tied for number one along with Fruits Basket for the emotional impact it has. Kaede is probably also one of the most OPed characters out there. I want to see her and Alucard do battle, laugh out loud.
Ok I cannot believe no one has put her up yet. She's my favourite because she has that awesome spilt personality thing going on one side being all cute and lost memory and the other being a psychopathic nutter who just kills anyone in her way. Nastily E.G. ripping your arms and legs off one by one while you scream for mercy :3. My final point is that... She has pink hair :D everyone loves pink hair in anime


She is hot, badass and awesome, I with I was here, I want the amity to kill other people with inviolable hands and I want to look nice like her

56Guts - Berserk
"If you ever see God, tell him to go to hell! " -Guts

"Humans are weak... But we want to live... Even if we're wounded... Or tortured... We feel the pain..." -Guts
I mean come on... Guts... He is better than many guys (listed above)... He inspires us to get up and kick some ass..

57Goku - Dragon Ball
Goku is the best
Why is this not number 1?!

58Annie Leonhart - Attack on Titan
I love Annie and pretty much all the characters in AoT! She's so misunderstood. ):

59Ciel Phantomhive - Black Butler
98th place? This is what I call injustice. Ciel isn't my favourite anime character out of all, but I vote for it hoping a higher place for him. It's hard not to like Ciel. He's very intelligent for his age, and I find his personality alluring. The way he acts all high and mighty like an young noble does, but on his own he struggles. Ciel is charming. He did have a dark past too... Vote this bratty young master up, we all love him.
Ciel deserves a higher spot. We need for characters like him, lets be honest. He is very intelligent for a 13 year old and acts really high and stubborn when with Sebastian. He has a really dark past as well and he struggles on his own which make him kinda cute. He is both dark and innocent at the same time. Vote for Ciel Phantomhive!
Not my favorite, but Ciel is an awesome, complex character. He is both an innocent child and a very dark character at the same time - and that's what makes him so cool! Ciel is so young yet he has already experienced betrayal, tragedy, and crazy supernatural adventures.

60Levi - Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

61England - Hetalia
I really, really love this guy
Even though he is a thick eyebrowed man still he is so cool
I love his pirate form but I also love him being a gentleman
Love him very much!
I know Hetalia isn't the most serious anime ever, but honestly, it actually is really deep and completely sad once you get past the fun exterior. I think it's a very important anime as well and England is just a kick butt character.
An awesome character in an awesome show, he deserves third, second or even first place in this top ten list! His bushy eyebrows are mostly what makes him have a lot of fangirls! His pirate form is also part of why he should be in the top three, no doubt!

62Soul Eater Evans (Soul Eater)
I love this guy. He's cool, laid back and FUNNY! I just like it whenever he acts funny especially what he says funny stuff like when he said something like "Any one wants this sexy kitten? She's free" when I first heard him say that I was shocked and cracked up laughing. He's one of the most popular characters in soul eater. He would be more higher with death the kid but 55? Not cool
I love his part in the show, and how laid back he is. He cares about his friends and seems loyal does not deserve to be number 54. He should at least be near death the kid.
He is an awesome character he seems like a lazy idiot but on the inside he cares

63Johan Liebert - Monster
The antagonist of a series called "Monster"... Enough said.
Best Villain anime ever... Because he looks like a real person and all Monsters is a history that could happen in real life...
One of the best anime characters ever...
Charismatic, beautiful, cold, brilliant, and insane.
Really, Johan Liebert is the most frightening anime character ever because he could actually exist.

64Kenpachi Zaraki - Bleach
The most badass character ever! I love him so much!

65Clare - Claymore

66Asuka Langley Soryu
very attractive, sexy, cute and confident girl that fights for her beliefs. she is attracted to shinji ikari and she even kisses him in ep 15 but denies it


She is half german and half japanese with great knowledge about technique.

67Gintoki Sakata - Gintama
Ah he should definitely be in the top ten. While this isn't that popular in the Europe side of things it's really one of the best anime's out there. It breaks a lot of stereotypes and I love him because he's such a corrupt mofo- rapping in the middle of the street, golden balls- but he does it without being annoying. But he can also be awesome-taking over a nation for a promise with a dying old woman. So here's to Sakata Gintoki-the stereotype breaking main character!
Honestly, this guy doesn't care about power-ups and he still kicks ass. There should be more consideration towards this guy.
Funny and best ever. deserves at least second place

68Conan Edogawa - Detective Conan
Rank 79?
Come on guys..
I know he is not that famous as Dragon Ball Z or Naruto.. Maid sama and stuff but still, he is extremely lovable character.
Detective conan is always the best
Meitantei Conan is the best~! Nothing can ever beat that~ Whatever rank this website gives Conan, he will always be the top. Not One, but Zero, the one and only~
[Newest]Love conan that's all there is to say

69Toshiro Hitsugaya - Bleach
Best character ever he is smart and powerful and has an amazing personality
Why hitsugaya is 72 he deserve a good number like 15 he is from the best captains
Toshiro should be higher up the list! #66 is way to low a level for one of the best bleach characters!
[Newest]I feel bad for him, having to put up with Rangiku...

70Armin Arlert - Attack On Titan
Armin is my husband

71Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist
She is the best character in anime, with a close second Roy Mustang.
Riza is one of the more interesting characters in the FMA series, and one word... GUNS! "
Such an interesting an amazing character. my favorite female anime character all the way.

72Sanji - One Piece
He's awesome, the only OP character that wins by talking and principles.
Also, the only martial artist in the group.
He is what makes OP the best anime.
My favorite anime character ever

73Oga Tatsumi - Beelzebub
Oga is awesome! Some people may not like him because he almost never shows the humane side of him that actually cares for others, but he's a hilarious and pretty great protagonist in an awesome show.
Badass... you can't describe his epicness.. Period

74Android 18 - Dragon Ball
She is a boss. She is the strongest female character in anime history. People think of her as just a cyborg, but she was once human, and is the very best anime character. She is blonde, beautiful, sexy, strong, awesome, and THE BEST ANIME CHARACTER EVER.

75Greed - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Dude... this hurts my feelings WAAAY too much. I mean, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO HIM?!?! Putting him in 65... The nerve! He's the awesomest character there is! Much better than Goku in my opinion. He's the one who cut ties with his EXTREMELY evil family to fight for the good, though he doesn't admit it. And the time he joined up with Ling's body and became LinGreed/GreedLing/whatever is like, the coolest combination of Yin and Yang. His voice actor is awesome too! And his greed is really just a reason for him to have real friends. So much character depth and his death REALLY made me cry. The best guy EVER.
How is he 62? He is awesome
I like greed and endure him...

76Char - Mobile Suit Gundam
The guy that invented masks on all antagonists.

He is God.

77Maka Alburn - Soul Eater
Maka is so amazing and beautiful, I wish I was her! ^, ^ she is always determined and ambitious, her character is so unique and fun!
I love her too she is so brave and kind.

78Mephisto Pheles - Blue Exorcist
Mephisto is just the coolest! He's really funny to! Plus he's a demon! Being a demon must be so cool! I just wish he was higher on this list.
He makes pink look badass... What else do I have to say?

79Sesshōmaru - InuYasha
Sesshomaru is not only hot and powerful, but he also has a great personality deep down inside him. I mean- he revives a little girl and lets her travel with him! And he also cares for his brother by the end of the series, even though he appeared not to in the beginning of the series. Just gotta love those guys who look so emotionless but truly care about their friends deep down inside.
He's badass, hot, AND THE LORD OF FLIPPING WEST. But, less fangirly reasons to like him are his sheer power and his unexpected sweet side. He gets very, very close to killing Naraku tons of times, something Inuyasha can't do. And his little bit of softness shows in rescuing the human girl Rin and so clearly caring for her. He's awesome.
"He puts the Bad in Bad ass! Cold dark eyes, with the personality too go with it. "

80Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!!

81Hei - Darker Than Black
AWesome guy with awesome style
Points for hei, the electric Chinese batman!
He is like a batman
[Newest]Come on no love for Chinese electric batman

82Kamina - Gurren Lagann
He is the reason the humans even civilized and defeated the anti-spirals. He is the reason Simon became a man by being the best damn manly harass I have ever seen. He fights even while seconds away from death, and deserves more respect.


Kamina meant to be 1st. He lived fought and died for his dreams and even in death inspired the rest of the cast
Kamina is so awesome! I wish I could be more like him. Gurren Lagann is an awesome anime, and has an awesome character in Kamina.


[Newest]Who the hell do you think he is?

83Claire Stanfield - Baccano
Anyone that's actually watched Baccano knows why this man should be at the absolute top of this list.
He is the awesome-ist train runner

84Takumi Usui - Maid Sama!
Okay, can anyone please tell that WHY THE HELL IS USUI TAKUMI ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE? Come on, he really doesn't deserve to be on the 84th place. Seriously, vote for Usui! He's so perfect but doesn't make us feel weird or awkward or anything like other perfectionist characters but he is perfect without any damn effort! Then can someone please answer me this damn question that WHY THE HELL IS USUI ON 84TH PLACE, he should in the first place!
He should at least be in the Top Ten. His personality is so awesome you can cling to him immediately. His attitude has set standards for people I meet before befriending them.
His the COOLEST anime character in the whole WORLD! ♥ :D
[Newest]Guy has a mysterious charm and strong alpha qualities

85Hitachiin Brothers - Ouran High School Host Club
I love Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin! Especially their "The two of us" and "Them" complex. The best parts of the anime/manga are their tricks on Tamaki and Haruhi. Plus, twin brothers who fell in love with a girl who's pretending to be a guy to pay a debt of eight million yen? Doesn't get better than that!
I just love Hikaru and Kaoru! Their 'forbidden brotherly love' has made me pass out from blood lose!

They are just the greatest characters in the show (besides Tamaki)! I'm quite shocked that they are ranked 8th! I say they should be in the top 3. For anyone who hasn't seen this anime, I recommend it. I had laughed so hard in a good amount of the shows and almost cried in the others!
I love these dudes so much, they always seem to make people laugh, they're so kind to each other and they definitely deserve to be on this. Also if you haven't watched this show I suggest that you should, definitely worth watching and it always makes you laugh.
[Newest]You just cannot not love them

86Sōsuke Aizen - Bleach
Aizen is the coolest I mean come on, the guy has plans for his plans, he is invincible and his smirk on his face tells you how smart and evil he is
Managed to stay an awesome villain for 170 or so episodes. Which is crazy.
Aizen at no 80... Screw this list... He shiuld be at the top 5

87Minene Uryu - Future Diary
I love her! She's so badass. She is unlike many anime characters. I'm glad she survived. At first, I wanted her to die but later minene became my boo. Badass in a can. My favorite girl from future diary also called mirai nikki.
She is daring, dangerous, and an awesome fighter. Some people may think that she is horrible, but I think that she Rocks!

88Lelouch vi Britannia - Code Geass
Oh come on... He is awesome... There's no one lime him... And only 48?

89Hidan - Naruto
He can challenge all anime character because he is immortal... Even if anyone did him into pieces, he wouldn't die and pieces of tissues can transform into perfect body, So anyone, Goku, Naruto, Luffy can't beat him... if they release one blood, they'll die surely

90Gin Ichimaru - Bleach
I hated Gin until you found out more about him, and then I loved him. So they had to make him die and I started to cry. It was so sad!
He's just perfect. I'm so sad that he died
His death was one of the most heartbreaking deaths ever he should be one of the top 15

91Konohamaru - Naruto

92Omega Shenron - DBZ

93Lina Inverse - Slayers
Fear the Dragon Slave


94Sawamura Eijun - Ace of Diamond
He is so funny... Like him

95Kaneki Kin - Tokyo Ghoul
Why the heck is he no. 96? I mean... Come on!
Man he is hot and cute I love him .

96Hiruma Yoichi - Eyeshield 21

97Akatsuki Ousawa - Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

98America - Hetalia
Even though America's lazy, he's just so awesome. But Prussia is still awesome
I love America! He's really funny and really cute-looking. His laugh is so addicting! He is the hero! :D

99Hibari Kyoya - Katekyou Hitman Reborn
He's quite simply the STRONGEST, the COOLEST, he KICKS ASS and that glare of his is bound to give you goosebumps. Not to mention the fact that he doesn't act like an idiot like Naruto or ichigo sometimes do nor does he go all psycho and evil like sasuke. He has that great balance to him that not many characters haves. Hibari Kyoya quite simply
No. 73? Seriously
He deserve more than it
I mean he is. just. perfect.
Why is Kyoya in the 32nd place he deserve a higher one, no. 1 perhaps... Hehehe :D What more I can say about the strongest guardian of the 10th vongola boss. I love Kyoya Hibari so much!

100Zeref - Fairy Tail
How he became who he is right know has yet to be revealed, but he claims that he does'nt kill anymore and anymore. In the past he was said to be cruel and evil
He's the next VOLDEMORT laugh out loud
His character is one of a kind, he's so damn evil character, that's right he should be at least in top 20.

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