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Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuga Hinata - Naruto


Naruhina has always meant something special to me. I really enjoy how well Hinata treats Naruto, and how every time the duo is together there are some pretty deep moments. Like in the proud failure moment or the "its all in your eyes moment" each time it shows how the two characters are connected and can really feel what is going on inside each others head. Naruto I know will be happy with Hinata, and this is evidenced when he took her hand and smiled at her exactly like his dad smiled at Kushina. Just a beaming smile of happiness, as he says, "my life is not only one its thanks to you that have been by my side the whole time" A very romantic gesture if I do say so myself
I love how Naruto has been an ispiration and a "personal sun" to Hinata. She admired him back when everyone ignored him and she liked him for his failures and flaws because she can understand how diffucult it was being seen like a failure. Naruto helped her change for the better and helped her with her own problems. His smile saved her ;). Naruto can find in her a person who always believed in him and loved him for just being himself. For a boy who grew up without any form of love or acknowledge ( the one he so desperately wanted the most) that is absolutely mindblow. Naruhina is pure love
I think they're a feel good couple, when I see them I get all giddy. Naruto deserves a girl that is sweet and kind, and Hinata has the most obvious and purest love for him. They may not have as much interaction as Naruto and Sakura, but that's what I like a bout them, they have grown much closer from before, with such little interactions.

I just think they are adorable, and epic together
I must admit that Haruto and Hinata is perfect than with Sakura. Because the one - the only woman who likes men konoha stupid small only in konoha from Hinata. Sakura from the beginning always staring at sasuke and Naruto just started staring at it - truly in Shippuden. In fact in the anime and manga Naruto never angry to turn into Kyuubi because hinata thought dead time searching for insects mikachou and stabbed by Pain. Foolishly, Naruto always assume Hinataa s weird girl. Hinata whereas most beautiful, genius and clever than sakura.
Probably one of my favorite couples of all time, through all my years as an anime-fan.
This couple is pure and really sweet. A good combination of crazy Naruto and shy Hinata who've always admired him. Truly beautiful!
I love this couple! Hinata was always there for naruto (at a distance) but she was always there to support him in everything she helped him unconditionally, just like her I've for him. And technically I don't really see why anyone thinks that there might be a chance between naruto and sakura (sorry narusaku fans) but how could sakura go from zero interest to I love you? It just couldn't amor sense. Naruhina all the way. And if naruhina didn't happen I will be crushed! These two are simply made for each other!
Come on the shy, good girl, who no one really cares for, and the crazy, eccentric, boy, who will always be hated and feared in someway, what could be better or more original for that matter. Naruto will bring Hinata out of her shell, and Hinata will give Naruto the love he's always needed. A match made in heaven for sure. GO NARU/HINA!
I think this couple is the best couple, and the greatest pairing in the world &

I love them..
amang all, always, NaruHina is the best couple!
always and forever!
NaruHina all the way!

NaruHina is the SUGOOI COUPLE
Hinata always gave Naruto her support and dedication. She never even got jealous of Sakura. Naruto's goal was acknowledgement well Hinata was the first to give him that. This would've worked out for Sakura if she wasn't so slow. Let's face it she went after the wrong guy. Hinata beat Sakura to Naruto by a landslide!
She slapped his face. She relocated his shoulder. She loved him through and through. She was loyal from start to finnish. She kept him strong. She never gave up. She would die for him.

When it mattered he saw her. He kept her strong. He held her hand in the heat of battle.
I wish I can tell the writer of the story
that naruto should be with hinata
because hinata loves naruto unlike sakura always chase sasuke
Love is when someone loves you for who you are and who you've always been. That person loves you for you
Hinata's someone super shy and Naruto's someone super friendly. Laugh out loud, and they are still the cutest couple I've ever seen. :D
I think that Naruto will eventually acknowledge Hinata's feelings for Naruto and he will think back on every time they have been together and the times Hinata blushes and Naruto never understands what it means.
But one time he just sees back on all this and understands what it means.
(i hope) :D
And for Sakura I think she¬'s better off with Sasuke actually because when Sakura confessed to Naruto even he understood that she was trying to lie too herself and forget about Sasuke but Naruto told her almost with an angry voice that Saukra doesn't love him, she love Sasuke.
Naruto and Hinata are perfect for each other, This couple has been that most popular amoung all the pairings, and also that one the most people are waiting for to be confirm at the end of the ninja war, but more important is the meaning behind this couple for the whole story of how caring or loving someone can change you for the better and make you stronger, and even though Naruto is a shounen manga it love is one of the main principles that are hinted throught out the story all in NaruHina.
I'd love to vote for IchiRuki, but I gotta go with my all time favorite pairing for the past 8 years. NaruHina has come a long way indeed. And I don't care about what anyone else says, those two are made for each other. She's been there for Naruto from the beginning, cheering him on while no one else would. Say what you will, but you know it's the truth.
I have more hope for this couple than for Naruto and Sakura because. It makes more sense, it will make for a great ending for both the manga and the anime, they both are in commen in almost every way. From what I have found out. 1. Kishimoto had it difficult making romance in his part 1 Naruto manga serie. 2. Most of the sweet couple Naru/Hina or Naru/Saku in the anime where crap fillers, particularly the Naru/Saku.
Naruto and Hinata belong together it's completely obvious.. Shes always there for him even when he doesn't know it.. I think Sakura and him are a good couple as well but I believe Hinata would be best for him in the end
I don't think Sakura is bad... She's a nice girl and she knows that Hinata Loves Naruto very much... But I'm always with NaruHina... I love Hinata at episode 166... But I hate Naruto at the next episodes... How can he be so blind? How can he still love sakura after all that suicide of Hinata... Poor hinata.
Naruto is the most sexiest man and hinata the most sexiest woman so they are the most beautiful couple. In the moment they do sex they are amazing than ever couple created in the history of animes.
Naruto definitely still has feelings for Sakura, but over time naruto has come to realize how much better hinata is, I mean the way he was so enraged when hinata tried to defend him was pure love!
Actually I'm kind of a fan of Sakura and Naruto, but in an interview with the author of Naruto (Kishimoto or something like that) he said that he isn't the type to match the main boy with the main girl, so I have to go with Naruto and Hinata of being the number 1 couple.
I think they make a good couples naruto and hinata she risk her live for her man she love naruto now I hope he be more of a man and stain up as a man stop acting like a kid girls act more like a women some do. He have to stop going for girl that out of his rach.
Hinata and Naruto are the best couple! I would love to see them end up together at the end!
They are just perfect together.after being alone for so long and not having a family, he needs someone who really cares for him, and hinata is definitely the one.

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